10 Types of Advertising Media Every Entrepreneurs Should Know.

10 Types of Advertising Media Every Entrepreneurs Should Know.

Types of Advertising Media Every Entrepreneurs Should Know

There are different types of advertising media. It is no news that advertising has grown rapidly into a versed complex means of communication, with basically thousands of ways for businesses and organizations to pass a message down to their consumers. Today, there are numerous types of advertising media, leaving advertisers with a huge array of choices to make.

Importantly, the internet alone renders any kind of advert, most especially with the coming of branded videos, advertorials, banners, sponsored websites, and many more.

To make this discussion on the different types of advertising media easy, it’s ideal we shed a little light on what is advertising, media, and advertising media as a whole are. So this leaves us to the question:

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What is Advertising?

Advertising can be better defined as the act or process of calling public attention or creating awareness to something via a paid announcement, usually, by a known and identified sponsor.

The advertising medium choices depend greatly on two main aspects namely; the nature of the product and/or services to be advertised, and the target audience.

What is Media?

Media are the available communication channels or mediums used in storing and delivering vital information or data. The term could also be referred to as the tools of the mass media in the communication industry. Examples include print media, broadcast media, photography studio, cinema, and advertising.

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What is Advertising Media?

From the two definitions above, advertising media can, therefore, be defined as the tools or devices by which advertising messages are convened from the advertisers down to their prospective and existing target customers.

Thus, the main message behind the sponsored product or service will be passed onto the target consumers or the persons concerned via the instrumentality of Media.

The following are the various advertising media types that advertisers or sponsors do patronize:

10 Different Types of Advertising Media

1. Newspaper Advertising

A newspaper is one of the leading advertising industries that people do patronize to send out messages or to create awareness about a particular happening or future events.

One of the major advantages that lie in advertising via Newspapers is its ability to covers a wider geographical market. After all, awareness created over a product in a wide geographical market will definitely yield and convert.

Moreover, a newspaper advert is flexible, timely, and affordable, and it can be changed or removed as when desired.

2. Television Advert

Another chief advertising medium in this present era is the TV advert. The major advantage here is that the main advertising message will pass through two distinct forms; audio and visual.

That is to say, the products will be advertised by word of mouth and it’ll also be demonstrated at the same time. Hence, the target audience will get to see the product and how it actually works.

On this note, the television advert may be broadly classified as a spot, network, or local advertisement: Spot advert is directed towards a particular audience and within a short time; network advertising is aimed toward huge audiences targeting a wide territory.

3. Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is basically audio in nature and it’s often referred to as jingle. After the TV advert, radio advert is the second most sought after in the broadcast media and it’s even cheaper compare to TVs.

Advertising by way of radio offers an advantage of picking a definite territory and class of audiences to which the major advertising message is directed.

4. Magazine Advertising

The magazine as an advertising media is very popular and costly. Today the voluminous number of magazines that are being published depicts that it is an important advertising channel. Usually, magazines are often published weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

In the print media world, a magazine advert has a longer life compared to that of a newspaper that is mostly read and discarded daily. The magazine is retained and kept for a longer period of time and it is usually read during the leisure time.

5. Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail is another advertising channel that is very advantageous to advertisers that desire to pass a message to a very wide geographical market.

Examples of direct mail advert include; the circulars about the grocer’s specials, the catalog talking about the summer sale, a letter about a special purchase, etc.
However, this advertising medium is quicker and relatively cheap hence; many small and medium-scale business owners make use of it.

6. Transportation Advertising

Transportation advert is all about displaying or pasting a poster or banner about a particular product or telling more about a particular service.

Mostly, advertising messages on this form of advertising media are often displayed on public transports or commercials like a taxi cab, city buses, truck, tampons, 3 wheelers, and more.

However, advertising messages on the transportation advertising medium will be perfectly passed and deliver in big towns and cities where there are thousands of people passing by the commercials on a daily basis.

7. Outdoor Advertising

This advertising media encapsulate a lot of advertising channels. There are various types of outdoor media; these include billboards, banners, posters, flyers, and all other types of outdoor method that can be adapted to pass advertising messages.

These are majorly used for products or services that are used or patronized frequently, and as such the intending message can be effectively passed quickly to the target individual.

Likewise, the messages are usually short as they may be the advertiser’s slogan or trademark, the package visualization, etc.

Lastly, people go out every day, and they’re bound to see and read a message an advertiser is trying to pass through a poster, billboard, banner, signpost, and the likes even if it’s some seconds. To this end, outdoor adverts should be easy, simple, and straight forward.

8. Google AdWords

This advertising channel is strictly online. It is meant for advertisers that want to take their business presence online or need a huge conversion rate or enormous visitors on their website. This advertising media is relatively cheap and its own and oversees by Google.

9. Personal Selling

In the same vein, personal selling can be adopted as a means of creating awareness about the presence of a particular good or product in a competitive or stiff market.

More so, it is an important aspect of marketing strategy whereby customers and potential audiences are reached on a physical or face-to-face basis. For this to be effective, the salespersons have to be knowledgeable about the products they are marketing.

They must know and understand the company’s policies in case they face different questions and inquiries about the company. Lastly, the advertiser should have initial knowledge and information about the real customers.

10. Sales Promotion

Just like personal selling, sales promotion as an advertising medium is an important method of creating awareness of a particular product.

“Sales Promotion” also means a marketing strategy other than the person selling, publicity, and advertising that encourage prospective buyers and dealers to patronize the products.

Examples include shows and exhibitions, displays, coupons, trading, premiums, contest, etc.

Conclusion – Types of Media Advertising

Advertising has been defined as the process of creating awareness about a particular product or service via a paid announcement, usually, by a known sponsor. Thus, for a message to be passed across to the target audience there must be an advertiser and an advertising agency or media.

However, the 10 most effective and highly patronized types of advertising media are the newspaper, magazine, TV stations, radio, direct mailing, transportation advert, personal selling, Google AdWords down to sales promotion.

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