Free And Paid Online Tools For Tracking Website/Blog Traffic and Revenue.


Free and paid Online Tools have been helping bloggers, web designers, graphics designers even content creator, unless you’re yet to discover one.

Else every task handled offline using software or application has an online tool that can handle it faster.

Though, most of the online tools that yield perfect result are not free, while some of the tools are free they still yield good result.

It’s all to you to make findings and find the perfect one for your task.

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In website/blog management, if you’re not monitoring or tracking your website traffic then you’re harboring Blogging mistakes and you need to avoid immediately, if you want to remain relevant in the blogosphere.

Tracking of websites gives You the insights on how to handle the blog properly, what to do and how to do it without affecting your users/visitors experience, which is the blogging mistakes I’m talking about.

It gives you insights on how to improve on your content quality and how to target your audience.

Quite alright, as WordPress users, we have tons of plugins that can handle this task ,even bloggers blog may tend to use google analytics, but this tools don’t work like this “free online tools “ I’m unveiling to us.

Basically, this plugin will show you page views, users/visitors, bounce rate, demography and bla bla bla.

But this online tools will unveil all you expected to see and the ones you never thought of seeing, and you’ll be left in awe.

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•  What if you can have ideas about your blog revenues ?

•  You wish to know the worth of your blog?
How would you feel, knowing the the traffic your blog is able to pull daily?

•  Won’t you be excited knowing your blog global and local rank?

•  Alright, how about checking the performance of top blogs in your niche?

If your answers to the above questions happens to be yes or OK, then this amazing tools are for you.

It doesn’t cost you anything to use this tools as they are free, with your internet enabled device you are on the go.

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KNOW THIS >>>>>>>

You don’t actually need anybody permission to know the kind of traffic his/her blog is pulling, you may still be thinking you need license or maybe you need to ask them before you know the kind of the traffic their website is pulling?

This online tools are capable of showing them to you all, personally I use this tools to check top blogs in my niche, while it get me prepared for the task ahead as well.

You may not be earning yet, but the tools are designed to show you what you can possibly earn daily, monthly, and yearly if you can monetize the blog.

I think it’s a great tool because as a new blogger you’ll know whether to apply for Adsense already or work harder before applying.


This online tools have different features, which earnestly makes them different in some cases but they still have common features that is really amazing and would make you want to make a try.

This tools help you to know your website/blog

•  Market worth/value

•  Revenue- daily, monthly and yearly.

•  Traffic (visitors and users).

•  Alexa rank

•  Site owner

•  Site age

•  Google page rank

•  Google indexed pages.

•  Statistical graphics.

•  Keyword density checker.

The above features happens to be the most commonest amongst all the tools, though they still differs with the quality of services they offer and how they offer it effectively.






Online tool

Ahrefs is undoubtedly one of the greatest/biggest , if not the biggest/greatest online tool when it comes to SEO (search engines optimization).

Which makes it possible for users to keep an accurate check of competitors website/blog.

It’s indeed a cool to grow your search traffic, research your competitors and monitor your niche, which categorically means that, Ahrefs helps you to learn why competitors rank so high and what you need to do to outrank them as well.

This tools also gives users the opportunity to check the backlink which are bringing more traffic. Fearture-wise Ahrefs is ahead of most tool in this category.


Online tool

Alexa as a tool/website is known worldwide for it reputable features, been you a new or existing blogger or an internet lover, you may have in one way or the other came across this amazing tool/website called Alexa.

Checking website popularity is awesomely simple with Alexa, You simply need to enter the website /blog URL in the text area, and click on the find or search button, while you click on the enter button wait and watch the website handle the rest of the task/job.

Alexa will capably display the global and as well local rank, monthly unique visitors, audience geography, bounce rate, search traffic, related sites, related links, and loading speed.




Statshow is an online tool/website designed to analyze website/blog for important data and also require information of any website been it yours or otherwise.

This tool provide vital information and estimated data of websites, using mathematical and statistical methods.

Statshow has amazing features and it’s capable of showing you,

•Market worth

•Revenues – daily ,monthly and yearly.

•Traffic (visitors and page views)

•Alexa rank.

•Google pagerank.

•Back links

•Site age.

•Site owner.

•Whois information.

•Google indexed pages.

•Yahoo indexed pages.

•Bing indexed pages.

•Statistical graphics.

•Keyword density checker.

•Safety analysis and lots more.

Statshow is just amazing, the tool deliver service accurately and the website interface is an easy going one.




This awesome tool is designed to do dedicated jobs, like checking competitors or favorite websites performance.

All you need to do is to enter the website URL you wish to check in the space provided and hit the enter or go button, which ever be the option on your device, just hit it and you’re on the go…

This tool will automatically redirects you to the result page, which will include the websites total daily visitors range, traffic by countries, statistics, incoming links, and a very brief description.

which I believe will fill your sight and may also interest you.


I tried as much as possible to pick just 4 amazing online tools for tracking website/blog performance, and after going through this post, you should have gained that idea of which tool is an easy going one from the features and the service they can offer.

Personally, statshow is soft and it is an easy going tool to use, it’s loaded with an amazing features that can’t be compared to any of the aforementioned tools, it’s doesn’t require sign-ups and it’s not complicating in terms of use, though it’s still dependent on choice and demand so let’s hear your pick  from the four listed tools, in the comments Box.


The above information provided is not to promote spy or otherwise, but to educate us on how to track our web traffic.

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Thank You.

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