How To Promote Affiliate Links On Facebook: The Most Effective Guide.

How To Promote Affiliate Links On Facebook: The Most Effective Guide.

How To Promote Affiliate Links On Facebook

How to promote affiliate links on facebook happens to be the simplest, anyone could think of.

With no doubt

Facebook does record way more than an active monthly 2 billion monthly users, which in turn will help you to promote affiliate links on Facebook effectively.

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In this essence it becomes a lot more clearer as to how and why we have a handful amount of affiliate marketers looking to promote their affiliate links on Facebook.

Facebook does provide a lot of channels for affiliate marketers or any type of online advertising to help promote services,

A lot better than the other social media platforms we have; YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

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This is due to a large amount of active monthly users.

Well, on the flip side, we know Facebook has been around for quite a long time now,

With their algorithm changing over time and many users looking for loopholes and measures to breakthrough,

We begin to notice over the last recent years, it’s quite challenging to get noticed.

We see a lot of publishers posting their affiliate links on Facebook, which is in no way against Facebook’s guidelines.

N/B  Facebook does restrict links to some types of websites; adult websites gambling platforms, Ponzi schemes.

Below, we highlight two methods we can promote affiliate links on Facebook.

Two Methods To Promoting Affiliate Links On Facebook.

  1. The direct approach
  2. The indirect approach

The Direct Approach

How to promote affiliate links on facebook using the direct approach makes no difference with the indirect.

The direct method of promoting affiliate links on Facebook is via Facebook posts.

An instance is given; you make a creative Facebook post about a game you purchased, played.

And decided to write a shorty review, also including your affiliate link back to let’s say,

Now when one of your readers does click on the link you shared, it will go redirect them straight to

While the indirect approach works in contrast.

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With the indirect approach, the aim is simply to take the user off the current website.

It is recommended to use both methods when promoting affiliate links on Facebook.

As sometimes, one may work well then the other, and vice versa.

Most people typically use the direct methods to promote a lot of free Giftcards and promote trial period for premium services.

These have proven to be high converting.

A lot of Affiliate Marketers typically use the direct methods when promoting products like; Giftcards, trial periods for services and this has proven to be very high converting.

Scaling your strategy:

Firstly, before you begin promoting your affiliate links on Facebook, or the internet at all there are a few questions you should have convinced answers to and these are;

What is my plan?

What I look to promote and how often should I promote my affiliate links on Facebook?

Note, if you keep promoting your affiliate links on your Facebook timeline, you may appear as a spammer in the eyes of many.

You should plan your strategy in such a way that you build trust and relationship between you and your audience.

Your success in affiliate marketing is hugely dependent on the trust and relationship you build with your audience.

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How often you should post is dependent on you.

Most people fancy once or twice daily to be okay, while people who post way over 5 daily considered spamming.

You will need tools to track your availability, which is why we recommend Google Analytics to help you monitor your Facebook traffic and generally how your users engage with your posts and the websites you refer them to.

Facebook also does provides social media insights for pages and group owners.

Your Marketing Automation

Here’s one, marketing automation.

This is a vital part of your online affiliate marketing success.

A lot of affiliates usually automate their posts using third-party software.

Hootsuite  is one of such great platforms that allows you to schedule posts to make on social media. you can plan your posts up to a month ahead, this gives you time to invest in other activities.

You can also give attention to

The Use of Hashtags

Although, we can agree that even though hashtags are a trend, it never did get it’s solid standing on Facebook, comparing to social platforms like Twitter, Instagram.

Nonetheless, very many, studies have proven that including hashtags to your Facebook posts can ultimately help increase impressions, a high click-through, and posts engagement.

Adding anywhere between one to five hashtags is preferable for your post, and can help increase your organic reach.

We move on to the peak of this article,

How To Promote Your Affiliate Links on Facebook.

First things first, you will need to have a

Facebook profile.

With your Facebook profile, you can easily express yourself, who you’re, your beliefs and whatnot

Typically, affiliate marketing indeed works a lot more efficiently on your profile, if you constantly engage your followers and you have a large amount of followers on Facebook.

As explained above, you can promote your affiliate links on Facebook via direct and indirect methods spontaneously, on your profile.

These posts can be personal, talking about your daily experiences, work, interests, hobbies, and likes.

Facebook Pages

With Facebook pages, individuals, brands, companies.

Can create their own authentic identity on Facebook.

A Facebook page is very handy for affiliate marketing, as it is a lot more dynamic than a normal Facebook profile providing a lot of page settings,

Insights that break down audience engagement with posts, which isn’t offered on a regular Facebook profile.

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Facebook’s Page Insights does highlight three major areas; Your: page likes, post reach, and post engagement.

With more options to keep track of followers, videos statistics, and daily page visit reports.

An effective way to utilize your Facebook Page is by sticking to a niche and promoting products related to this niche.

You can be flexible when choosing a niche.

We also recommend you choose a niche where there are a lot of sub-niches under.

An example; Sports -we have very many kinds of sport and sports products to sell) from jerseys to sneakers, wristbands to branded water bottles, there are a lot!

Facebook Groups

Oh, yes, Facebook Groups!

Facebook groups do allow people to come together for a cause, exchange content between themselves.

I can affirm that an active and growing Facebook group is a great asset!

You can promote your affiliate links on Facebook via Facebook groups.

Facebook Ads (Advertisement)

With Facebook ads, the process of reaching out to customers is quickened.

You will need a Facebook page to run ads, then you should bear in mind also that if you link back to suspicious web pages, you may get banned from using Facebook ads.

Be well to go over the policies of Facebook advertising and that of the affiliate website you signed up for.

As a norm, Facebook does review every advertisement before publishing online.

This typically takes between a few hours to a few days.

Again, we recommend that while signing up for Facebook ads, in your ads copy, you should promote the affiliate links that link back to your website,

This will keep the Facebook police off by your back.

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Can you guess what approach this is?
Yes, you got it right; indirect approach

You can also run Facebook ads for email building, this will help you save a lot of contacts then easily deploy your affiliate links to their email address, with a compelling story of course.

This way, it’s a win-win situation.
So, there you have it, some of the best ways to promote your affiliate links on Facebook.

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