5 Steps To Get Your WordPress Blog Listed On Google.

5 steps to getting your WordPress listed on google today is our topic of the day and I want all of your attention with me, can you give me 60% of your attention, possibly all of your attention. Smile

I wouldn’t want to look like an attention seeker, so please give the little of attention you know you can give but make sure through and understand.

Alright, it’s damn crazy and frustrating how you start a new blog, being totally new in the game you wish your blog get listed to google search engine automatically.

You must be a joker and I dare not feel pity for your frustration, because you jumped a step.

Ain’t you suppose to make enquiries as to how you can get your WordPress blog listed on google search engine?

Don’t be in a rush, because in blogging business when you miss a step, you are sure going to come back to it, otherwise you don’t want to go far in blogging.

Oh, sorry. I forgot you’re blogging for fun, but wait even if you’re blogging for Fun and your blog can’t be found on search engines, what’s the fun of it?

Well, that’s for they that are blogging for fun.
How about you handling blogging like A business, you that want something better than just blogging for fun, no issh

We are sure going to crush it, so stick with me as we discuss how to get your WordPress blog listed on Google search engine.

This tutorial may not be for everybody, but its for those Who say Yes to atleast three (3) of the below questions.


1. Do you believe in SEO?

2. You heard about SEO effectiveness?

3. You want to rank your blog?

4. You want your posts and pages to be crawled?

5. You want to get your WordPress blog listed on Google?

6. You don’t want to lose potential customers?

Like I said earlier, if your answer to at least three of the above questions is Yes, the tutorial is for you.

Come to think of it, do you know that getting your WordPress blog listed on Google is a good SEO practice?

Yes, it’s a good SEO practice that every new blogger should execute before thinking of the task ahead, this step shouldn’t be skipped for no reason.



Google is one of the top search engines worldwide, and as such it happens to be the top source of traffic for most website /blog if not all.

For every blogger or business owner who is determined to remain relevant and never miss potential customers, then getting your site listed on Google is the right thing to do.

One good thing I love about getting your WordPress blog listed on search engines, is that it’s free and doesn’t requires technical skills to get it done.

Otherwise you are a dummy. Lol lol

I was meant to understand that, as an SEO expert or SEO specialist as the case may be, if you are following the right SEO practice.

It can make Google automatically list your website.

But do you have to wait that long to get your website /blog listed on search engines while you can do it yourself without paying a dime?

Don’t you think on waiting to enlist your site with the mind that you’re practicing on-page and off-page SEO on your site, you’re losing potential customers?

How to get your WordPress blog listed on Google.

Without forgetting the aim of the post, which is how to get your WordPress blog listed on Google search engine. Stick with me please.

You might in one way or the other heard about webmaster tools, don’t tell me, you have not heard about it before.

You’re confused by the present name it’s called?

Well, webmaster tools is same as Google search console in the modern language of Google.

What You Will Need To Get Your Site Listed On Google.


Remember, this tutorial is mainly for WordPress WordPress site as it happens to be the Best and the easiest blogging platform to get listed on Google search engine and other top search engine.

So, in that respect you will need two important tools and a plugin to get your website /blog listed on google search engine.

1. Google search console account
2. YOAST SEO plugin
3. Gmail account

Before we kick start on getting your WordPress blog listed on Google, we need a google search console account, so let’s create an account with them by just clicking here and do the needful.

NB: be reminded that getting your WordPress blog listed on Google search engine is same as verifying ownership on google.

That’s you’re telling google search engine you’re the owner of the website.



STEP 1. Checking WordPress Setting For Search Engine Visibility.

Coming this far, I want to believe you have signed up an account with google webmaster tools ( Google Search Console).

The aim of checking WordPress settings for search engine visibility is to know if your WordPress blog is visible to google by default.
Now, you need to check if your site is visible to search engine.

Log on, to your WordPress blog dashboard, www.yoursite.com/wp-admin.

Click on settings on the left side bar of your dashboard, then click reading from the drop down menu.

Scroll down to the “SEARCH ENGINE VISIBILITY “ option and uncheck “Discourage search engine from indexing this site” if it’s checked (ticked).
Note: by default, the box is unchecked so leave it that way and click on “save change” button to get your settings stored.

STEP 2. Install Yoast Seo plugin.


