Adsense Earning: Quickest Guides To Increase Earnings In 2021

Adsense Earning: Quickest Guides To Increase Earnings In 2021

AdSense earning, this quickest guides will really help you scale through low earnings as a Google Adsense user.

It can be very frustrating to open your Google AdSense dashboard and discover you’ve not made past $0.01 in a whole week, most times it can be something less than the stated amount.

The worst-case scenario is having enough traffic and yet, you are still earning less than the supposed amount on the whole day.

What is really the cause of low earning?

Can we say you’re missing out on something, or you are been hated upon by google bot?

There are lots of cases where you open your AdSense dashboard and see not less than 20clicks but still, it couldn’t earn you $0.1

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That is awful and deserves some attention because something must be actually wrong with either your content or you are skipping some vital SEO practice.

Reasons Your Adsense Is Low.

There are no specific reasons for AdSense earning, but what we are about discussing could affect our AdSense earning.

So, if you take them seriously by fixing them, you stand the chance to increase your earning X4.

What are really the causes of the low earnings in AdSense, like I said earlier maybe you are doing something very different from what others are doing, and actually fail to pay attention.

Watch the below causes closely and fix them.

Targeting Low CPC Keywords.

It’s the ethics of blogging to do proper keyword research before putting up an article for your blog, with the right keywords on your blog. Then you are sure of increasing google AdSense earning.

There are actually keywords with CPC that is as low as  $0.00, what will you earn from such articles lying on the pages of your blog site?

It could be recalled that. Health niche, tech and insurance blog earn way better than other niches in blogging, which is on the basis that most of the keywords in those niches have higher CPC than entertainment niche and the likes.

So, targeting high CPC keywords of at least $0.46 will definitely help boost your AdSense earnings, it may not make you a hundred dollars in a day, but it will surely do wonders to your earnings.

Low Traffic.

The essence of blogging is to have an audience that will read your written articles, your blog could be a personal one depending on the mission, but a point will actually come that you will need to make money from the blog.

The blog won’t generate a dime if you don’t have traffic rolling in. Traffic is the key point of your blog success, and you should have them coming endlessly to boost your AdSense earnings.

How do you keep traffic rolling to your blog?

While there are premium ways (running paid ads) to drive traffic to your blog there are also free and suitable ways to do it without spending a dime.

At this point, you should grab the power of SEO and get free organic traffic that is most recommended for higher AdSense earnings by google search engine.

Do proper keyword research before writing your blog post and make sure to fulfil all the on-page SEO requirements, ranging from interlinking, proper use of H1, H2, H3 tags, spreading your keywords evenly, Img Alt, SEO friendly title, etc.

Do all that, and watch your Google AdSense earning increase.

Low CPC Ads Display On Your Blog.

Not all ads you see on your blog are actually worth the display, as most of them are low CPC ads from the actual advertisers.

Such ads won’t fetch you anything even if it’s clicked a thousand time, though there is a safe method to block low CPC ads from showing on your blog.

I won’t be saying much as there is a great resource to handle it, read here on how to increase AdSense earning by blocking low CPC ads from displaying on your blog site.

Not Targeting Tier 1 Countries Traffic.

Countless times, I have heard guys argue about traffic with this notion that “all traffic na traffic” hey! All traffic ain’t traffic.

Traffic from tier 1, countries do way better than tier2 countries, a click from someone in the UK will earn you something higher than that of a click from the Philippines.

Always try targeting an international audience to increase your Google AdSense earning.


Lots of guys keep complaining about low AdSense earning, failing to know they can handle the ordeal amicably.

So if you’re following this article properly to this point, then you have your solution, otherwise you are not ready to take action.

Everything mentioned here is safe, and you are free to follow all resource links for higher knowledge about the article title.

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