how to get airtel 1gb data using my airtel app


How to get free 1Gb data on airtel network using my airtel app

How to get free 1GB data on AIRTEL network using my AIRTEL app, one thing I know is if you need almost anything, you can get it with what you have.

In online business, there is something bloggers and entrepreneurs called lead magnet, and lead magnet is offering something tangible in exchange of what you want without hurting the feelings of who you got it from.

They feel super excited getting what you offered them in exchange of what you got, in most cases they feel they got the highest value.

Same with AIRTEL telecommunications company, they are giving customers 1GB worth of data plan that is in ordinary sold for N1,000.

Why are they giving 1GB worth of data plan to customers that should buy the data plan, which could generate lots of money for them?

They actually developed an app, an app that is organise in a way that you have everything concerning AIRTEL network in one place.

All that you need to do, ranging from buying of data to checking of data, paying of bills and many more.

They want their customers to have this app on their various smart phones, they can’t force you to have the app on your phone either.

So, the best way to compel you to get the app is place an offer on the app, you know almost everybody with smartphone wants data on their phone for them to surf the internet.

other telecom companies like Glo has their own way of putting smiles on the faces of their custmers too.


On the eligibility side of the offer, it’s not dedicated to any special set of AIRTEL  subscribers, it’s for all.

So long you have an internet enabled smart phone, you’re automatically qualify.

So you should follow the procedure and get your 1GB worth of data plan and start surfing the web right away.

Be reminded that you can use the 1GB worth of data plan to do everything on the internet, so you shouldn’t have fear of restrictions

How to get AIRTEL 1GB worth of data using My AIRTEL app.

Take note of the apps, I recommend you use this link to download the app. My AIRTEL App.  Or go to playsore, use the search icon to search for My AIRTEL app and download.

Why are my emphasizing on this, it’s because AIRTEL telecommunication company has tons of Downloadable apps on  google playstore, so endeavour to download my AIRTEL app if you want it to work for you.

How to download the app.

  • Go to playstore or click on this link, My Airtel App
  • The page should open with reviews
  • Click on Install
  • It should start installing by now.
  • After installing, you should see Open.

How to get the 1GB worth of data using my airtel app.

It’s considered that you now have the app on your smartphone.

  • Launch the application (Open my airtel app)
  • Input your airtel number ( you should have your airtel sim inserted for automatic verification or wait for an otp if the sim is in another phone)
  • Confirm your phone number and click continue.
  • You should now be seeing your accounts details and all of that.

You should receive a congratulatory in a short while, if you don’t receive immediately, just calm down as you must receive the message. A message that looks like the one below.

How to get 1gb data using my airel app

Boom! you now have free 1GB worth of airtel data to browse the internet and even chat freely without paying.

To check the airtel free data balance, use the general code for checking of data balance which is *140#

You should receive a message that looks like the one below.

How to get 1gb data on airtel


How to get 1Gb worth of data using my airtel app, I guess isn’t a hard step to take,

but in a case were you are confuse about a step, try asking question in the comment box.

We readily await replying your comments.

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