How to buy and sell bitcoin on truexgold and cash directly to your bank account.

How to buy and sell Bitcoin on Truexgold  with no fear of losing money, as you may know Truexgold are the NO.1 Crypto-currency auto exchanger in Nigeria, I won’t rush on this, so I will take it step by step for everyone to understand the gist.

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In absence of long and unnecessary talk, honestly I will be reviewing one of the best and leading  crypto-currencies trading platform in Nigeria.

But before then, for the sake of newbie it’s important to know little about crypto-currency so no one will get lost along the line.

What Is Crypto-currency?

In a simpler term, crypto-currency is a type of virtual or digital money that in ordinary serves as money, such as pounds, yen, dollars, Euros, Naira and the likes.

Crypto-currency exists only in electronic Form, they are decentralized or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security, making it difficult to counterfeit.

Crypto-currency is a medium of exchange ( buying and selling ) like every other normal currencies such as Dollars, Euros, pounds and even Naira.

Having known what crypto-currency is all about, I want to believe it reminds you of a friend who is always talking to you about Bitcoin, Etherum and the likes?

How he has being making honest money investing in crypto-currency, Bitcoin to be precise, its no joke as lots of guys are making an ends meet with trading this digital currency.

Why Are People Scared OF Trading Crypto-currency?

People tends to be scared of trading Bitcoin and the likes ( crypto-currency) due to the alarming rate at which people are being scammed all in the name of trading crypto.

If you’ve wore that shoe ( scammed) before, you should worry no more, you probably have being trading with crypto-currency platforms hosted on social media platforms like facebook, whatsapp, etc.

With no proper security check or guarantee on your investment, imagine trading with crypto-currency trading platform you have no proper reviews about.

Today is your best day, I’m unveiling the best crypto-currency trading platform where you can buy and sell bitcoin without hassles.

In a quest to keep investing and making money selling bitcoin, we dogged deep for a platform that has being vouched and vetted for in this line of business model.

A platform that has recorded successful transactions from the past years and still counting, a platform with no story of “ I sold my bitcoin and wasn’t paid”

Hey! You may chose not to take my words for this as it may sound like, I’m  saying all this just from  personal experience.

Just make proper research about the outstanding bitcoin trading platform that I will be reviewing in detail.

But do you even know, I’m about giving out an info you should pay a sum for’, for free without paying a dime?

Anyway, for those who understands much about bitcoin trading, its most important to have a secured and reliable trading platform than investing.

If you don’t have a reliable platform to sell and buy Bitcoin, then what is the need of investing in Bitcoin and even creating a wallet account.

Oh, it sounds like a joke?  Well, its not a joke you may chose to believe it or not finding a reliable and trustworthy trading platform isn’t easy.

Forget those video ads you see comedian promoting a brand that varnishes after a few transactions, leaving investors in trauma that has no scientific description or should I say Nomenclature?

Let me blow your mind with an outstanding brand name that is secured, supper safe, reliable and that is worth the brand name.

Ever Heard Of TRUEXGOLD?

how to buy and sell bitcoin on truexgold

Truexgold in the mind of real investors is Amazon, yes.

In the minds of real investors who has found value and feel safer trading with truexgold, they place truexgold on same scale with amazon which is the leading digital marketing platform worldwide.

TRUEXGOLD is authentically Nigeria’s No.1 leading crypto-currency platform or exchanger were all of the following are instantaneous, buying and selling or exchanging bitcoin, perfect money, payeer, advanced cash, binary, etherum, planetofbets and many other digital currencies.

In Truexgold crypto-currency trading platform you stands to enjoy numerous benefits ranging from quick transaction to super customer support.

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One of the Nigeria’s finest hardworking successful investor by name Ikenna Ogbaregbe is the brain behind the truexgold crpto-currency platform where you can buy and sell Bitcoin with no fear of losing your money.

Benefits of Trading with Truexgold.

  • Truexgold maintain the best rates in the industry.
  • approximately 90% of their transactions are fully automated.
  • You stand to never experience delay in anything at all on this platform.
  • Skilled staffs to keep things in good shape.
  • You can still be earning passive income by inviting friends to the platform(affiliate)
  • No risk in trading with this platform.
  • Unlimited affiliate earning
  • Affiliate earning threshold is just $20 which is very easy to make.
  • Live chat support to get quick solution to issues.

