How To Install WordPress On Ipage.

How To Install WordPress On Ipage.

How To Install WordPress On Ipage.

How to install wordpress on Ipage web hosting server is our aim of the post and we will do well to break down the article in a way everybody will understand

Normally, there are always professionals who can set this up for you while you relax your brain and save yourself the stress of making mistakes and going forth and back  in the bid to installing wordpress on Ipage hosting service.

Its dependent on your level of tolerance, techy stuffs can be confusing when you have little or no knowledge about them.

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I can remember vividly when I was totally new to wordpress, I bought a hosting plan with Namecheap, as easy as Namecheap could be, I still fumbled.

I ended up giving it out to an expert in expense of my money, I was really hurt when I discovered its an easy steps to take and get my blog online.

In that regard, I have decided to walk you through on how to install wordpress on Ipage without mistakes.

I believe doing it yourself will be better for security reasons and also saving cost, or do you wish a professional do it for you rather?

Which ever be your choice, whether to do yourself or get a professional to do it for you is the right choice you’ve made.

What Is Ipage, What They Do.

Ipage is a web hosting company  founded in 1998 by Tomas Gorny, they offer lots of web based services including shared web hosting  packages.

They have drag-and-drop based website builder that makes it easy for user to install any kind of script without going through hell or having coding knowledge to setting up a website.

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Ipage was initially founded in 1998 as stated above as a full web service provider, but in 2009 there was a re-launch which extend it mission to web hosting provider.

Ipage web hosting company are said to have over one million websites in its two large data centres.

Reasons You Will Choose Ipage As Your WordPress Host.

Ipage is a foreign hosting company as you may know, but its totally cheap in a manner anyone could afford and create an online presence.

When it comes to wordpress, Ipage includes pre-installed themes and plugins to help in your site performance on their SSD-based infrastructure.

The control panel interface is user friendly with lots of amazing features designed to accommodate and give you easy access to the wordpress or joomla tools you may likely use most.

Let me blow your mind with what other things Ipage does, Ipage provides their newly registered customers with online marketing guides and $200 in search engine advertising credits,

Which allows you to worry less about traffic, because your hosting company is taking charges of everything regarding traffic.

Just seat back and watch users flood your site, while you focus on content creation to keep them busy on your blog.

There are lots of reason to chose Ipage hosting company over any other foreign hosting company, which the four(4) following reasons are inclusive. be as well be reminded you will learn how to install wordpress on ipage


1. Its Cheap.

Ipage hosting service stands to be cheap and affordable, almost everyone believes it to be hosting service for small scale business.

Their hosting service start at less than $4 per month depending on the hosting plan you chose, instead of cutting corners and offering bare-bones plans.

The good thing about them, is they offer first-time site owners a feature-rich environment that fosters the success of your site on the online space, due to their numerous supports.

Ipage includes unlimited domains, disc space, email accounts, database, and scalable bandwith in their hosting plans.

2. Installing Software is Super Simple.

Setting up websites with some hosting company can be very challenging for newbie, but Ipage hosting service makes it easy for both pro and beginners to install popular scripts like wordpress and joomla without coding knowledge.

Ipage makes installation a breeze with few clicks, once wordpress is installed, ipage will help you get off the ground with pre-installed themes and plugins that optimized your site speed and performance.

I’m pretty sure you are falling in love with Ipage hosting company already, you’ll love to have a website with them, trust me.

3. WordPress themes are Pre-installed and Free.

It feels good working with hosting company with amazing skilled wordpress experts that’s working tirelessly to improve on their already best service.

A team of Ipage’s wordpress experts has hand picked popular wordpress themes that will make your content visually appealing to your users while still being functional and performing in compliance with good SEO habit.

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The themes are tested for compliance with Ipage speed and security standards, they also follow wordpress community standards, all you need to do is to install and activate the theme of choice with few clicks and get to work.

4. Included Catching Features Make Your Site Speedy.

If you’re not new to SEO, then you should know site speed is important and it’s a ranking factor.

So working your site speed is an important thing to do without thinking twice, but in the case of Ipage hosting, they make it easy for their users by pre-installing W3 Total cache plugin on their hosting plan.

It improves site performance when fully configured , W3 total cache is a complete framework that ensures your finely set up sites speed faster than normal.

How To Install WordPress On Ipage.

As you may know, WordPress happens to be one of the largest CMS platform with most website running on it and still counting.

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WordPress hosting at ipage comes in two category,Wp starter and WP essential. They both include the core hosting features, customized control panel, themes, pluging, but WP essential boast a higher level of WordPress-specific, enhanced security, and souped up speed.

Whichever plan you go with, is still awesome and amazing so starting with WordPress is the same and its cool.

  1. Log into your Ipage control panel and click on Installcentral. You can find that installcentral link under the Scripting and add-ons section of the control panel.
  2. Under the blogs tab, click on WordPress. Scroll down to the section where you will find the Begin installation button. Hit the button immediately.
  3. Beggin Installation , the installation should begin instantly as InstallCentral will handle the heavy lifting. But there is a need for you to enter your admin,blog, and database information.

Boom, you’re done installing your WordPress script on Ipage web hosting server.

Specially trained Wodpress experts will be able to help WP essential subscriber, but the general Ipage support staff are enough to help other subscribers.

Signup an account with Ipage Hosting Company here


Ipage web hosting company, I won’t say it’s the best but the features you’ve read so far should pass a message.

A message that will decide whether they’re the best or maybe they’re just an alternative.

But, I must attest they’re a good web hosting service for anyone considering a foreign hosting company or hosting service that’s affordable with amazing features to tap.

And i also want to believe you now know how to install wordpress on Ipage

Your Turn.

Its one thing to select a webhosting service, its another thing for them to serve you better as to make your online an amazing one.

The reverse is hurting.

On reading the feature of this ipage hosting and what they offer customers, what is your thought, let’s here from you in the comment box.


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