12 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid In 2020. 

12 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid In 2020. 


Blogging Mistakes

12 Blogging mistakes to avoid, avoiding this mistakes will for sure have a positive impact on your blog in a long run, if not immediately.

Blogging happens to be one of the most online paying jobs if properly done, it pay off big time but one needs to avoid some pleasurable “Blogging Mistakes”,

pleasurable blogging mistakes because most bloggers do it comfortably without noticing it, they even feel happy doing it.


After dropping steps on how to setup a blog on this platform I strongly believe you are no longer new to the term “blog” as it simply Connote creating an online presence.

But in the steps I remember I only showed you how to setup a blog, the best platform to start with, niche and other valuable information regarding successful blog creation,

we never talked about blogging mistakes to avoid which happens to be the aim of this post.

Understand this===>>

Perfect people I believe doesn’t exist on the surface of the earth, if there’s any you know please do well to let us know, apparently we have heard of great people.

I mean the genius but that doesn’t make them perfect, that’s why Mistakes are bound to happen.

Mistakes involving blogging isn’t different.


Fact about mistake is you can’t refer it mistakes when done often, it possibly becomes a choice when you repeatedly do it.

• Blogging mistakes sometimes are unnoticeable.

• The mistakes are made comfortably while it hunt your blogging carrier.

• Your online worth is reduced by most of this blogging mistakes.

• Not paying attention to this mistakes may end your blogging carrier.

• This blogging mistakes makes you blame yourself, as things ain’t going as expected.

What You Stand To Learn Afterwards.

This Blogging mistakes as I already said, are sometimes unnoticeable which made me pick this 12 most common blogging mistakes that can lead to your down fall in the blogging journey or perhaps your Blogging business.

You stand the chance to learn the following after going through the post and utilizing it properly.

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Though I’m not promising 100% efficiency but you can make it more effective than it look.

• Notice Unnoticeable blogging mistakes.

• Make amends to already made Blogging mistakes.

• Avoid blogging mistakes in the long run.

• Be more careful with your choice of content to stay far from blogging mistakes.


Blogging Mistakes As An Agent Of Backwardness.

You have teachers as a students as to guide you through in your academic pursuit.

What is the guidance for when you can actually care for yourself as human, they really want you to avoid mistakes for smooth academic Runnings and successful ending.

Blogging mistakes can really cause backwardness because things that need to be done right are kept aside without been handled properly.

You’re not alone

You might have read several bloggers posts regarding their ordeal, on how they blogged for years before they starts earning pea nuts, while others blogged for just a year and starts earning Asap!

No Hatred, just do it right.

Do you think the world or even search engines hates the ones that doesn’t earn in their early years of blogging? No.

They’re not actually doing things right, they fail to watch out on blogging mistakes so it keep pulling them down continuously, Blogging mistakes causes backwardness beyond imagination.

The Challenge

The same mistakes has made many to quit blogging, they end up selling their blogs at cheaper rate, it’s not that they hate blogging but the blogging mistakes that seems unnoticeable gave them a totally different impression about blogging.

Seriously sometime, after been faced with this blogging mistakes, you would want to do away with your blog for any amount, wither too small or not even reasonable amount.

The Mistakes are Monstrous

Blogging mistakes is sometime a demon to me, it’s a monster for real and I wish I even knew it before starting a blog.

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You’re probably new to blogging, your case is different that is why you’re privileged to come across this piece.

it’s going to be helpful if you put everything that is going to be outlined here into use, it may be your saver in this carrier choice so let’s avoid this blogging mistakes.

The 12 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid.

There are lots of blogging mistakes but for the purpose of this post I’ll outline just 12 blogging mistakes that is deadly to the health of your blog.

1. Failure to write like you talk.

Perhaps you forgot, you’re a Blogger and what bloggers really do is write like you talk. As a Blogger you automatically become a story teller and you have to write like you talk.

Forgetting to write like you talk is one of the greatest blogging mistakes any Blogger could ever make, been you a new or existing blogger.

Maybe you feel tensed while writing, haven’t you presented in a seminar before, don’t you discuss with one or two friends or you’re busy counting words?

Avoid this blogging mistakes for a better blogging experience, be confident enough to spit it out like you’re presenting a Business proposal in an organization, be functional in your writing.

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2. Neglecting SEO (search engines optimization)

Your blog isn’t for yourself to explore, except it is a personal blog basically about yourself (Biography), as long as you would want other people to read your blog and possible be found on search engines.

you need to do your Search engines optimization very well, which means avoiding this blogging mistakes.

Blogging mistake of this kind can imperatively affect your blog ranging from traffic to it value, what use is your blog when it lack value and traffic?

Good content can save you from this mistake, as quality content make your blog standout ,it make it easy for google to index your blog. Be ready to produce good content.

How would you feel seeing blogs that are way far behind your blog ranking on google first page? It could seems like magic or something but believe it, those blogger ain’t neglecting SEO.

Have time for your seo as it’s so important. Handle both your online and offline SEO very well.

3. Choosing Wrong Blogging Platform.

In one of our previous posts on how to start a blog, we discussed with good reasons why you should choose a good blogging platform with quality content management system.

your blogging platform has great effect on this chosen carrier, wither it’s a part time or full time blogging.

This blogging mistake could ruins your blogging carrier in the long run. When people visit your blog they normally look out for something which good design is inclusive.

As a starter you could start with free quality themes on WordPress that will serve you right. Don’t get cut up in this blogging mistakes.

