How To Install Letsencrypt Free ssl Certificate For Https Using Wp Encrypt Plugin

How To Install Letsencrypt Free ssl Certificate For Https Using Wp Encrypt Plugin

How To Install Letsencrypt Free ssl Certificate For Https Using Wp Encrypt Plugin .

How to install letsencrypt free ssl certificate for https using a wordpress plugin called Wp Encrypt

Not quite long I shared a post here on how to get free ssl certfictate for your blog with cloudflare and mention other safe site you can get same service for free

And in the post, I talked about importance of ssl certificate and why your site needs it

If you’re not new to blogging or not just a blog as a newbie, then you should know what I’m talking about already

But if you’re new to blogging and you seem not to understand what I’m trying to address here, I advice you go read my previous post on  ssl certificate

Because in that post I explained in detail all you need to know about ssl certificate, ranging from it important to why you should install it.

Meanwhile, if securing your site with letsencrypt free ssl certificate for https is your target, you should consider a seal deal

But before then you should  making enquiries if your hosting company supports one-click letsencrypt installation through cpanel

If it doesn’t support one-click letsencrypt installation via cpanel, you should consider using third party plugin

Which is Wp Encrypt plugin, with this plugin you can easily generate letsencrypt free ssl certificate for your site without having to go through hell or lots of procedures.


Somethings to like about Wp Encrypt

  1. With the plugin, you don’t need to worry about thee threatening message of 90 days (three months) expiration of letsencrypt ssl cerficate by letsencrypt ,the Wp Encrypt plugin will automatically renew your ssl certificate before the expiring date given by letsencrypt.
  2. If you are signed up for premium account, the plugin automatically install ssl certificate for you, without going through all the process of installation

Those are the few things you should know for now about Wp Encrypt plugin, you will love using the plugin for free ssl certicate

And I bet you will recommend this, to other bloggers who would love to use safe, secured free ssl certificate for there site.

Steps  To Using Wp Encrypt Plugin To Set up Letsencrypt ssl certificate for wordpress site.

Log on to your wordpress admin dashboard.

Navigate to the plugin area in the Admin dashboard.

Now search for “WP encrypt” plugin

Install and activate.

Fill the form presented accurately with the necessary info, then select additional settings and click “Save Changes”

Changes should be saved successfully, and a “Register Account” button will pop up. ( Remember this only happens when changes is saved successfully).

Just click on the “Register Account” button that popped up.

Which after doing the needful you should see the “Generate Certificate” button to get the free ssl certificate files.

Hit the Generate Certificate button to get the certificate immediately.

If the letsencrypt certificate is generated successfully you should see the location of the files (certificate, private keys,CA file)

Download them.

Though in my own case I received an email from letsencrypt with the three files and I went through the email to download the files.

letsencrypt free ssl certificate

above is the Congratulatory message i got from them with the download links………

Though I have only tried this namecheap webhosting company, so I will giving the guide based on namecheap experience.

Now, Sign in to your web host Cpanel.

Navigate to ‘ssl/tls” > “Install and Manage SSl for your site” in your hosting control panel.

Where you will see three boxes to be fill with the files downloaded, but filling them try opening the files then copy the files scripts and paste in the boxes.

Using Notepad++ you can open each of those files, if you are using phone to do this, there is a notepad++ app in the playstore.

I used phone to run my own, so you can also try it out with phone  as well.

Use the notepad++ to open each of the files one after the other and copy out the code.

Copy and paste the content into the Certificate (CRT), Private key(KEY) and Certificate Authority Bundle (CABUNDLE) as required.

After inputting the copied content and pasting into the required field, Click “Install Certificate”.

If all the process was done correctly and the letsencrypt ssl certificate installs successfully, your blog or site should start showing security on the address bar or should now be accessible through https:// and no longer http://

If you’re lost in all that I have said regarding the installation process and how to copy and paste the content in the respective fields, you should consider watching the below Video immediately.

Other part of the process, Next thing to Do.

Still goto the plugin area of your blog and search for “Really simple SSL” to help in the configuration of your site to start running over https and also test if the ssl certificate is actually installed.

After doing all of that, it’s quite important to login to your search console account and change your site property to tally with the newly installed certificate( only for people with http property before).

And if you have added sitemap at the google webmasters tool( search console) account, try updating immediately.


Wrapping It Up.

In a quest to getting a free ssl certificate when you are on a low budget, letsencrypt is the best to look out for.

Letsencrypt free ssl certificate works fine like every other ssl certificate you buy from your hosting company.


You have any contribution to make or have questions to ask about step you don’t understand?

Use the comment box and feel free to ask your question.


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