Grammarly Vs. ProWritingAid Tools For Writers, The Reviews

Grammarly Vs. ProWritingAid Tools For Writers, The Reviews

Grammarly vs proWritingAid is the aim of the article, because creating excellent, flawless, and compelling write-ups is never an easy task.

No one would be glad to read an article or perhaps an email from their favorite blogger filled with errors from start to finish.

Thankfully, we have software editing tools that help.

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A few such tools are; ProWritingAid and Grammarly that are designed to simplify the editing and proofreading process of an article, text/writing, while taking away the need for a formal peer review.

Grammarly And ProWritingAid- The Differences

ProWritingAid is mostly suited towards content written in long formats, while Grammarly stands out for short blog posts.

ProWritingAid focuses more on the content style, its structure, and syntax; Grammarly focuses more on grammatic errors and spellings.

While ProWritingAid seems to offer in-depth explanations for it’s recommendations, Grammarly focuses a lot more on simple errors.

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With ProWritingAid, their pricing is based on a yearly basis, while Grammarly is per month.

When collated and calculated, ProWritingAid is a lot affordable than Grammarly on a yearly basis.

While these platforms do not fix all of the content errors, they do a rather great job in making your articles look professional and near grammatic and error-free.

Now we get to the pivotal part of the article; we take a look at the individual strength and flaws these platforms provide.

 ProWritingAid Review

As we’re aware ProWritingAid is a content editing software.  ProWritingAid focuses more on operating as a style-checker rather than a simple spell checker tool.

ProWritingAid integrates easily with services like; Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, and lot’s more.

How Does ProWritingAid Operate?

ProWritingAid aid is a lot more robust than the competition when it comes to online writing editing software.

Asides checking for styling errors and possibly scheming the article and indicating typos for corrections, ProWritingAid does let you know when words that are difficult to understand and overused words appear.

Additionally, they also suggest hard to read sentences for corrections.

ProWritingAid Offers;

Free online version: As long as you have access to the internet, The open plan allows you to scan up to a 500-word document.

Premium version of ProWritingAid: When you upgrade to the premium plan of ProWritingAid, it unlocks a lot of features; unlimited word count editing, also allowing licensing add-on tools to be used with Microsoft office.

ProWritingAid offers a 14 trial period for persons to try out the service without inputting their credit card details.

ProWritingAid The – Features.

ProWritingAid comes stacked with a lot of features.

Once you activate the tool and paste a document, the editor will begin to run a lot of AI checking sequences; that proofreads sentences and as well as paragraph lengths, clichés, writing style, repeating phrases/words, and lot’s other errors.

Grammarly – The Review

Upon visiting their official website, Grammarly states that they are the world’s best online grammar checker software platform that analyses and proofreads editors’ content, nothing to worry much about as we are going deeper on grammarly vs prowritingaid

Grammarly is used by individuals, brands worldwide due to its reliability to detect even the slightest grammatical mistakes. Also, alerting the editor whenever punctuation isn’t placed correctly or at all.

Grammarly also provides a plagiarism checker tool feature and is incorporated into a vocabulary enhancement tool feature that aids it in the editing and improvement of your content.

How Does Grammarly Work?

There are several plans and ways Grammarly works.

We will address them extensively in this article.

  • It has a Free Plan. 
  • They offer A Premium Plan
  • They Offer An Open Plan (As Browser Extension)

The open plan (With the Grammarly Extension) works best when editing social media texts right before sending, highlighting complicated sentences, and signaling spelling mistakes, basically whenever you are writing something using your browser.

The Grammarly Writing Desktop-App (Add-on Extension)

If you use the free or the premium version plans, download and install the extension is easy and free.

Right after installing the extension, you create an account with your email address.

The number of errors and the number of mistakes shown is dependent on the plan you are running. Grammarly highlights passive voices suggesting you change them to active tones immediately.

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Upon placing your cursor on a highlighted word, a dialogue box pops on the right side of the page, suggesting corrections when clicked upon, does the magic!

Plus, Grammarly also works effortlessly with platforms like; WordPress, Microsoft Word, Google docs, and a lot of other platforms and webpages you write on -supposing you have the extension already installed-.

Grammarly Web Tool

As a time-saver, the Grammarly browser extension is simple, fast, and useful. Using the web tools, mistakes are highlighted in real-time, right before you hit “publish”.

All it needs is for you to copy-paste the article into the space provided for text, select the left column to activate the plagiarism and vocabulary settings, the tool will then take some seconds and begin to highlight mistakes.

Grammarly For Microsoft Products

For users of Microsoft products, by adding the Grammarly add-in feature, to word and or outlook, proves to be an excellent option and one step to meet flawless writing.

The Verdict: Grammarly or ProWritingAid?

As you have followed through Grammarly Vs. ProWritingAid, they both are excellent platforms that offer services and features that fit users with similar yet diverse needs.

While indeed, you can use any of these editing software for your content editing purposes, we reckon that ProWritingAid is mostly geared towards authors of books and manuscripts while Grammarly strongly concentrates more on short articles (blog posts) and essays contents.

With ProWritingAid, features that will help writers make essential changes to their content without necessarily making an overhaul to the tone and voice its content is written in.

While on the other hand, Grammarly utilizes features like the plagiarism checker to detect similar sentences and wordings from other pages online to yours and suggesting a rewrite.

Personally, I edit a lot using Grammarly due to the fact that I mainly publish blog posts and write articles more often than manuscripts and books.

Deciding which is best among these is dependent on personal preference. What we can say is, go with the software that best suits your correctional needs.


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