Glo Sunday data plan: Glo Gives Subscribers 1.25GB For N200.

Glo Sunday data plan: Glo Gives Subscribers 1.25GB For N200.


GLO Sunday Data plan is a plan which gives subscribers an opportunity to enjoy a whooping 1.2GB of data plan for just two hundred Naira (N200).

It may sound unrealistic but it’s so true that I can tell you, I’m enjoying the cheap data already.

Sometime last week I saw a post on Ogbongeblog describing the Glo Sunday data plan that promise subscribers 1.25GB of data plan, to me it’s a bait to gain more traffic to the site, so I decide to pipe low and make a try.

I was able to try it yesterday being Sunday, and I can tell you it work so fine like every other data plans subscribers uses.

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The self acclaimed grand master of data (Glo) has being the best indigenous telecommunications company that have never failed in terms of data and otherwise.

In this season of lock-down, when the whole Nigerians are forced to stay indoor as to curtail further spread of the pandemic taking lives, I look at this introduction of Glo Sunday data plan as a life saving initiative.

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One of the best amongst the numerous help Glo could give to her customers this season of lock-down is the introduction of the Sunday plan which gives her subscribers 1.25GB for just N200, isn’t that too cheap to be real?

Breaking boredom can be actualize with a token, yes it’s a token. As little as N200 could be you can do a whole lots online with it by subscribing to the Glo Sunday data plan.

Looking at other side of it, don’t you think it’s an opportunity to do all you’ve wanted doing online but never got the opportunity to do it because of financial predicament, even #200 can sometime be hard to get if you are not a hustler.

But to the creative ones and the kinds who desired to take advantage of this lock-down period, subscribing to the Glo Sunday data plan is one of the best thing you could do for yourself.

Data is truly Oxygen, and Globacom has never for once failed in giving her subscribers the best of Data they ever needed.

The most crazy part of the Glo Sunday data plan that make it unreal to me initially is the fact that, it’s not restricted to any online platform, it perfectly works like every other huge Data plan.

You can use it to stream Videos on YouTube, chat on all social media, surf the internet and even download videos of any kind.

How To Subscribe To Glo Sunday Data Plan At Eas.

Glo gives 1.25GB for N200, Sunday data plan.

How to subscribe to Glo Sunday data plan is an easy thing to do, if you’ve being using Glo for a while now, I strongly believe you know the first step to take, But the first isn’t really the major thing.

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Getting subscribed to the Glo Sunday data plan is the point here, and the general ussd code for buying data plan on Glo network is *777#

Using *777# to buy the Glo Sunday data plan.

Using *777# to buy the Glo Sunday data plan which gives subscribers 1.25GB with just N200, follow the procedures below.

• Dial *777#

• press 1 to buy data.

• press 1 to buy data plan ( usual command as other plans)

• press 1 if you want auto-renew of the data, or press 2 for one time-off ( I advice you press 2)

• press 7 for “Night and Weekend plans”
• press 4, to subscribe the 1.25GB for N200



Alternatively if you want something bigger, like you’ve got larger task to handle within two days and you want to start handling it from Saturday, there is still an option were you subscribe to N500 bundle that gives 3GB to be used not just on Sunday but Saturday and Sunday.

Unlike the Glo Sunday data plan that works for only Sunday, this plan works from Saturday to Sunday and you have the whole time for yourself to use it.

How to subscribe to the 3GB with just N500.

• Dial *777#

• press 1 to buy data

• press 1 to buy data plan

• press 1 or 2 for auto renewal or onetime off.

• press 7 for “Night and Weekend plans”

• press 5 to subscribe the 3GB for N500.



Noting the following will help guide your mind, so you don’t start having exaggerated feelings about the plans and as well take note of it usage.


The Glo Sunday data plan

Works with all devices ( smart phone, modem etc)

•  Can be used to surf the internet.

•  Chat on facebook and upload pictures

•  Chat on whatsapp

•  Stream videos on youtube

•  Download any kind of videos and music

•  Make video calls on all the social media platform that support it.

•  Can be used to hot-spot other devices.

•  The Glo Sunday data plan has no restrictions, it works well on all devices and platforms.

The Glo Sunday data plan

•  Can’t be carried forward (it works for just Sunday and just that Sunday).


Concluding on the Glo Sunday data plan that gives 1.25GB for just N200, it use to sound unrealistic to me until I use it.

It’s not a bonus or a kind of promo for specific sim cards, it works for both old and new subscribers, so don’t harbor the fear of rejection in your mind.

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