Android phone gallery can’t generate thumbnail, solution

Android Phone Gallery Cannot Generate Thumbnail

Android phone gallery can’t generate thumbnail.

You might have seen this kind of picture before, “can not generate thumbnail” it’s a crazy pop up.
Annoying picture right. Let’s deal with it


android phone gallery can not generate thumbnail


Can’t Generate thumbnail

For quite sometime now, I have been battling with an issue on my smartphone.

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It’s not like I’m loosing all the files on my smartphone, but I’m loosing so many important images on my phone, I have tried every possible means, it’s not yielding any good result.

You might have experienced such issue on your phone before, you wonder if your SD card is affected or your phone is attacked by virus, it’s not actually virus. Something totally different from virus is stopping the gallery from generating thumbnail.

Sometime it could be application interfering with normal processes of the smartphone, majorly apps from untrusted source may cause the issue of “gallery can not generate thumbnail “ on your smartphone.

Phone Gallery Can not generate thumbnail

The above words really dealt with me and my conscience, my conscience in the sense that how can I own a smartphone and still be feeling backward, like I’m still in the era of Java phones.

I have asked so many personalities regarding the issue of “can not generate thumbnail “ but I’m not always satisfied with the answers I get. I end up deleting the pictures and videos.

My pain

1. I lost pictures of love ones.

2. I lost funny videos that keep me entertained when I’m bored.

3. I’m always heart broken with the issue of 1 and 2.

My Joy

“Can not generate thumbnail” has been a big time headache, I felt sorry for myself at some point cause it seems am loosing everything “graphic” to this Godforsaken monster called “Can not generate thumbnail”. Those words “Can not generate thumbnail” keep echoing, haaa I’m loosing my mind already.

But my joy.

1. I won’t loose a picture again.

2. I won’t loose a video again too.

3. My joy now, is 1 and 2.

Having rode with me to this point, I appreciate you. Let’s keep Rolling as I unveil the the six(6) steps to take as to eradicate this alien-like issue “can not generate thumbnail” that has been killing me.

The Joy Of Using This Steps.

1. You don’t need third party application to get the job done.

2. It doesn’t take more than 2 minutes after applying the steps.

3. Your files are intact, you won’t loose any.

4. It doesn’t require turning your Data On. It’s offline.

5. It doesn’t require any technical skill

NB: after applying the steps, it may reset your ringtone to default, so endeavour to set your ringtone to initial.


You maybe wondering how I got this simple effective steps, like I said earlier, the issue of “Can not generate thumbnail” has been bothering me for quite sometime. So I decide to try something which after doing the needful I rebooted my phone, I was so surprise to see the problem is gone.

I was not Still sure, which compelled me to using a friend smartphone with same issue, but only the pictures were affected, to try the steps. Behold it work.

The steps

It’s actually an easy steps. Don’t worry as i will show you the steps with pictures. I mean the clear pictures of the steps, with indication of where to click on your phone as they are circled red.

Step #1.
Android phone gallery can’t generate thumbnail, Go to phone settings and click “Application” written “Apps”.


adroid can't generate thumbnail


Step #2.
Android phone gallery can’t generate thumbnail, Locate the three (3) dots by the upper right side, close to gear icon.


android phone gallery can't generate thumnail

Step #3.
Click on “Show system apps” and open it.


phone gallery can't generate thumbnail

Step #4.
Scroll down and locate “Media Storage”


Step #5.
Click on “Storage” as seen from the picture bellow.


Step #6.
Now click on “Clear data”. Then clear the Data.  That’s all.


Wait for a minute or two(2), then reboot your phone.


DISCLAIMER: The above information is not decreed to be 100% affective, as smartphones varies in their making. If it works for you, it’s your luck and if it doesn’t, then try sourcing for other solutions.


Wrapping it up

You have gone through the effective steps, perhaps you have utilised it. The steps really worked for my smartphone, I’m using infinix mobile.

Which ever model of phone you’re are using that falls under the category of Android may accept it. So try your luck.

Let’s hear your views and suggestions in the comment Box.

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4 thoughts on “Android phone gallery can’t generate thumbnail, solution

  1. Thanks a lot sir , it worked for my father ,whose phone is above 4 yrs old , brand -panasonic p 55 novo 1 gb ram, 8gb internal memory , he is very happy now .


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