5 best free WordPress theme to pick from in 2020, the year is gone so far and we are almost amidst the year.

Most persons are still stucked with the search on how to start a blog.

While others are still battling with choosing the perfect niche for blogging and the best free themes.

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Let me tickle you a bit, if you’re starting a blog on a budget, a free WordPress theme is a great way to keep cost down,

like you don’t need to break the bank otherwise you have solid budget to dispense. Lol

There are tons of free WordPress theme one could actually sort through, when you looking out for suggestions on google using the search bar,

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there are hundredth or more articles on google offering too many WordPress theme options for you to make a pick.


Do you actually need a long list of free WordPress theme?

You actually don’t need a long list of free WordPress theme, you don’t have the whole time in the world to start reading through unnecessary online reviews.

I don’t even have the whole time to waste your time, reading through stuff That Won’t make sense to you.

You need a very short list of WordPress theme to make a pick.

Yes what you actually need is small and concise list of WordPress theme that have being vouched and vetted for, by people who already used and know more than enough in WordPress.

What if I can break down this long list of WordPress theme to a more concise list in a way that makes it easy for you to chose the WordPress theme that best fits your needs?

Honestly, you need not to go elsewhere.

This post is what you need right now otherwise, you love time wasting stuff’s That Won’t pay off afterwards.

Flashing back to when I started my blog, I got really stucked with choosing the right WordPress theme for my blog and it got me changing WordPress theme too often, you know things like that can scare off users, I mean your blog users.

Not just choosing WordPress theme, but the best free WordPress theme because i wasn’t earning yet so I couldn’t afford to purchase premium theme.

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So I opted-in for free WordPress theme as to cut down cost for me to have a pleasurable blogging experience.

In this post, I’ll be listing 5 best free WordPress theme you can use to give your WordPress blog an amazing or perfect look.



Design is the first and one of the most important thing to consider while choosing a WordPress theme for your blog.

Finding a theme that matches with your business category or blog niche and the site content is helpful so check out for theme with quality and eye catching design


Customization flexibility is another important thing one needs to check before choosing a WordPress theme for blog, you may like to change the menu bar width it the speed of back-to-top feature.

The customization policy needs to be checked as well.


Features availability, well in this era bloggers are required to opt-in for responsive theme in order to ensure that there blog loads well on all screen sizes.

Choosing responsive theme is a very good choice to make.

Therefore check if the theme has the following page builder, auto upgrade, custom widgets, custom contact form, short code generator, slider, table maker etc.

Though, there are tons of plugins that can perform thesame tasks but don’t you think it may slow your site?


Seo friendly theme is crucial because search engine optimization (SEO) is a very important thing to ensure productive online presence as you may know.


Compatibility is one good feature to consider while choosing a WordPress theme for your blog.

therefore it’s advisable to see the browser compatibility details of a theme before installing and activating.

Developers may reluctantly limit browser support for a theme due to many reasons best known to them.

Themes as well, may have security loophole, in cases where themes have security loopholes and may contain malicious code, it may negatively affect your site.

Endeavour to check or scan the theme with online tools for checking themes like themecheck or sucuri
Having gone through the features to consider before choosing a WordPress theme,

I believe you’re sure going to make a thorough search and scan before picking the best free theme for your WordPress site.

Well, don’t worry about picking the best free WordPress theme for your blog as I have come up with a very short list of best free WordPress theme reviewed by experts on WordPress.org .

You only need to compare and contrast the features and know the best free WordPress theme for your blog niche and the content.



Astra theme, free WordPress theme

Astra theme by Brainstorm Force, according to experts and users reviews, Astra is a popular multipurpose ( can be used for tech, news, travel, lifestyle blog etc.)

That offers a lightweight (load fast) optimized foundation that one can rebuild into his own unique design through a simple customization options.

No programming knowledge is required to do this, so do you needs to be embittered by “how do I start writing lines of code”?

Be reminded that, there are more than 400,000 active installations of the Astra theme, these same users and WordPress experts have given Astra theme an average rating of 5.0 out 5.0 stars.

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So what are we saying, Astra theme is one of the best free WordPress theme to use, if not the best.

Features of Astra theme by Brainstorm Force.

1. Responsive design.

2. Multipurpose, use it for anything type of sites or blogs.

3. Lots of customization options in the native WordPress customizer (this let you control your theme design without needing any web designer to get the job done.

4. Lightweight and performance optimized.

5. Works well with page builder like beaver builder and elementor.

6. One of the most popular free WordPress themes with more than 300,000 active installations.

7. Compatible with Gutenberg block editor.

8. Pre-built importable demo sites.

9. Woocommerce support.

10. Active facebook discussion group to learn tips and tactics.

11. 5-stars rating on over 2,000 reviews at WordPress.org


Picking Astra theme by Brainstorm, is a great choice to make. If you ever wanted best free lightweight theme that excels at customization and performance.

With reviews and features, it’s left for you to make your choice wither to opt-in or otherwise.



Cali theme, free WordPress theme

Cali theme by aThemes, is undoubtedly focused on visual imagery and being focused on visual imagery ,you should know that Cali theme makes a perfect option for fashion, lifestyle and travel blogs.

Cali theme is far way beyond it looks, it is as well built in some other helpful features for bloggers, talk about newsletter integration (via the mailchimp for WordPress plugin)
Dedicated spots for social media follow buttons at both the bottom and top of your page.