4. Not Paying Attention To Your Niche.

Blogging is a very wide and broad business, it’s as well a lucrative business which is one of the reasons why bloggers choose a specific niche they are knowledgeable about or have passions for,

but if in your blogging carrier you tend to go off key, you are definitely hunting yourself. It won’t be nice if you keep confusing your audience.

Your audience is your wealth as a Blogger, so when you adopt this blogging mistakes you’re at the verge of loosing your audience.

It’s advisable to pick a niche, work on it alone and don’t  bombard a blog with multiple niches but if you wish to have more than a niche or two on single blog, better create another blog.

5. Your Blog Is Not Mobile Friendly

With the increase in the usage of mobile phones worldwide, if your blog isn’t mobile friendly don’t you think it’s the greatest blogging mistake you are making?

My blog is mostly accessed with mobile phones and tablet, assuming my blog is not mobile friendly what will really become of my blog.

That is why it’s advisable to blog on WordPress platform as most of there themes are mobile friendly, though on Blogger it can be set easily, a mobile friendly blog is a traffic possible blog.

Be fair enough with your blog to make it mobile friendly as to give your users a wonderful views, the loads time should be checked as well. It’s important

6. Blogging On Free Platforms.

Blogging on a free platform is indeed a mistake but most times I see it as a choice, you have all the platforms to choose from, but due to one or two things you were compelled to choose a free platforms.

Well, blogging on free platform makes your blog look unprofessional and believe it or not, your audience have little or no trust for you as a brand.

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Back in those years, when blogging was still young and fresh in Nigeria you can actually survive on free platform, but now blogging is on different dimension, your chance of survival on free platform is slim.

With the alarming rate of fraudulent act, who do you think will trust you even when you’re a law abiding citizen, blogging on free platform is a mistake to avoid in this era.

7. Ignoring Social Media

Social Media has taken over the world, today you find most brands advertising there product on social media because they know the power of social media in this era.

With the increase in the number of social media users, don’t you think it’s a big blogging mistake ignoring social media? of course it is.

Since I started blogging as a newbie, social media has been my saving grace. Facebook to be precise, most of my traffic comes from Facebook, even pro bloggers crush social media platform and there are making cool cash from it.

Chatbot may sound completely strange, though you might have heard about it, but still don’t know it uses. but top bloggers are generating heavy income using it. You See how powerful social media could be?

Neglecting social media is the biggest blogging mistake any Blogger could make, crush social media platform and watch the returns.

8. Copying and Pasting (Copying content from other blogs).

This pleasurable blogging mistake is the worst mistake to avoid immediately, you know what copying means, it’s a crime and copying reduces your chances of recognition.

This is the reason why most bloggers are rejected when they apply for Adsense, scrapped content, if you want to copy from my blog you’re free, I have no business with that and I won’t report you for copying but always remember to give me the credit, give proper citation. Likewise to other blogs.

When ever you pick a piece from a blog, always cite it to make sure you’re not violating the law, Most blogs have been taken down due to this blogging mistake.

Coming up with content of Your Own is better, always craft good content and avoid copying and pasting methods of blogging, you won’t be recognized because you’re not unique, if your posts are familiar how do you expect to rank on google or even add value to the blogosphere.

9. Using Unmatched Titles.

What could really be worse than this, Using a title that does not match the content isn’t that misleading? Maybe you wanted a seo title but why not make a matching title that is in one voice with your content.

Forming the habit of using different title, just to attract readers could be disastrous, it’s blogging mistake non should try, unless you want to see your blog degrading in the eyes of your audience.

This blogging mistake can send you packing without looking back, it’s wiser to avoid it on time so as to have a better ride in your blogging journey.

10. Not Paying Attention to Your Post Format.

It’s one thing to write quality posts, but if the needful is neglected you’re doing your blog more harm than good, take your time to read carefully and edit your post, it’s for real a big blogging mistake if you write quality posts without observing the following.

• Heading – which is segmented into
H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6
Make sure to use the heading tag appropriately where required.
• Paragraphs.
• Sentence.
• Bulletin.
• Punctuations.
• Use quality Images.
• image tag.

11. Ignoring Readers Comments

Which blogging mistakes could be worst than this, are you thinking you created the blog to utilized it yourself, you are not Happy seeing comments on your blog, why are you ignoring comments on your blog or you’re too busy to reply comments?

Look, replying comments on your blog no matter how useless it may seems makes your blog reader feel valuable, with that alone you’re definitely building trust. Hope you know how it may go a long way to help your blogging as a carrier choice.

Same way you make out time to craft quality post, make out quality time to reply comments on your blog.

Be straight forward and don’t claim “too know “ give real answers when you know it, otherwise tell them you’ll make research and they should expect feedback.

This will make them more engaged with your blog, so ignoring readers comment is a big blogging mistake that’s monstrous.

Be quick to responding readers comment. They’re the reasons why your blog exist.

12. Not Monitoring Your Traffic.


As a Blogger, if you don’t monitor your traffic you’re making a very big mistake which you need to avoid immediately.

Monitoring your traffic gives you the clue on how to manage your blog, wither to improve or target your audience.

Every blogger is expected to monitor their traffic, to know the devices used in visiting the blog, their locations, source of traffic whether organic traffic or from social media.

Monitoring will give you insights wither your blog is growing or otherwise.

So when ever you fail to monitor your traffic you’re automatically a victim of blogging mistakes.

Wrapping it up.

You, read through the “blogging mistakes every new and existing bloggers should avoid to have a safe ride in the journey of blogging.

this are common mistakes we make pleasurably without noticing them most time.

Though the resultant effect is disastrous to the health of our blog. Make sure to take action.

Let’s hear from you in the comments Box .



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