The best way to make money online for free, it’s going to be our dealings today.

In our last post we discussed on how Blog could save one the plight of unemployment and financial tragedy, then we states some importance which I strongly you were inspired.

In today’s version, we are going to expose to us the Best ways Novice could make legit money online for free.

You May answer this questions.
1. Do you want to always smile to the Bank
2. Do you want to escape financial tragedy
3. Do you want to live your dream lifestyle
4. Do you want to be like other wealthy personality, without involving in fraudulent act.

The answers should be Yes. Unless poverty is your calling , lol

Looking at the Richest Persons in the whole wide world, I believe you all known that Digital marketers toped the List. They have been leading and I don’t think they can be over throne easily. There are jobs on the internet, we are in a Digitalized world. Jeff bezos of amazon and jack ma yun of Aliexpress took the advantage of the Digital world we are in, creating the perfect niche for themselves. E-commerce.

In this post we are going to discuss three (3) wonderful free online money making platform where you can access other benefit, that will keep you at the Top of your game.


1. Time
2. Consistency


1 PC ( smart phone is an alternative)
2 Data (subscription)
3 Gmail account
4 Video camera (smartphone with quality camera is an alternative)

NB: the platforms we are about sharing with you, are like other business, you only needs to put in effort and the result will be worth your effort. It maybe slow at the start but I assure you of good result.
Firsts in first, Lay solids foundation. Dream not to get rich over night with this platforms else you are a failure from the start.

If you have the above already, then you’re in for business. The platforms we are going to highlight Are:


it’s an online content created with the aim of solving problem or creating awareness regarding events. It’s one of the surest way to make money online as it gives so many opportunities like:

i     you can sell your Own products on it.

ii     you can be paid for a service rendered.  through the Blog.

iii   you can promote other Brand (Selling of the advert space) on your Blog.

iV   you can serve google Adsense ( the highest paying ads) on your Blog.

V    affiliate marketing. helping brand sell product on your Blog

Vi    sponsor posts.

You don’t have a Blog yet, Learn how to start a Blog here>>>>


instagram is another Blogging platform but with different approach.

Do you know since January instagram gained 100 million + active users monthly with at least 75 million active users daily.

Don’t you think with this active users, instagram is a place to start.

Do you think Celebrities are stupid to have shifted  there focus to instagram instead of facebook and other social media platforms?instagram is a money making shop. Get on the moving Train.


This is another amazing platform that can give you that dream lifestyle upon making real money, no fraud no crime. Sign in. And get going.

In our next post, we are going to be giving you the necessary information and guideline to succeeding on instagram, the Do and don’t to make you succeed in the industry.

Check back for more, don’t forget to invite your friends, sharing is caring.

About the Author: Omaji Abraham

Blogger in Nigeria, Amateur graphic designer, social media manager, self acclaimed Engineer. Connect with me on facebook linkedin Twitter Instagram

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