Blog Posts and pages disappearance causes and possible Fix.

Blog Posts and pages disappearance causes and possible Fix.

Blog Posts and pages disappearance.

Blog Posts and pages disappearance is one of the many problems in the blogosphere been faced by newbies.

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Blog posts are the content of your blog and the pages are more like your blog navigation point, your blog revolves around the pages.

Having your blog post deleted unknowingly pains alot.

And when your post disappears unknowingly it may go a long way to affect SEO, ever found an empty search page before?

Like, landing on a page suggested by google itself and found out it’s empty and redirecting you to the homepage of the blog.

Well, it happens and I’m a victim of deleted blog posts circumstance

Causes of Blog posts and pages disappearance.

Over time, new and few pro bloggers keep complaining about blog posts and pages disappearance, but those with plenty blog post usually don’t notice it.

Why because, this issue tends to affect old post than new ones, though there is no proven point backingup the reason why it affects only old post rather new posts.

I can sincerely states that there is no specific causes, as it could be due to diverse reasons, I have been a victim and I can say it happened to me repeatedly.

Yes, within a week I got hitted twice and I was so confuse, thinking of the right decision to make, I used the address bar too often just to get a fix, all to no avail.

So I can categorically say there Is no specific or known cause of blog post or pages disappearance and if you stand to work against blogging mistakes, then fix this issue.

Since there is no proven cause, it’s quite important to look into some suspected cause of blog post or pages disappearance.

The following issues are my experience and I suspected it to be some of the causes of the post disappearing from your blog.

• I had an editor on my blog, when our deal was over so I decided to remove the editor, I was given an option to delete all his work alongside or attributes it to the admin, knowing too well he contributed nothing other than footer design, I deleted him. That was how i loosed some of my posts.
• Another issue was with the theme I installed, I can’t really tell if the option of deleting everything associating with theme while uninstalling is the cause but after uninstalling the theme I loosed some of my post.

Blog posts disappearance may also emanate from

• Use of nulled theme
• Nulled plugin
• Malwares
• Or you unknowingly deleted the posts.

Which ever be the case, I bet If you trying searching for help in the WordPress forum, you’ll see numerous suggestions telling you to check your draft box which you and I, know is empty.

Possible Fix for blog posts and pages disappearance.

There is no dedicated fix for blog posts and pages disappearance, but there is always a way out without loosing anything or should I say much isn’t going to be loosed?

After searching, and landed on no possible fix so I decide to contact my hosing company via live chat, I did complained to them about what happened exactly without mentioning that I removed and editor from my blog.

List of backups with date was sent to me, to make a pick and get things fixed, be sure you’re picking the date you’re most aware of having an intact blog.

Your backup will be restored and everything done after that day before the backup will be erased and all that was lost will be restored.

So, if you’re having an issue like that, just contact your hosting company and they’ll fix it immediately.


Blog posts and pages disappearance as said earlier has no known cause, and the suspected causes listed above are from my own observation
And how I fixed my issue, I got all my posts back after the backup done by my hosting company.

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