How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free In 2021.

How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free In 2021.

To increase blog traffic for free in 2021 is a thing to take charge of, as the year is just starting. So in this tutorial, you will learn how to increase blog traffic fast.

To improve blog traffic requires a simple technique that anybody can adopt and see success in no time, not minding wither your niche is saturated or you’ve got low domain authority.

Countless times, I have seen many blogs with low domain authority doing wonders and I can say it’s because they never neglected every little opportunity that presents itself to them.

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What opportunity are we talking about? In rare cases where you neglect the power of the powerful freemium tools that could propel your blog traffic x5; you already fall victim to not doing the needful at the right time or not doing it at all.

And most of these things are succinctly blogging mistakes you need to avoid because they have a vast awful effect on your blog success.

I know you wouldn’t want to blog your whole life without making some cash’ if you can’t pay your bills why spending not less than 2hours daily online, then you should think about it and work harder.

It’s a fact that a blog without reasonable traffic is like an impeached governor. So therefore we are going to learn how to increase blog traffic for free in 2021.

How To Increase Traffic For Free.

So how do one increase blog traffic for free in 2021 without spending a dime?

There are numerous ways to improve blog traffic, it’s only for you to seize the available neglected opportunities around you.

Yes, your blog traffics that should have moved your blog to another level is right beside you and the blog, and it’s your responsibility to grab it and take charge.

Hey, we are not heading for b*t traffic as it does more harm to your blog than normal, so be ready to follow all the steps we will be outlining in no time.

Sit back and follow the amazing tips to getting non-stop traffic rolling to blog without season, but hope you are aware that, without traffic. You won’t make anything from your blog. Your audience is your money so hold on to these methods and keep driving traffic to your blog.

How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast.

If your aim is to increase blog traffic fast, then you should be ready to pay the necessary price, though not monetary price but your time and zeal to work things out will go a long way to move your blog to the next level, else to increase blog traffic for free in 2021 won’t be a possibility.

So what are the surest ways to increase blog traffic for free without paid promotion or running google or Facebook ads? Keep reading till you find out the best ways to increase blog traffic for free.


What is SEO and how does it contribute to the increase of blog traffic in 2021?

Lots of requirement needs to be satisfied to call an article SEO optimized, SEO has simply search engine optimization which ranges from on-page, off-page search optimization, site structure, keyword research, content marketing and lots more.

SEO is so powerful that with it alone you can keep smooth sailing in your blogging journey and you will keep rolling in reasonable traffics and at the end, make a mouth-watering sum from the blog.

Now, let’s talk about keyword research under search engine optimization which SEO, with good KW research practices. You stand higher chances to drive organic traffic to your blog and this kind of traffic is most recommended by the search engine itself.

After writing an SEO optimized article which already meets up with on-page SEO requirements, you should consider at least satisfying a little of off-page SEO like building backlinks to that article from high authority websites to boost the ranking of that article.

SEO does wonder, so the power of search engine optimization shouldn’t be neglected, and mind you that being a blogger doesn’t make you an SEO specialist, though you can be both. But if you don’t know about it, consider hiring a specialist that can fix your site for you.

Also, note that SEO is a continuous process, so long you keep updating your blog and google keeps updating her algorithm.

Free Keywords Research Tools For SEO

Social Media.

Like someone will say, “depending on only SEO is rat race”. This categorically means that when you depending solely on SEO and Google roll out a new update that doesn’t favor your SEO practices and you get hilted, you may likely lose all your positions on SERP. Thereby drastically pull down your traffic.

To avoid such cases and increase blog traffic for free in 2021 or even maintain your blog traffic without losing any, your social consider tapping the power of social media.

Social media platforms like Facebook and the likes keep booming each day without slowing down and you can keep getting reasonable traffic from them without paying for it.

How Do You get traffic from social media platforms?


To increase blog traffic fast with Facebook, you need to have won the trust of your audience on Facebook either through a Facebook page or group.

Before you can think of driving traffic from Facebook pages and groups, you should have been dropping helping tips and as such gather lots of followers or members in your page or group.

So, whenever you make a helpful article you can share with them in the group of pages, but to avoid link been ban on Facebook. You shouldn’t spam the group, we know it’s your group but don’t spam it. And again don’t just tap share but also try to caption your link with helpful words that include a call to action to increase click-through-rate.


Pinterest is an amazing social platform to increase blog traffic for free in 2021 without paying or running paid ads.

On Pinterest, you can get quality traffic from first-tier countries which increase Adsense earnings compare to others that add little or nothing to earnings.

All you need to do is create quality pins on Pinterest and also try to save viral pins to attract others to your own page.