There are more than 1,000 active installations of the Cali theme, which users and experts have given Cali theme an average rating of 3.0 out 5.0 stars.

Not minding the rating, Cali theme will give your blog the perfect look you ever desire as a lifestyle or travel blogger.

Features of Cali theme by aThemes.

1. Responsive design.

2. Full width posts carousel at the Top of the screen.

3. Many spots to showcase your featured visuals/images .

4. Customization via the native WordPress customizer.

5. Built-in social follow buttons (two different locations).

6. Woocommerce compatible.

7. Integration for mailchimp for WordPress and WordPress instagram widget (installing both of these plugin is of the theme recommendations).


In conclusion, I earlier stated that cali looks are best suited for lifestyle, travel and fashion blogs, probably any niche with focus on heavy imagery.

Cali theme is a great free WordPress theme but its one of the best as it also integrate social media into it design,

so if you are active on social media, is an added advantage to picking these theme for your blog/website.





Generatepress theme, free WordPress theme

Generatepress theme by Tom Usborne is another exclusive popular options that shares almost thesame attributes as Astra theme, no much difference according to experts.

Meaning it is a lightweight chameleon that you can adapt to any niche, if you want fast loading site, choosing generatepress is a bold step to take.

Because in performance tests, these theme usually ends up at the Top of the pack which is great and enhance fast loading.

There are more than 200,000 active installations of generatepress theme, WordPress experts and the theme users have given 5.0 stars, isn’t that amazing?

It’s a great theme to start with as it free and doesn’t have much difference with Astra theme

Features of Generatepress theme by Tom Usborne.

I. Super lightweight and performance optimized.

II. Lots of customization options in the native WordPress customizer.

III. Compatible with Gutenberg block editor.

IV. One of the best free responsive WordPress themes, with a great mobile design.

V. Excellent code quality.

VI. Integrates well with all major page builders, inclusive of beaver builder and elementor.

VII. Compatible with woocommerce.

VIII. 5-star rating on over 800 reviews at WordPress.org.


The final thought on generatepress theme by Tom Usborne ,honestly the theme satisfy the requirement bloggers needed to checkout for, before picking a WordPress theme.

Generatepress theme will look pretty basic when you first install it,

though the magic of this outstanding theme is the tons of options in the WordPress customized that let you build it into the exact amazing look you ever desire.





Oceanwp theme, free WordPress theme

OceanWP theme by OceanWP is another great free WordPress theme that tactically follows the Astra and generatepress theme principles.

This categorically means that oceanWP theme is a flexible foundation that you can build into your desire blog theme.

Not only Astra and Neve theme offers demo sites, oceanWP theme also offers some free demo sites that you can import with few clicks if designing from scratch is a big deal to you.

OceanWP has more than 400,000 active installations and the users and WordPress experts have given OceanWP an average rating of 5.0 out of 5.0 at WordPress.org.

Features of OceanWP theme by OceanWp.

1. Responsive design.

2. Multipurpose and flexible looks.

3. Uses the native WordPress customizer for customization.

4. Pre-built importable demo sites.

5. Offers tons of free extensions.

6. Lots of different header options.

7. Built to work well with popular WordPress page builders.

8. Woocommerce compatible.

9. Active on 300,000+ blog/sites.

10. 5-star rating on over 2,000 reviews at WordPress.org.


OceanWP has lot of similarities with Astra and generatepress theme but its a little more focused on offering good design and functionality flexibility.

You will also fond official free extensions for social sharing, sticky headers, and more that you never expected as the case maybe.





Neve theme, free WordPress theme

Neve theme by Themeisle is also a lightweight theme (which enhance fast load) that’s optimized to work effectively with the recent WordPress block editor (as well known as Gutenberg editor).

This theme is totally new but it is on the list of the most popular free WordPress themes, it’s getting lots of attraction already.

Would you like to customize a theme to suit your needs, perhaps you desire to customize a theme to your taste.

You need not to look further as you can certainly customize neve theme to suit or please your needs.

It’s a theme that looks polished out of the Box.

And it also comes with lots of pre-built demo sites that you can import with few clicks.

There are more than 300,000 active installations of the neve theme.

Neve theme users and WordPress experts have given Neve theme an average rating of 5.0 out of 5.0 stars.

Features of Neve Theme by Themeisle.

1. Responsive design (one of the most important feature).

2. Built to work well with the new WordPress blog editor (Gutenberg).

3. One page design.

4. Customization options in the real time WordPress customizer.

5. Mega menu support.

6. Importable demo sites.

7. Woocommerce compatible.


An expert by name Karol highlighted, Neve makes a great option if you ever wanted something that will look amazing immediately you install it.

The default look is also amazing, if you like it the proceed to writing of blog posts, otherwise import the pre-built demo sites for amazing look.




Generally, you’ve gone through the features of each theme that makes the list of 5 free best WordPress theme.

All of the themes satisfied the features to consider while choosing a WordPress theme for blog, most of the themes super satisfied the requirement needed.

It’s your choice to make a pick, because you know your blog niche and content type better than I do, in as much as I found this post worthy of publishing.

I believe it’s going to be of great help to you, if you have been stucked with picking the best free WordPress theme for your blog.


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