Can I make money blogging in Nigeria, it’s indeed a cool question asked on daily basis,  just sit back, grab a cup of coffee while we discuss this…

it been some days I updated you.

It’s not like I forgot or was just relaxing, believe it I was actually cooking something beneficial to all of us, yes including myself.

But hope you are doing your best in what ever you are doing? Alright.

How to make money blogging.

In this tutorial I’m going to broaden your mind on how to make money blogging, blogging for money shouldn’t be your aim at a start though, just that it’s a must.

Cause getting to some point in the journey of blogging, after you might have built a wider audience even if you don’t want to monetize your blog.

Your blog will keep begging you seriously to please monetize me, your visitors won’t stop offering mouth watering amount for a space in your blog or even service you can render.

You See how sweet it looks, but let not jump into gist that can be handled step by steps in a way we all can understand, don’t be surprise I’m using we, I need the money as well.

It’s one thing to start a blog, it’s another thing to grow the blog (promotion), it’s good news and heart warming to make money off the blog, did I just say off the blog. Yes off the blog continually.

Sometime ago I discussed with us on how to “Start a blog”  that’s blog setup, the step by step guide in written form, showing us the proper steps to follow, and what we should bear in our minds before starting a blog like picking a domain name, choosing the right host provider for your blog, the best blogging platform to start-ups with and the reasons why you should start with the platform, choosing the right niche which I also weighed between passion and money.

From our tutorial on how to start a blog, I hope you know it doesn’t cost your life to start a blog, or does it requires technical skills acquisition before starting a blog. Already WordPress has tons of theme for you, starting from basics to premium. So why worry?

Read here: Make money online today by just copying and pasting. 

Starting a blog is one of the best career choices one could ever think of, I maybe getting it wrong though but try wearing the shoe you’ll as well attest to it trueness.

Lets get to business as we have lots to simplify, have you ever wonder how other bloggers make money from there blog, but before I go on with the question, I need to correct an impression.

A lady said websites owner make money directly from the data charged when they browse the websites. Lol

It could be true anyway, but I need to make research.

I’ll tell you how to start making money from your blog today and beyond, till you choose not to blog again, which I know in the next world such decision we never cross your mind, it will never cross your life even if a spell of backwardness is casted upon you.

I assume you already have a blog, and your blog is in a good shape, you are here with me, you won’t go empty handed, you’ll give testimony.

Before going down on how to make money blogging, answer this..

• Are you still fully dependent?

• Do you wish to pay your bills yourself?

• You long to smile to the bank?

• You want to make passive income with your blog?

• You want to turn your blog to money generating platform?

This post has answers to the above questions, truth be said that I can only tell you, but I can not change your mindset, but I strongly believe that the post will do change your mindset, though only you may choose to accept this.

Choosing the path of greatness is not an easy task hope you know, making money off your blog is as well a task, but if the follow factors are taken into proper consideration, you’ll make a whole lots of money from your blog or through your blog.



Time in this case is not just the duration of an event, but its money. What’s now the essence of involving time in monetizing blog?

Balancing your time is money and there is no joke about that, most if not all of this pro bloggers spend quality time on there blog, if they’re spending 3 hours on PC ,the 3hours must be utilized.

Don’t sit and fold your hands thinking your money will just grow, take action.


Focus as you all know plays vital roles in our every day life not just monetization of blog, be focused and be ready to embrace change if you really want to make money blogging, don’t expect too much from your blog, you rather invest much on your blog and watch the return get you smiling to the Bank. whenever you’re signed up to any online money making platform, stick to it. Don’t be a jack of all trade.


Patience is so needed to be applied in this ways of “making money blogging” that I’m going to be discussing with you, I remember the first time I applied to Jumia affiliate, I checked my Jumia dashboard too often and discovered nothing is growing and that made me to remove the ads from my blog, cause I wasn’t patient enough. When your money is not growing fast, be still and work harder.

Give your best

Giving your best is as important as creating good content for your blog, avoid false clicking the link of any program you’re into, it may lead to you been ban.

Give perfect description of service you can render, don’t sweet mouth to win contract, so that you don’t tarnish your online and perhaps your offline image.

Give your best and you’ll make money blogging.


Be consistent with your blog, any online program you’re in. Consistency may push you beyond your widest dream in this life changing journey of blogging.

Having put all of this into consideration What do you think of your blog and monetization , it’s a success story no doubt.

You’re ready for this, OK let’s get down to business as I’ll be thrilling us on ways we can earn money from our blog or through our blogs legitimately.


The following are easy ways or steps to making money blogging.


Google Adsense is one of the leading Adsense platform owned officially by google, and it’s one of the trusted and reliable Adsense platform.

every pro bloggers are making lots of money from, it’s easy and simply to setup and start displaying ads on your blog, but make sure to meet there requirements for approval.

