Firstbank Transfer Code: How To Create Firstbank Transfer Code.

Firstbank Transfer Code: How To Create Firstbank Transfer Code.

Firstbank transfer code is the topic of the day, so we are going to be learning how to create firstbank transfer code in this tutorial.

Quick Read:

I’m not talking about the use of first bank mobile app but strictly on the use of USSD code that doesn’t require internet connection.

Gone are the days when you need to work to the bank in other to perform transactions that can be done with your mobile phone at the comfort of your home.

Well, lazy folks like myself loves digitalization and the digital world have my appreciation for the advancement in everything that concerns it body and functions.

Can we really say that the advancement of technology, digital banking inclusive is a threat to the growth of the nation? No.

What’s First Bank Transfer Code?

The general transfer code adopted by firstbank Nigeria remains *894# but how do you use the code to the fullest. It takes little energy and time to get transactions done with the above code.

No technician skills required to understand the use of the first bank transfer code that can perform seamless transactions in less than a second or two.

Uses Of First bank Transfer Code.

  1. Its use to make cash transfer to other banks.
  2. Recharged airtime with no hidden charges.
  3. Recharge your cables.
  4. Buy data bundles
  5. Deposit money to either if your lottery account.
  6. Pay utility bills.

The above are one of the many uses of the ussd code that can do almost all thing in line of banking and transactions.

How To register First bank transfer code.

To register firstbank transfer code is as easy as spelling your first name, kindly dial the above given code that is easy to memorize. And kindly tap 1. Quickly banking.

Then you’ll see a drop down menu that shows. Transfer money, pay bills. Buy airtime, data and all of that.

You can either register with your account number or card number. Which ever one you pick is still safe and convenient, as they’re all effective to use. How then do you active your first bank transfer code for easy transactions.

I once saw a grown up fellow asked, what is firstbank mobile transfer code, I was able to tell the fellow the transfer code that can do almost everything except making deposit directly, though indirectly it can.

how to activate first bank transfer.

To activate first bank transfer code requires either account number or your card number, and you’ll be prompt to create a transaction pin that you will need to always remember for security reasons

Dial the usual code which is *894# and you are good to go.


Now, you can see that creating firstbank transfer code isn’t hard as you may think. Its easy and convenient to use.

So feel free, to register your first bank code, kindly dial the usual code and simply follow the instructions. Thanks.

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