How To Download Videos From Facebook

How to download videos from Facebook is simply the aim of this post, I assure you that if you stick with me to the end of this post you will learn how to download videos from Facebook.

You might have come across videos on Facebook you wished to have on your device after watching it online, probably you are confused on how to go about it,

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Since Facebook fail to create a button for download and only made provision for save button which even requires you to enable Data before watching it.

I have faced this same challenge in the past years, but God willing I scaled through the challenge and was using a method that is quite complicated, not to worry as I have discovered an easy going method for you.



Have you face this challenge before?

Probably yes, because 98% of Facebook users who are not on free mode watch funny clips on Facebook daily and wished to have it on their device as to watch with friends afterwards.

You must be a fan of Markangel comedy, Crazeclown, Xploit comedy, laughpillscomedy, Mcedopikin and lots of them, you come across either of their comic videos on Facebook and wished to download the videos to your device, don’t worry as your prayer is answered.

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Are you thinking, this method requires you to be techy before you can download Facebook videos or maybe you are thinking it will cost you a dime, apart from your normal data?
Of course not, because it’s an easy going method, that even a kid can perform if you read the post to the end.


Does this really requires much?
Your device is enough, as it’s the chief activator in this case, well don’t get it wrong as I said activator incase you will starting thinking it involves money or it’s technical.

Just calm down, as I walk you down the simple processes of how to download videos from Facebook to your device without stress.

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In doing all this, you need an application that is roughly 18mb by size, does that really cost anything? Did I just hear you say yes, compare that to your daily expenses.

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Let’s go down to the business of the day, the process is an easy going one but try to pay attention and take note of the images with arrows pointing where you should click.
I promise to make it simple, even the dullest person in the whole wide world will comprehend.


Before anything I recommend this application to you, Download the app here.

Launch your Facebook and locate the video you want to download to your mobile phone (Android), at this juncture I believe you have located the video and set to download it, but there is no download button as we only have save button.

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Look at the picture below, Just take note of the arrow pointing the three dots at top right hand side of the video, click the dots…

how to download videos from facebook

Hey just calm down, if save button doesn’t work we have other useful button there for us to explore.

  1. Save video
  2. Hide ad
  3. Report ad
  4. View edit history
  5. Why am I seeing this ad
  6. Turn on notifications for this post
  7. Copy link

Each of the above mentioned has their respective functions, we may not need all for the sake of this post we will make use of “Copy link”.

I want to assume you have the recommended app on your android phone already, incase you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can Download here.


After copying the video link as seen above, open your Facebook video downloader, you’ll see notifications that you should “Download from the detected URL in clipboard “? Click yes as seen in the below image.

Boom! Your video should be downloading now, Just watch till it’s downloaded, check your Gallery and you should be able to see the video lying calmly there.

Hope this help, if yes. Why not hit the share buttons and help a Friend?

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