Why You Should Use Ali dropshipping The Review

Alidropshipping, is a powerful WordPress plugin that can outright transform your website to an e-commerce platform,

with improved functionalities – that also works very well with Ali Express-.

Dropshipping is a great option for companies who have little capital starting.

What Alidropship Is All About

Alidropship is one of such tools that easily expedite the process of regular e-commerce for vendors and thus making business easier.

Getting started with dropshipping of any kind can seem dreadful for a couple of reasons, and these reasons are valid.

Firstly, we look at what dropshipping is;

What Is DropShipping?

it is a business model that allows a lot of entrepreneurs to begin an online service, business, and market.

they sell off their products to a lot of their customers even without stocking the items themselves.

What this implies is that, in dropshipping, you can sell items, products without even having this item in stock, or having a physical store at all.

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Dropshipping isn’t anything new at all, anyway it has been around for a couple of years now.

And now, we have seen a lot of huge companies designing their models and different types of dropshipping services.

The likes of

Amazon, Spears, and Zappos have equally adapted this business model over the years and it has benefitted them a handful amount of times.

Through Dropshipping, a lot of these companies make a huge percent profit compared to their normal regular sale of products.

The Amazing Part Of  Dropshipping

The best thing about dropshipping is, it isn’t just limited and to be used only by large companies, a lot of online businesses, stores, e-commerce websites have also adopted this style.

This implies that you can equally venture into dropshipping with Ali Express And use it as your primary inventory management model.

Dropshipping business model has a lot of clear cut advantages; not carrying an inventory being one of such and thus the time and effort that would typically be spent taking inventory, is rather invested in looking for ways to drive more sales.

Bringing in new customers and client and outsource more opportunities to scale your business.

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Perhaps over time, you have noticed a lot of hype and discussion around dropshipping and why a lot of businesses and individuals alike have adopted this model across the globe.

in this article, we will do a deep dive into what alidropshipping is all about and why you should use alidropshipping.

Why You Should Use AliDropshipping

If you are considering starting your online store, you should use Alidropshipping.

Here are the benefits of using AliDropshipping Service.

•  With AliDropshipping, You take control over your margins.

(This implies that even though there are suggested prices that a certain good is being sold for (MSRP), you are not obliged to sell it at that price point.

You can go higher and not lower because you will need to make a profit).

•  When registering With AliDropshipping, you do not need to be an established business entity even before you set up your store.

This, however, would become imperative as you grow your store and client base.

• By being an affiliate with alidropshipping, you will ultimately have access to a wide range of millions of products at your fingertips.

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And in turn, you can add these to your online store using the Oberlo Service, provided to you by AliExpress Dropshipping.

Now, Alibaba the giant Chinese company that deals on the online sale of goods – quite similar to amazon- produced the concept of AliExpress.

AliExpress simply allows individuals and businesses to buy products in smaller batches for something close to wholesale pricing.

Due to the success of this concept, a lot of dropshipping plugins have been developed to easily connect products AliExpress to your e-commerce store.

AliDropship Plugin Is the focal point of this article. We dive into it.

How Does AliDropship Plugin Work?

I reckon you have had a look at Shopify and have taken note that they have a lot of options for dropshipping apps with AliExpress.

Well, that is one of the numerous advantages Alidropship offers; You can as well easily integrate the Alidropship Plugin to your WordPress online store.

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Taking it a step further, AliDropShip allows you the luxury of getting a hosting and building a fully functional website without developing the website yourself, through the help of AliDropShip.

How Does This Work?

Using the AlidropShip Plugin, you can connect your WordPress store to AliExpress and that allows you to access and browse through a wide range of products on AliExpress.

And when this is done successfully, the products are then automatically sent to your online store, with their product details such as their;



Photos and other related information.

If you would rather use the Alidropship Plugin From WordPress, it works quite similar to the step mentioned above.

The only difference is, the plugin would integrate into the WordPress website you have already designed.

So, all you need to do is from your WordPress dashboard, you click on the “Plugin” Panel, search for the ‘’AliDropship Plugin” then install and activate. Also, you will need to do the same with a plugin called WooCmmerce.

The Best Features Of AliDropShipping

One of the best features with Alidropship is its one-click plugin that immediately turns your entire WordPress website into a full-blown e-commerce store.

We like to state that Alidropship is more of a service than a feature.

Full Automation

With The AliDropship Plugin, there are quite a handful of automated tools packed into it.

One helps with pricing, another helps in filling orders and another helps in tracking your orders, this way saving you lots of time.

Custom Site Customization

Alidropship comes in with a lot of built-in templates that you can easily build your website, without having to handle any bit of messy codes.

Alidropship Pricing

The Pricing Scheme for Alidropship is as straightforward as it can get.

They sell their plugin on WordPress for a one-time payment of $89.00.

Although, you’re likely to make an upgrade if you need continued support.

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If you’re looking to make a custom dropshipping store utilizing the AliDropship platform away from WordPress, then the starter package at $299 goes up to $2899 for the Supreme Package.

And these are both one-time fees, and when you pay for any of these, your store would automatically be stocked with up to 50 products and you have the option to add up to an unlimited amount of product.

AlidropShip: Customer Support

Once you purchase any of their services, either from WordPress or you had your custom store set up by AliDropship.

They have a support email where you can easily create a ticket if you need their assistance.

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You can also reach them via their social media handles and online platforms.

One great way of reaching out to services this way is that you can easily look through their FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) and have your issue sorted out.

They also have a knowledgebase with a large collection of articles on topics relating to improving your store, add-ons, hosting and lots more.

Live chats are sometimes online on their web platform for immediate one-on-one assistance.

Should You Consider AliDropship?

Well in an overview, we believe there are two types of companies that most likely should consider adopting AliDropship.

One, the entity that looks to drop ship, however lacking the resources, desire, and skills to build their online store.

In this situation.

what you need to get done is to contact AliDropShip and make a request for a custom dropshipping store to be setup.

The other thing that should be considered AliDropshipping, is a business that already has an up and running WordPress website.

You can easily merge WooCommerce with your website and begin your dropshipping journey from there.

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The Con Of AliDropShip

Typically, shipping with AliExpress usually takes a fairly large amount of time

and this is a plague that affects the Chinese company.

Although, it can also depend on the location of your customers still,

expect product deliveries to take between days to weeks and more often than not, if not months to finally arrive.


Asides this downside, the pricing of these services is fairly affordable,

Compared to a lot of other dropshipping platforms on the internet.

If you have a contribution, comment or question about the AliDropshipping review,

please do drop your thoughts in the comment section.

We look forward to readily replying to them.

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