Is Truexgold Legit or Scam?

Truexgold stands way taller to answer a question like this, but for clarification we are nailing it from our experience and the research made so far.

Like I said in the earlier paragraphs of my post, one of the major threat investors have is finding a secured reliable platform to trade bitcoin without fear of losing your hard earned money.

Its so true that many bitcoin trading platform will come on stage, get an instagram and start running ads inviting people to invest and get double of there investment in a short while, how easy it is.

Do you think a Crypto-currency platform with the vision to grow to a wider audience will promise you of making double of your investment or ask you to trade with them and get mouth watering discount?

How do they get those money they are promising to give you as discount, what kind of business is that, oh! Maybe I forgot Central bank of Nigeria and World bank are there Sponsors. lol

Hey dude! Log onto truexgold official website, glance through and tell me if a platform with too many security procedures of erolling can scam you.

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There are lots of websites to check if a platform is legit or scam, Truexgold is too legit to think twice about.

If there has being a case of fraud in this platform, one or two persons would have aired out their hurt feelings, but since reverse is the case you keep hearing wonderful reviews about the platform.

Imagine a platform operating since 2018 till date with no unsuccessful transaction recorded, if their mission is creating an online presence to gain peoples trust then scam them, they would have varnish right before now.

Because since 2018, they have being recording high number of transactions which non is unsuccessful or being complained about.

At that point they keep gaining lots of customer is enough for them to end the game an cart away with investors money but as a company with mission, they keep improving on their services.

Truexgold isn’t a platform to get double of your investment, but it’s a platform where you can buy and sell Bitcoin at no extra cost, so does that simple mission sound scamming?

Truexgold is legit, they have being and keep improving on their service to each and every of their amiable investors.

There services is worth the brand name.

Customers Honest Reviews About Truexgold


Chibuzor Agbim

           Truexgold is the best.



        Thanks, my first time and i’m impressed.



         Truexgold is truly the best, very easy to place an order and orders are processed within shortest time frame ever. i’m very impressed with your services.



      Good to be here, but i really need to be tutored.


Olayinka Gaius.

         Great services everyday i used truexgold. sincerity and good customers service



         I must recommend this site, but i need some guidance.



       My first transaction was wow. even made it midnight but was successful when i checked the next morning.



    you guys are so freaking awesome.. 100% recommend exchanger service.



      Truexgold is doing well, Ooon!



     Trusted and Good.



       You guys are the best, Nice services.



       Nice and fact exchange rate, very good website for transactions.



     Excellent and moderately fast transaction within 45mins, ( with priority pay on blockhain from my side) and thumbs up to be the only Nigeria exchange on Best Exchange. moderate price (not bad) i hope you keep up the good work.



      my previous transactions was great and i hope they keep it up the good work. I was verified without no delay. thanks for sincere service.



9.5/10………very professional and prompt delivery. you guys are really good.


there are numerous reviews i can’t afford to show here because of time factor, check their site for more positive reviews.

How Good Is Truexgold Customer Support?

How awesome is truexgold customer support? If I dare mention 100% reliable and fast as speed of light, it may sound like I’m over hyping the whole gist.

So I sincerely live you to judge this while I second your end result, how about that?

From an assumption, you’re hosting your website with Namecheap hosting company and eventually you had an issue with the server.

You tried reaching out them via email support, it yield no good result, you tried using the contact form, you still got no answer.

What do you call such customer support?

On speaking your mind, it’s a very poor customer support right? Ofcourse it is.

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In other way round, if you are an investor on Truexgold crypto-currency platform and eventually you are making a transaction but network obstructed and when the network is retained.

You checked your wallet and discovered you have being debited and the recipient didn’t receive the bitcoin either.

On the truexgold, you have the contact form, live chat to talk to a customer support agent, telegram channel handle to speak  to a staff, email address and helpline to reach out to staffs.

On using the Livechat, you got responded and problem solved immediately without time being wasted, what do you call such customer supports?