Twitter is one of the powerful social media platforms neglected by many bloggers, but I can say it’s one of the easiest to help increase blog traffic for free in 2021.

How do you make your post go viral when shared, even when you have little or followers on Twitter? In cases, you feel stranded and think your post won’t get the right engagement just mine the “old but gold” system, which is the use of trending tags.

Be reminded that the tags must not be related to your post but it will help show your post to thousands of persons, which some must find interest in. Thereby getting them to read your articles and may become loyal visitors.

So, who do you get the tags? Kindly use the search bar on Twitter and try searching for recent happening in the country you want to target. Get to write the word and search volume of the tags.

Currently, in Nigeria “Dangote” and “DNA” are seriously trending and I assure you, it can show your article to thousands of persons.


Linkedin is a social media platform for expertise, and it for professionals with reasonable jobs and skills.

The use of tags is also acceptable here, and you can make a whole lot from LinkedIn when your aim is to increase blog traffic for free in 2021

Join Forums.

Without been told, you already know that forums are discussion platforms that have thousands of users readily waiting to see an article they can get busy with.

What actually happens in forums is the sharing of ideas, you can increase blog traffic for free by posting relevant articles in forums. You just need to add a resource link which is yours to the article you’re writing for the forums, from there you start getting traffic continuously on your blog.

You don’t online get traffic from forums, but you also stand the chance to earn free backlinks from forum sites, which will help boost ranking.

Here are some of the forums you can join for free, the accept articles, and give you free backlinks.

You can make research on other forum sites you can improve your blog traffic with and at the same time gain free backlinks without hitch.

Guest Posting.

Hey! Have you been missing out on submitting guest to higher authority sites that stand to increase blog traffic for free in 2021 and also gives you free backlinks?

Writing guest posts for authority sites helps to increase your blog popularity, it improves your blog traffic automatically.

There are blogs you guest post for free, while others charge a token because of the benefit they already know you will enjoy by just dropping a post on their web page.

Maybe, you are scared of dropping a guest post because you don’t have the writing tone to meet up with blog standards, well I’m happy to tell you there are numerous freelancers out there that write so good for as cheap as a thousand Naira for 1K words.

While others charge you for both writing and accepting the guest on their sites, whichever suits your budget, kindly go for it.

But if you want it free, you should try getting the Admin email and forwarding a proposal with the use of polished English, avoid making mistakes like grammatical errors in your email. With that, you are good to go.

There are also sites you can write free for, and get traffic rolling back to your blog, below are some of the sites you can guest post. Don’t forget to always make a deeper research.

Email Newsletter.

Email newsletter could be termed as traffic at will, it’s gold that most persons are still mining and at the end getting good traffic for their blog and making money from it.

In this form of improving blog traffic, you should consider having an email opt-in form on your blog, it could be a pop-up or static newsletter form with a good landing page and attention-catching lead magnet to get visitors to subscribe to your email list.

And in the long-run can start making use of the email list by sending the headlines of your latest articles alongside the article links, whenever your email subscribers click the link and lands on your websites, then your quest to increase blog traffic for free in 2021 is fulfilled and you can keep repeating the process for more traffic.

Take note, You shouldn’t spam your subscribers mail inbox with unnecessary links, in other not to piss them off, you should consider sending season greetings and helpful tips on how to make money online or something so different from your blog niche.

Activate Push Notification.

This works like opt-in form but quite different, because of it the power to bring back old visitors to your blog when you make a new post like each time you drop a new article on your blog it quickly sends notifications to your subscriber, and they got to get it each time they “turn on” their mobile data.

What you should quickly do, is signup with one of that notification service like PushEngage and the like, install it on your blog for free and see how it increase your blog traffic for free.

Or you don’t want to increase blog traffic for free in 2021? Of course, you want to improve your blog traffic fast and start making enough money from AdSense or Affiliate Marketing.

You already know, without traffic you can’t go anywhere in blogging. That is why you always need to find amazing ways to increase your blog traffic for free.


To increase blog traffic for free in 2021 requires working smart and not working so hard, on satisfying the above-listed methods and ways to improve traffic and keep traffic rolling-in steadily you need not relent.

This isn’t a done-once process as it requires routine work that should keep the traffic rolling-in every day.

But if you handle your blog SEO well, then the process will be easier for you. As traffic will keep rolling-in even when you don’t drop new articles on your blog.

But you should most focused on updating your blog with evergreen articles that won’t seize pulling traffics on a daily.

I guess all the listed methods are easy ways to increase blog traffic for free?  Of course, I don’t promise and fail, I always keep to my words.

If there is a way of increasing blog traffic for free, I have not mentioned please do well to help mention it in the Comment Box, so we can update the article as soon as we test-run it.

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