How To Check SIM Card Registration Status Using USSD Code

How To Check SIM Card Registration Status Using USSD Code

How To Check SIM card Registration Status In All Networks

How to check SIM card registration status is what I want to share with you all, it’s of great importance registering your SIM card regardless of the warning from NCC.

It was noted that over 9 million SIM cards were unregistered and NCC gave an order for the blocking of such SIM cards.

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In other not to fall, victim, you should try checking your SIM registration status whether it’s fully registered or not, because most times after undergoing the normal process of registering a SIM, it may likely turn out not to be registered.

You may have seen one or two persons with the case of SIM registration failure boldly written on the screen of his/her phone.

To avoid such a scenario, endeavor to check your SIM card registration status in this convenient way.

How To Check SIM Card Registration Status.

I will be listing all the telecommunication companies and how to check their SIM registration status without stress.

Each of the networks has its own ussd code for checking the registration status which is accompanied by a congratulatory message or directive message on the steps to take as to get your SIM card registered.

How To Check Registration Status on Globacom.

Glo which is an indigenous telecommunication company has an easy way of checking sim registration status.

All you need to do is to text Reg to746 or 3456. That is all and you should get a reply immediately.

A reply that should look like this “Your SIM 234xxxx87654 has been registered” Thank You. Which means your SIM is registered.

How to check registration status on MTN SIM card

Kindly dial the following code on your MTN line  *789*1# or text Reg to 789. Which you will get a message in your inbox, it reads – Dear subscriber, thank you for checking your status, your account information doesn’t need to be updated.

Which means your SIM card is registered.

How to check registration status on 9mobile ( Etisalat) SIM card

Simply dial 746 or 200 with your 9mobile line and listen to the voice command to know whether your SIM is registered or not.

How to check registration status on the Airtel SIM card

To check sim card registration status on Airtel, simply dial *746# and you are good to go.


How to check SIM registration status is not a big deal but it’s hard if you don’t know about it, and it’s quite important to check your SIM registration status to avoid been blocked.

So, if you discover your SIM is not registered, then you should visit one of the nearest SIM registration centre and get your SIM card registered.

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