HDMI Port On Laptop: The Uses Of The Neglected Port.

HDMI Port On Laptop: The Uses Of The Neglected Port.

HDMI Port On Laptop: The Uses Of The Neglected Port.

Hdmi port on laptop, in recent time is being neglected due to the numerous advancement in technology, which emergence of usb cables are inclusive.

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As the day goes by, technology keep advancing thereby forcing her users to indirectly neglect the uses of some of the features of their products.

HDMI simply stands for High-definition Multimedia interface, it serve numerous purpose, transmitting uncompressed video data and compressed/uncompressed digital audio data right from an HDMI-compliant source device.

It actually provides an interface between any video/audio source which could either be display controller or set-top box.

So in this article, we are pointing out few out of the numerous uses of hdmi port on laptop, then you will know whether to get back on it and start rocking the hdmi port.

Laptop HDMI Port Uses.

Laptop hdmi uses that will blow your mind, I bet you will go get a cord immediately after reading through the uses of hdmi port on laptop.

I hope you don’t start blaming yourself on the reason been that, you neglected the uses of the hdmi port on laptop, I mean your laptop.

Starting from first to the last of the uses I am listing now are all fun and excitement, they are things you crave for, but you are just not aware that your hdmi port and the cord can perform the magic.

So let get to business immediately, we will be listing upto six(6) uses if not more than.

Play Games Through Console Without Hassles.

For real gamers who does care about the quality of picture and sound for an unmatched gaming experience, definitely you should consider utilizing the hdmi port and the cord.

Almost all laptops have hdmi port except mini laptops which I’m not sure about, but for laptops with dedicated hdmi port for input, where you can plug the hdmi cable/cord into the port at the back of the console, but it should be turned off before doing it, remember.

And the other end of the cable should be plugged to your laptop hdmi input port and you may now turn on the console.

At this juncture your laptop should automatically change the input source of its screen to the output coming from the game console, I mean your game console will start displaying everything on your laptop without any kind of installation.

Connect Laptop To Television (TV)

For the love of technology and it possibility in diverse convincing ways, one can actually display the content of the laptop on television(TV) screen.

So in quest to get a bigger screen or maybe you have a video on your laptop that you want to watch with the whole family, having it on the big screen is the ideal thing to do.

So you should consider connecting both your laptop and tv together, by plugging one end of the hdmi cord to your laptop while its on.

Then the other end of the hdmi cord should be plug to one of the hdmi port on your television, set your tv to the correct channel.

Why should you set your television to the right or correct channel, you are setting your tv to the correct channel because you want the laptop to automatically configure itself to give you the best result.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to get stucked along the way, so do the right thing as mentioned in this article.

Watch HD movies With blu-ray and HD-DVD.

It was rumored and confirmed that the latest spec of HDMI port on laptop have fully added support for Ultra HD, 3D and 4K video which majority of the modern Blu-ray compatible players also uses.

It gives you the opportunity to watch your favorite movies in a high definition from your laptop, that’s if you have Blu-ray players, if you don’t have the player, then this part of the article isn’t for you.

With the hdmi cable around, you are all set to get the boat rolling without issue, there more that hdmi port on laptop, watch out for more of the uses.

Get Surround Audio From Home Theater (Your Sound System).

Modern technology has really affected this very section of the uses of hdmi port on laptop, why because you can actually connect your laptop to home theater using ordinary plug-in.

Meanwhile , its quite needing to know that you can connect your home theater to laptop for a better sound delivery.

If you already have the hdmi cable, then utilize it without looking for an alternative, all you have to do is to get the cord connected to your laptop input port then locate the hdmi port on the home theater ( sound system) and plug in, you’re on the go, keep rocking.

Connect The Laptop to a Decoder (DSTV,Gotv,Startime,Strong).

In the absence of television set, you have no reason to be idle when you so need to watch a live match or your favorite channels.

You can actually watch your favorite channels via the laptop, ensure your laptop supports HDMI input so that you may connect laptop to the decoder using an HDMI cable/cord.

The procedures are same as the others, so nothing is confusing in the whole process, just with the right settings you can view all the available channels from your laptops screen, it doesn’t really if there is light.

With your charged UPS, you can keep the fun real with the magic cable.


HDMI on laptop has numerous uses but I only know of five, the cable I must confess is a magic and can do more than enough.

You can keep trying the cable with other products that support hdmi port, you may turn to love your discoveries.

You can as well share with us in the comment box, other uses of the hdmi port on laptop.


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