But remember that only traffic will be your money generating skill here on adsense so make sure to promote your blog and get traffic, not false traffic.

Organic traffic would be better so do your SEO well. They happen to be one of the highest paying network in the game.

NB: ensure to apply for Adsense yourself, to save yourself ban issue afterwards.


Affiliate marketing is not something new but maybe the name got it sounding or looking different to your hearing or sight. It’s simply the act of been a middle man between buyer and seller whereby you as a middle man get your commission on successful transaction, is that not cool, for sure it’s cool.

It’s one of the best ways to make money blogging, it’s infact the simplest steps to take in the quest to earn through your blog.


• it’s free to join

• it’s simple to setup, no technical skills

• it’s risk free, since you don’t have to worry about the security of delivery and storage, the platforms handle it.

• there links has no effect on your blog, like slowing it speed, unless you bombard your blog with too many affiliate program coupled with there links.

• you get paid when you reach the threshold, no story cause it’s automated.

• you can share the links else where not just on blog, as to boost your sales.

In our previous post on how to make money off Instagram, I shared with us some reliable affiliate marketing platforms one could earn money from.

So in regards to blogging I’m going to be sharing with us just three reliable platform you can make cool cash while you sleep, but the needful need to be done o.

Affiliate platforms in Nigeria


Is one of the leading webhosting platform in Nigeria, one could count on their services. Their affiliate allows you earn some money when you recommend their services to your colleagues and friends.
If a client you refer pays for any of there service, you get as much as 15% of commission. Isn’t that big, there minimum withdrawal is N3,000.00. And the good news is that you N500 as welcome bonus when you sign up with whogohost.

Jumia Affiliate

Is an e-commerce website in Nigeria that offers bloggers, even social media users the opportunity to make money promoting their proucts. You as an affiliate get paid 11% of every successful transaction that’s carried out through your unique links called “Referer link”. You can log on to your account and click on Dashboard to view your earnings and all other activities Don’t worry about your payment as it is automate and have full customer support. It’s indeed a wonderful platform

Konga affiliate

This is another leading e-commerce website in Nigeria. Would you believe if I said someone has made over a million from konga affiliate?

Well Okafor paschal of Naijatechguide made a million Naira from konga, isn’t that amazing?

You too can make make more than that, put in your time and be consistent

Konga commission rate on every successful transaction is 9% as at the time of writing this post, if paschal Okafor can do it, we can as well. Konga give you the opportunity to paste your unique links not only blog but social media platforms like Instagram, twitter, facebook, whatsapp, Pinterest and the likes. It’s a cool platform to explore.


If your blog has enough traffic already, and have pulled enough audience gaining their trust, you won’t have to worry about anything, you’ll see customers chasing you with their money just to have a room on your blog.

They sure believe your blog is a medium to reaching a wider audience that may yield good result afterwards. At the end you charge them, depending on the number of days they want and the advert size.

Build your blog to standard and start earning crazingly.


It’s actually the act of selling your service to employers with out a long term contract, sell the serve and get paid. Been a Blogger gives you the opportunity to grab this, while because in the course of writing blog post, you’re are actually mastering writing skills, you can write for a blog and get paid, if you have knowledge on graphics you may still get job done. Any skill at all that can be rendered to a client online possibly offline is never a waste. I’ll be sharing with us this three major freelancing website that you can get yourself connected.

Freelancing website


It is a community market place for professional freelance in Nigeria, they connect business service to skilled freelancers. They assure you the provision of services and it fast delivery.


It’s one of the leading leading freelancing job platform, that connect creatives and professionals with the prospective customers in Africa, they are aimed at helping in the removal of the traditional barriers to innovation, empowerment and entrepreneurship. It’s a good platform to do business.


It’s another freelancing job platform in Nigeria that connect professionals with prospective customers, the platform is considered to be “work in progress” it’s still young and fresh but don’t worry as it’s authentic and reliable.


With no doubt pro bloggers make a whole lot from this, it’s indeed an income channel. Where a brand seek for a review of product on your blog or reviews of there firms just to gain recognition, do you think you’ll do this for free? “Naaa” cash is involved and I bet it’s real cash depending on how valuable your blog is. It’s a cool channel so feel free to explore.


After blogging for sometimes I bet you will think of selling product on your blog even if you never had the intention to sell, from the questions newbies will ask, and you know some post are purely money so you would want to compile it and convert to portable document file (PDF) and probably sell and make money. You See top bloggers making money from E-books, it’s simply their product. It’s also a perfect income channel. If you’re good at website design you can as well make money from it.

From the above ways of making money blogging, I believe you don’t have any reasons to wail about been broke or I’m not making money from my blog.

You have all the tools at your disposal so make use of it.

You may as well drop your questions on the comments Box or do well to use the contact form if you have suggestions or need help related to the post.

Thank you.

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