I guess they are superb, or you have another word or sentence to describe such customer support? They’re awesome in everything concerning them, not just customer support.

Therefore, Truexgold has an amazing customer support service that cannot in any way be compared to to any crypto-currency platform in Nigeria.

Now look at the image below, I decide to test run something by just asking a question I already have idea about, but got replied immediately.

truexgold customer support

You can check the time stamp if you think I’m framing things, you can as well signup an account with them try all of this features out.

You will be pleased to start investing with truexgold right away.

As you can also see in the image below, the area circled is showing an attachment button, where you can attach a screenshot of issue you are facing on the platform for proper fix.

truexgold customer support

You can use the emoji button to show how you feel about the their response to your questions, whether satisfied or otherwise.

You can contact Truexgold on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even Mail them or use the livechat for quick response.

Truexgold Partners.

To understand more on why truexgold crypto-currency platform is legit, they have got partners who are not hidden brands but popular ones.

The ones that will never have anything to do with brands that promote unrealistic  services .

  1. Bitcoin
  2. CTaBKN Ha cnpoT
  3. Perfectmoney
  4. Bestchange
  5. OKchanger
  6. com
  7. Exchanger monitor
  8. BU

How To Register An Account With Truexgold.

Truexgold crypto-currency platform is user friendly and its not limited to any device, so long your device is internet enabled.

Its mobile friendly, so it fit the screen of you smartphone regardless of it model it works perfectly fine without hiding a single feature.

So registering an account on Truexgold is an easy procedure, and all you need is your email and the login name you want.

Lets get started immediately.

~  Click here to Signup an account.

When the website opens, you should navigate to the top left hand side of the website and the page will open.

After it opens as seen in the image below, click on signup button that is circled red.

signup an account with truexgold

On clicking the signup button, a dialogue box will open as seen in the image below the spaces provided for you to fill in your details

how to buy and sell bitcoin on truexgold

The spaces are shown as follows—

  • Login – this space is for your username
  • E-mail – input your Email address, your functional email address
  • Password—pick a password you will remember
  • Password again – repeat the password you picked earlier fot confirmation.
  • Type your answer—type the answer to the figure you see. It’s a simple maths anyway.
  • Tick , I read and agree with the terms and conditions…

Now hit the SIGN UP button.

Congratulations, you have successfully Registered .


Check your spam folder on your email for confirmation

Now login to your account and finish with the form filling by clicking on user profile and a form will open like this as seen in the image below.

truexgold signup

Start filling them as seen in the image above.

Note: your passport number could be your National identification number, voters card number, international card number.

Fill them and click save.

How  to Verify Your Truexgold Account.

Verifying truexgold account is so important if you want to be a true investor with no limit in what you can sell or buy.

The verification process doesn’t require much but it demands you should have done at least 10 successful transactions in the past days.

to verify your truexgold account, you need to have a valid ID card, which could either be International passport, National ID card or even Voters card with same name as you have on truexgold account.

How  to buy and sell bitcoin on truexgold.

The aim of the post is to show you  how to buy and sell Bitcoin on truexgold crypto-currency auto exchanger without getting lost.

But before then, be reminded that the minimum transaction that can occur on the truexgold investment platform is just N4,000.

That is the minimum transaction that can occur on that platform, but on the maximum investment anyone can make instantly is N17,809,294.024

So how do you buy and sell Bitcoin on Truexgold crypto-currency auto exchanger?

Buying and selling of Bitcoin on Truexgold isn’t a hard process but there is still need for me to elaborate on it, so that no one get lost about it or lose anything ( incase anything happen, the customer service are supper responsive so nothing to worry about in this regard).

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Before buying and selling, there is always a need for exchange since the platform doesn’t only deal with Naira, dollars or euros.

They handle purely crypto-currencies, so we need to exchange or convert Naira to Bitcoin on the same platform( truexgold got you covered).

As seen in the image below, click on the red circled highlighted portion “CRYPTO-CURRENCY AUTO EXCHANGER-TRUEXGOLD.COM”

how sell on truexgold

After clicking the link as demanded above, a box should open with lots of options but what we are most concern about is the SEND and RECEIVE title circled in the Image below.

how to sell on truexgold


I want you to understand something here, please calm down and read through, like I said earlier, our major concern is the SEND and RECEIVE button.

