How To Check NIN And Link It To Your Mobile SIMcard (Phone Number).

How To Check NIN And Link It To Your Mobile SIMcard (Phone Number).

Checking NIN(National Iendtification Number) and linking it to your SIMcard or should I say your mobile number is necessary as it’s the new policy imposed on every single citizen of Nigeria within the country.

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It’s no longer news that federal government in recent news asked all Nigerians to link their NIN to their mobile number to escape blockage. But if you want to keep using the sim or number then you should consider following order given.

What Is NIN number?

I have seen number of questions regarding to the recent developments, while some understand what NIN is all about,some are ask “what is my NIN number?
There is nothing like NIN number actually as it already makes it look like “ national identification number number” while it’s actually “national identification number”.
National identification number is found on the government approved card processed by nimc for all Nigerians.

How To Check NIN(National Iendtification Number).

To check your nation Identification number doesn’t require much, a simple click can get the whole job done for you without going through stress.

Follow the simple step by dialing just this code *346*1#, you should see a pop-up message with your mind(national identification number). Which you can proceed to link with your mobile number.

You can still check the front page of the card issued to you after registering with nimc, I. The front page you can find your eleven digit nin.

Is Checking Of NIN Free?

Checking of NIN isn’t free, as charges fee of N20 is involved, but lately federal Government has issued a warning to network providers to skip charging Nigerians who are checking their nin. But for now, just bear in mind that checking of nin from isn’t free as charges fee of N20 is inclusive.

How To Link Your NIN to all Networks in Nigeria.

Like I said earlier, checking your NIN and linking it to all Networks in Nigeria isn’t a hard task to perform as it requires little or less time to perform.

It’s just a click away from the moment you think about it, how amazing it sound. So let’s get to business without wasting much time.

How to link NIN to MTN number.

Linking NIN to mtn network is either done by
1. Linking NIN to mtn using USSD code
2. Linking NIN to mtn online
3. Linking NIN to mtn via mymtn app

Linking nin to MTN number is done by just dialing *785# then a pop-up with a box that permit you to input your nin, kindly input the nin and click send or submit, depending on your phone command.

Or you can link your nin to number via online form, by following this link mtn  fill in your NIN and kindly submit.

You can as well link your nin to your number via mymtn app, by just visiting your app and followi the easy instruction.

Airtel: How to link Nin to your number.

Airtel network also rolled out an easy method to link your nin to your number to avoid been blocked as directed by ncc.
You kindly dial *121*1#
Input your nin and click on send or submit according to your phone language.

9mobile nin linking.

To link your nin to your 9mobile mobile number, kindly dial *346# and input your nin, kindly submit after filling it properly.

Globalcomm Users.

To link Nin to your globalcomm number you need to text “UPDATENIN followed by the NIN First Name Last Name” to 109 or simply visit the nearest Globacom office to register/link their NIN.

For example UPDATENIN 231*******6 ADAH ABRAHAM TO 109
You should receive confirmation message that your nin is submitted successfully.


You can now see, it’s easy to link NIN to all Networks in Nigeria, and you should act fast if you value sim card and wouldn’t want to lose your number to line blockage.


How do I link my NIN to my number?
Answer: the article already answered this.

How do I get my NIN number?
Answer: it’s not nin number, but in the article you can find how to get you nin.

Which NIN should I use for my number?
Answer: Your personal nin

Should I link it to all my number?
Answer: Yes, as no exclusion was given.


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