I believe, I listed yoast seo plugin as one of the tools or plugin we are going to be using in getting WordPress blog listed on Google search engine.

Yoast seo plugin is a powerful plugin every WordPress user should have in his/her kit as it serve other better purpose apart from verifying ownership on google.

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So therefore, you will need to install and activate seo plugin,
Upon, activating yoast seo plugin you will see a plugin with the name “SEO” queueing in the left side bar of your dashboard, click on it.

Get site listed on Google

On the seo settings page, you will see the web master tools bar, click on the webmaster tool and scroll through, because in the course of this tutorial we are going to be needing them.

STEP 3. Connecting Google Search Console With WordPress.

We have successfully installed and activated yoast seo plugin, now let’s head to how to add site (property) to Google search console.

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Log on to your google search console account you created , in the space provided input your site URL and click on “ADD PROPERTY” button, as seen below.

Get site listed on Google

It’s advisable to copy and paste your site URL as seen in the browser,

e.g some site URL may look like https://olamublog.com while others may look like https://www.olamublog.com in your browser, please endeavour to copy and paste the way you saw it.

After adding the property, that’s the site URL to your google search console account, you will be lead to another page, which is the verification page.

The verification page is the page you’ll have to copy a snippet and paste to show google you’re the true owner of the website.

Get site listed on Google

You see how important it is to submit your site to Google search console?

It doesn’t only make your site visible to Google search engine and potential customer, but it tells google you’re the owner of the website,

Which is an answer to as to reason why you should submit your site to Google search console.

There are multiple methods in the google search console one could use to verify ownership, there is recommended and alternate methods.

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In the alternate method, there are still multiple methods to use and get your site verified.

So for the purpose of this post, let’s opt-in for alternate method, since it’s the easiest and simplest method to verify ownership on google.

The alternate method tab called “html tag” a meta code will be given to you, just copy part or all the snippet depending on the method you chose to execute in the alternate method.

Next thing to do, is to switch back to your WordPress admin area (your dashboard) and visit SEO > GENERAL > WEBMASTER TOOL tab.

Get site listed on Google
You need to paste the google verification snippet you copied into the space provided.

On the assumption that you’re done pasting the snippet, click on the save changes button.
Go back to your google search console account and click on the verify button.

Your website ownership will be successfully verified.

NOTE: if it doesn’t verify, please done be worked up, it’s no problem go back to your WordPress dashboard and clear the cache in WordPress.



STEP 4. Setting Up XML Sitemaps.


Once your website is verified and you still need to submit your sitemaps. Just go to SEO > GENERAL page in the WordPress admin area ( dashboard) and click on the “features” button.

Now scroll down to the XML sitemaps option and turn it on, though by default it is turned, but in a case it’s turned off, please turn it on.
Get site listed on Google
After doing that, click on the save changes tab to store what you have done.

You will still need to view your sitemaps.
To view your sitemaps you can just click on the highlighted question mark icon next to “XML sitemaps” it will display the links that you can follow to see all your XML sitemaps,

Open the link and copy your sitemaps, paste it in any text editor which could be notepad or what ever, edit it and remove the irrelevant date at the extreme.

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Next, you need to submit your site map to Google webmaster tool ( google search console)

Note: Sitemaps help google search bots to easily find and index your new content.

STEP 5. Submitting XML Sitemaps To Google Search Console.

You have your XML sitemaps handy, switch to Google search console and select your site, I mean your verified property (site).
Go to Crawl > Sitemaps on the left side bar.

Next, you just need to click the highlighted Add/Test sitemaps button on your screen and add your sitemap URL individually.
But in a case were you see sitemap_index.xml. use it only because it’s your main sitemap file, it has links to all other sitemaps on your site.

All you are required of is to submit only the main sitemap link and google will automatically crawl all other sitemaps on your site.

Get site listed on Google

If you’re done with the above processes or steps, visit your google search console account to check your listings.

The moment Google has crawled and indexed your site, you will start seeing reports in your google search console account.

Congratulations, you’re done submitting and verifying your website on Google.

Wrapping It Up.

Your blog or website ,your business.
The relevancy you seek, depends solely on how you play your cards and no one is to blame for it.
You may actually be blind to this initially, but you have it here already,
The steps are easy to follow steps, go through it and get your site listed.

Over To You.

What’s your take on this?
You enjoyed it, felt it pleasantness and found the post helpful?
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