When you want to sell Bitcoin, you use the SEND button to process it by clicking on Bitcoin Tab you see on the left hand side of the page then click Naira button at the right hand side of the page.

And when you click on the Recieve directly, you are buying  Bitcoin so take note for you not to get confused along the line, it is a simple procedure.

Look at the image below.

how to sell bitcoin on truexgold

After you might have clicked on those buttons as directed, then it will take you to a fresh page where you need to fill in the necessary information and make sure they are correct information so that you don’t face any problem when processing your transaction.

I said earlier that if you click on the SEND button you are selling bitcoin and the minimum Bitcoin you can SEND on Truexgold is 0.0029758 BTC  and the maximum you can sell  is 100 BTC, remember we are referring to instant transaction, else you can do more than that on the platform without facing any penalty.

After filling the necessary information needed as seen in the image below, Click on the EXCHANGE button below the form.

How to buy and sell on truexgold

Then it will start processing then you will see a message with the title “ your request has being created”

You should be taking to another page to confirm your transaction info as seen in the image below, then click on “Create Order”

selling on truexgold

Tick the “ I read and agree with the terms and conditions”.

Your order should start processing immediately and should be successful.

Another page will be opened with your transactions details including the bitcoin address that you will make transfer to.

how to sell on truexgold

Now copy the bitcoin address noting the bitcoin amount to be sent, go to your wallet account and make transfer of the BTC to the bitcoin address given to you and make sure it is successful.

After doing that, kindly return to the transaction page on Truexgold and click on the PAID button for confirmation to begin immediately. As seen in the image below

how to sell bitcoin on truexgold

Just wait to be credited by Truexgold in less than 30minutes.

As simple as that.


How To Buy Bitcoin On Truexgold.

How to buy Bitcoin on truexgold is another simple step to take as it doesn’t require much, but before continuing with this, try getting your Bitcoin address handy for faster transaction on this platform.

Now navigate to “CRYPTO-CURRENCY AUTO EXCHANGER-TRUEXGOLD.COM” Page on the truexgold website and click on it as seen in the image below.

How to buy bitcoin from Truexgold

A page will open with the options as seen in the image below for you to click and continue with the transaction.

On the left hand side of the page click on the NAIRA logo  as seen in the image below

how to buy bitcoin

After clicking on that Naira Icon, you should see the other hidden pages opened by the right hand side of the website  as seen in the image below for you to chose Bitcoin as the crypto-currency you are buying.

How to sell Bitcoin on Truexgold.

Now fill the necessary info needed in the form and be sure to fill them correctly without mistakes, including your bitcoin wallet address.

Lets assume we are buying bitcoin worth N50,000. Input it in the below form and fill in the necessary information.

How to buy Bitcoin on Truexgold

Input your amount in Naira and the website will generate the bitcoin equivalent, then click the EXCHANGE button as seen in the Image above.

Then a confirmation page will open as a new page showing the amount in Naira and the BTC equivalent, your full name, mobile number, email address. Just tic the terms and conditions then tap create order button as seen in the image below.


Your request should start processing immediately.

After processing your request, a page will open with the account details of Truexgold crypto-currency company as seen in the image below.

how to buy Bitcoin on Truexgold

You can make transfer of the selected amount to only the account details presented with the name Truex Access Resources.

Follow the instruction as seen in the above image, after successful transfer and doing the needful, come back to the page and click on PAID as seen in the above image.

Now wait patiently for your Bitcoin to be credited to your wallet address provided.


Concluding on how to buy and sell Bitcoin on Truexgold crypto-currency auto exchanger, it’s a known fact that they are legit and you can trust them 100% on transaction.

There are numerous site out there with same aim, but meeting up is the real deal, that’s why dealing with Truexgold is the real deal.

You can buy and sell with truexgold with few clicks and go to bed and relax while you get your alert instantly with no fear of losing your money to scammers.

On reading to this point, you should have known that non is better than truexgold ranging from, credibility, speed, customer support and lots more.

Signup an account with TRUEXGOLD NOW.

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