How to find blog post ideas for your blog is one of the greatest blogging challenge that’s being faced by beginners.

Even existing bloggers face same challenges most times.

In this post I’ll be discussing how to find ideas for blog posts, even when you’re confused.

I have written tons of blog posts for my blog and I’m still writing as the demand is ceaseless.

Every content marketer or creator as the case may be may have in one way or the other got stucked and probably ran out of blog post ideas, no big deal and it doesn’t mean you’re not qaulified to be a blogger.

It’s normal and shouldn’t sound like you are not fit or good at writing of blog post or otherwise, so no cause for alarm.

Sincerely, writers block happens to all of us, if you are in any social media group or online forum, ask any writer if they have in any way faced challenges of this kind.

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Believe me they’ll tell you the same thing.

At times, you sit yourself down trying to fix something’s and wishing the words spills onto the pages as easy as you would like them.

Every other bloggers in my shoe can relate and empathize with you there, you’re not alone as we are with you too.

This ways of finding posts  ideas for your blog can as well be called “Lazy ass method” lol

Well, I don’t post too often but trust me if I ever wanted to post at least four times a week, this system will actually make it easy for me to constantly source new topics to write about and post on my blog.

 it’s plagiarism free since I won’t be copying.

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The good news is that, the system is not limited to blogger in any Blogging niche.


The system can be used to find post ideas for research articles, podcasts and e-book.

This system can as well, help in your video project for your YouTube channel or video blog.

Whatever project you are working on can be fuelled by this system and you will be amazed at the result.

So in this tutorial, I’m going to be guiding us on how to find ideas for blog post though it’s beginners guide to blog post ideas, and it will be plagiarism free since we won’t be copying.




You have being into blogging for quite sometimes now or maybe you are totally new in blogging, which means you are either new or existing blogger, which ever category you fall into.

I want to believe you have spent a month or two in blogging, so you have a story to tell.

The little time you have spent thus far in this journey have you not learnt any lesson or have you not faced any challenge along the way?

Which could either be success story or otherwise.


You went through all the stress of challenges and sleepless night just to get things done, would you want fellow bloggers to pass through same stress of challenges?

C’mon, you can’t let them pass through same hell you passed through, this is where your story is effective.

How you learn from your mistakes, how you where able to solve it and how you got to where you are now will undoubtedly inspire your audience.

If you could master the art of story telling, definitely you’re on the path of creating unique content that’s free from plagiarism.

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Can your story be same as that of others?

Lets presume your answer to be yes, but can the write up be the same? Of course not.

It can never and it’s even easier to write about your experience.

Sure way to find ideas for blog post, all blog types as non is excluded.


You may be a lover of internet, do you love surfing the internet and in the process you stumbled on a recent study that is some what related to your brand?

Writing about the recent study that is somewhat related to your brand is not a bad idea you know?

Sometimes you may not need to conduct any kind of research on that recent study, but conducting a research about the study makes it better.

But, if you are one of this type that love time saving process you can simply use new data to write about the topic of the matter.

It is awesomely one of the effective ways of finding ideas for blog post, and creating awesome posts for your blog with this way is assured.


The actual point here is the simple ways content creators can find ideas for blog posts.

Being you a content creator, if you are still stucked and can’t even think of anything to write about or research.

Like you have no single idea about the topic to write on, no single topic to start with.

I will gladly introduce you to this online source that you can use To help you generate topics.

One of the most popular online tool to use is Hubspot blog ideas generator.

Personally, I have never used this tool before, but I am pretty sure it’s a cool from the interface and the users reviews I read online.

How to find ideas for blog post, post ideas for beginners

All you need to do, is just to add some keywords which according to the online tool is “noun”, add five of the noun (keyword).

After which you will click on the highlighted button “GIVE ME BLOG IDEAS” the tool will generate list of potential blog posts ideas for you to make a pick.


Regardless of what your visitors comments are all about, I am pretty sure you can generate or pick one or two ideas from it.

If so, why leave this great idea that could spice up your content or even gives you quality blog posts ideas on comment wall?

The comment Box actually give you the author, the opportunity to communicate with your audience /readers.

This is the most reason why you should respond to every comments on your blog posts, this should be done regardless of you seeking blog post idea from the comment section, else you’re making a very big blogging mistake.

Normally, you know these comments can actually be a great source of inspiration, there is no way you’ll go through those comments and not pick one or two ideas.

So, always treat your comments with all forms of seriousness, because it is an effective way of consistently creating great content idea.

As long as you keep publishing new posts on your blog, definitely there will be new ideas hidden in the comments Box, unless you’re not paying attention to your audience.

Especially when people ask questions in the comments section, those questions can be made a title, make proper research and write on it.

In so doing, endeavour to make it SEO friendly for ranking.


I will forever regard this method as one of the best ways to find ideas for blog posts.

Truth be said, it’s a “Lazy ass method” that works wonder, no lie about these, it’s the simplest fact so take or leave it.

In the cases where you are not sure about how to start your writing, it’s not a crime to check your competitors blog.

I strongly believe, it’s one of the easiest and best ways to come up with lists of topics, you can continually write on.

Be reminded that, I’m not telling you to steal or plagiarize content, but there is nothing wrong with you reframing there titles and concepts for idea generation that can lead to awesome posts.

You can as well, look at there comment box and read through, I know already did that in your blog comment section, their could be ideas buried in your Competitor’s comment section, so tap from it and start creating your post.


Finding ideas for blog posts, requires you to hold on to this method.

Right from time, you know or you better know that anything concerning google Is superb.

I always have this thought Every article title suggested by google must be SEO friendly.

You know what SEO friendly title mean as a Blogger or content creator you’re likely to rank with that suggested title by google.

How to find ideas for blog post, post ideas for beginners

Look at all the suggested topics that pop up when I type in “create p”

All of these suggestions could be topics to cover in your blog.

Checking the related searches at the bottoms of the page us also important.

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Now, in some cases you don’t even know what to type in the address bar for google to help you generate suggestions,

You could start with your blog post title you have on your blog already.

This method is such a wonderful strategy of consistently creating content ideas for your blog, because any topic suggested by google will sure be relevant to your audience.


Product review, is one of the cheapest ways to find ideas for blog posts.

C’mon, you can’t tell me you ain’t using any product, how about the one you’re using to read this post?

One good thing about product review, you can even review the ones you’re not using, just simply search online for product and from customers review, craft your our your post.

The recent product you used can be reviewed either through post or video demonstration.


You may have being suffering these, as a new or existing blogger.

But going through these post should have enlighten you on the various ways to come up with great content ideas for your blog.

Never run out of posts, never keep your audience waiting.

Keep crushing it hard.

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