How To Promote Clickbank Products

How To Promote Clickbank Products

How To Promote Clickbank Products

How to promote clickbank product, clickbank is said to be one of the highest paying affiliate program so in this regard has the thought of starting out your very own website or blog in order to get massive sales with ClickBank, deter you from getting started?

Read on, because in this article I will show you how to promote ClickBank Products with or without any website and record massive sales to your product.

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It is quite apparent, building and investing in your own website can be quite expensive for a beginner.

You will need to fund a lot of services a few of these; article writer fees, link building strategies, premium templates, and of course, hiring a developer, and these expenses for a start can be discouraging.

Typically, for a standard website of this genre; you would be expecting to receive a lot of traffic and this would look worth of; $300 US+ For the website to be built, excluding many other add-ons as well.

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Moving on to the peak of the article, I will cover all the vital advances engaged with this procedure to get you started with ClickBank today!

Now, we will run the fundamentals of Clickbank, what it is, and how to promote products on Clickbank. 

What Is Clickbank?

It is safe to say that a lot of people do consider Clickbank to be your typical affiliate marketing network, contrary to this, however, Clickbank isn’t your traditional affiliate marketing platform.

Clickbank’s platform is flexible as they provide an avenue for both people who create products and persons who affiliate; so these two sets of persons can make money independently and without a lot of complex paper words and agreement.

And in most cases people believe you must have a website to promote clickbank products, but you can actually Learn how to promote clickbank affiliate products without a website in this article.

How Clickbank Works;

Clickbank is more like a middle man between the creators of digital products; e-books, music, videos… and with persons who can help them sell these products and reach out to a wide audience base. In retrospect, Affiliate Marketers.

As stated above, depending on the marketplace you choose to trade, Clickbank does help to fulfill one of these two for you;

*To Serve As An E-Commerce Platform For Information Product Owners:

How this works is quite straightforward; as a product owner, you can add your product onto the database of Clickbank and they will cater to all the checkout procedures and affiliate programs.

Now, ClickBank charges a $50.0 one-off activation fee to get started becoming a seller on ClickBank.

This does its own part of keeping low-quality products and vendors far away from their shelves. 

A Marketplace For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing on ClickBank is open and anyone is free to join. They make it simplified for anyone looking to give a shot at affiliate marketing. You can signup on their home page Here

Though ban is being placed on most countries due to reasons best known to the company, there is always a way out. You may contact me for an account,but come with a token.

How To Promote Products On ClickBank

Firstly, you will need to open an account on ClickBank. If you haven’t already, you should visit their homepage.

Registering your account is easy and can be set up within minutes.

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When you are all set to go; you will have to choose a product to promote and there are a few factors to consider when choosing a product to promote.

These are;

* Are the products converting well enough?

* Are the products good enough?

* Are the Affiliate commission handsome?

So, in finding a product to promote as a ClickBank affiliate marketer,

You will login to your account dashboard, choose a category from the left menu. Choose a category you are most comfortable to promote; Perhaps health, technology, business modeling, gardening… whatever it is you fancy -but be sure you are also knowledgeable on that niche as it is easy to convince buyers when you know and are confident in what you are selling to them.

Products Gravity should;

Be More than 20 and have an average (dollar) sale of $25 or more.

Recurring commission is preferable, but it depends if you also prefer a one-time commission.

When you have chosen a product, you will now head to the product sales page, and carefully crosscheck if their sales page have any of these;

  • Video
  • Testimonials

* Proof of payment

* A call to action button

* A discount offer


Building A Value-Oriented Media Funnel For Your Products:

Indeed a lot of people hate clicking links on social media especially when they know their landing page is a sales page. Due to this fact; not being able to share links is a pretty huge handicap in the social-sphere today.

Now notwithstanding, you still have to drive sales to your products; and what do you do? Give out free stuff, coupons, and constantly add value to your audience.

Make an overhaul to your content, get rid of the sales pitch, and run like a media company offering free readership to its audience.


Traffic & Content

They say content Is king, I input also that traffic is queen.

If you constantly create value-only driven content, then getting links using these tactics listed below should be easy.

There are 3 main ways we recommend you build your traffic: 

SEO: If you’re going to create content, you should simply optimize it for search engines.

  • Content distribution networks:

This is one way to Promote products on ClickBank without a website.

Making use of content distribution networks.

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This can be done across networks like; taboola and outbrain…and judging from fact that very many websites with high DA have these networks ads on their footers oftentimes, I can only imagine this must

be quite successful. And particularly, this works specifIcally well if you’re covering a widespread issue.

  • Promoting Your Clickbank Product On Facebook:

A large amount of social media audience is found on Facebook and that is one way to get a lot of traffic for free!

Digital Marketer( offers a guide on how to build a big fan base page on Facebook, engage with your audience, and drive a lot of traffic through organic reach.

Email Marketing

You see people often speak about audience re-targeting when marketing products online.

This is where Email Marketing/Building plays a major role. Often, when you advertise a viewer at that point may be interested in your product but at a later date. You will need to have the user’s contact details.

If you do not have an email building services all set up, we recommend you get started with any of these; (,, and They all offer a trial period for you to try out and purchase the premium plans if you would love to keep using their services. They all offer automation. 


This is more or less the most important part of your success as an affiliate marketer. You will need to scale your growth.


We recommend that when you have had your initial funnel all set up, watch it grow for a short while, then perhaps you can begin with a second one and it becomes up to you to decide whether or not you would love to spend a lot more time on.


If at any point you do notice you have begun making sales and your stocks are high up the charts, then here are a few logical ways you can improve on your already laid methods;


  • You can begin by creating a lot more SEO content around the keywords related to the product you are promoting.
  • Practise link building to make your product rank even higher.
  • You can run paid advertisements on social media, this typically is one of the most effective ways to promote your ClickBank product.

Assuming you have already set up an email building service, it is about time you increase your autoresponder from the typical initial 3 emails to a more subtle 10-12 mails, to increase your sales.

As emphasized earlier, when starting to promoting your ClickBank products, you should need to understand your audience, the product you are promoting, and the channels you look to promote these products.

For very many persons, promoting on social media works best for them than on a website. Yes and you can promote clickbank affiliate products on facebook

While some others open their very own e-commerce websites, you can also check out our review on Alidropship to find out how you can create your e-commerce website.

We look forward to your comments, contributions, down in the comment section below.

Do stay safe.


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