How Can I Make money off Instagram, free guide.

How Can I Make money off Instagram, free guide.


Make Money Off Instagram

Making money Off Instagram is something real, so it shouldn’t sound like some joke or we are trying to pull your legs.

it’s more than just catching fun with friends, but don’t you think fun = money?

Like, you make lots of friends online, turn them to your customers it’s cool right?

“make money Off instagram”

How can I make money off Instagram, this is one of the simple questions asked by innovative Instagram users who believe in the power of creativity.

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they see every opportunities as wealth creating channel, pass an excreta in there door step with the thought of getting in trouble, they’ll still say thank You.

Astonishing right?

In virtue of time, I’ll be showing you how to setup a money making Instagram account, even if you get tired of the account, there are reliable places to sell your account and get paid without issues.

Let’s wake our mind on this – it sound completely awesome discussing money and how to earn it, but it’s Obvious working for it pissed most persons off, cause they lack patience-perhaps enduring spirit. They want to make the money instantly on the platter of Gold.

Remember this quote.

   “easy come, easy go”

If you’re into sport Betting you’ll understand the above Quote better.  And other easy money making platforms could as well clarify you on that quote.



Your desire for better life, may push you to do the impossible, it may push you to lead despite the heavy competition in the market. Lack of desires for positivity has pushed many to an abject poverty.

Instagram is as well a market place.

Quote: “men who achieve great things have desires”



Of the social networks, only Facebook and YouTube have more people logging in.

And Instagram has  1 billion monthly active users, more than 500 million of them use the platform every day.

You can see that, Instagram is a fast rising social media, that classy personalities uses,

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one good thing about Instagram, you can follow anybody both rich and the poor. No restriction.

Source – blog.hootsuit 

The image above should as well give you the picture of what we are saying.



Let’s get started with the aim of the post, you are either new or an existing Instagram user, which ever be your category the post is still very useful to you, if really you have the thought of making money off your Instagram account, with this surest 5 creative ways of monetizing your Instagram while you catch fun.  I know you’ll love this at the end.

So take your time to read carefully and don’t miss a step, as it’s an easy going steps, without technical knowledge.


But before then let’s look at this deceitful words from the unprepared.
“I’m not interested in money, I just love my job”
Yet they work for more than 10 hours daily
For there Boss, till old age”
Don’t get trap in that mess. They so need the money 💰

So lets start.


If you already got the app Jump to stage 2. If you are totally new to the platform, just understand that Instagram is available at under listed websites.

Apple iOS

Google play

window app stores

depending on the device you are using, if it’s apple products, android phones or windows products.

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Just enter the above links and click search bar then type in Instagram.

the image below should give you a guide if you don’t understand what I mean.

Click on the search results indicating Instagram. Then install.


By now, you should have the app installed on your device, launch the app and create an account in the following ways as it suits you, or as available to you.

Be sure to input your correct details, to avoid confusion along the way.


C H O O S I N G – T H E – M E T H O D.

Choose the method you are comfortable with, but sure you’re choosing the right thing,

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though the both methods are cool, so use the method at your disposal .

• sign up with your email address or phone number:

this requires your email address or phone number to be entered in the space provided for account creation.


• sign in with Facebook account:

if  your Facebook is logged on your device already, all you need to do is click the highlighted Facebook logo. Instagram will grab your Facebook details directly instead of entering your details individually.


by default hope you know, you’re  beginning  with personal profile?

Well, yes you begin with personal profile, and for business purpose you need to connect with your facebook business page, if you don’t have a facebook business page  please do create one, it’s easy to setup.


Inviting contacts to follow you is as important as creating the account if not more important than.

if you already contact saved, just invite them, but don’t forget to also follow other Brands.

The larger your followers, the better for your business vulnerability, your vulnerability is sure to convert, the conversation is your money. Hope it sound nice?



Fill your gallery with contents which is either picture Or short video to keep your follows entertained. and make sure to post quality content, wither p h o t o s, v i d e o s, or links, do make sure the links are not broken L i n k s.




1.  fill your Bio with the right information

i.    Active contact info.-Don’t put contact info you know, that people can’t reach you on, or contact you know you are not always with, give a better contact info. Reliable contact.


ii.   Your brand(what you post about, for clarity) – this is what defines your goal, without asking, who ever sees this, know what you can promote, so give a clear name that doesn’t contradict your brand.


iii.   Location – be sure to put location where you can easily be found, where you stay often even if you are a Traveler. Make it clear enough.


Looking at the below picture, you should know  the Brand from the Profile as it’s well filled. the profile tells good of the brand, you can Model/dancer. Perfect profile


2. post Regularly

Regular post is also important, as it keep your followers refreshed, and engaged You don’t expect them take you serious when you don’t post often, all they see on your wall are old boring stuffs, it’s disgusting. Come up with new post and make sure, you do it regularly. It’s important too, when you post often you’re likely to get more followers.

3. Take good photos/ shoot quality videos

This will help you build your profile as well, take good photos with quality camera and make sure to edit it to look nice, if you post videos as well, learn how to make it look good and brief, it shouldn’t be more than 1 minute,  as long videos go against instagram policy. Sometimes you need to go live to thrill your followers, that will get you more exposed.

4.  Use Relevant hashtags

Using relevant hashtags, make your content organized and it categorize them, it make your profile an easy one to find.

Look at this…

In the picture below, you can see the hashtags, it’s important to put Relevant tags of this kind in your content, but make sure the tags reflect your Brand.

5.  Engage with your followers

Don’t always wait for your followers to comment and like your content alone, take out time to always like there post, comment on there post, follow back if you’re followed. Follow bigger brands in the industry.

After doing the above needful, let’s look at the reason for the post. Now you have created a wonderful Instagram account, you have build your home online, you already have the channel to monetize.

But what are the bold steps, do not panic as I will work you down the effective steps.

be ready to implement and make your money. But be sure you already have enough followers that trust your Brand.

Be warned – as you start implementation of this stages don’t forget the normal routine, the needful.

keep engaging your followers, post regularly, use relevant hashtags, post good. photos/video, go live most times.



Since by now you have a well setup Instagram account with good content and followers, let’s look at how to make money from Instagram.



Affiliate marketing is the act of selling ones product via your blog or social media account which by the end of the day you get your commission depending on your agreement.

One unique thing thing about affiliate marketing, you don’t have to stress yourself doing anything other than promoting, it’s risk free since they will do the delivery themselves, you don’t to rent a space for the product you promote, no lost.



this platform is geared mainly towards those with contents sites, Instagram can definitely drive traffic and increase sales , but it works best for bloggers with lots of outbound links on their blog, imagine you have a blog alongside your Instagram account.

Instagram + Blog = Excess money



This affiliate platform doesn’t offer much in their ways of screening requirements, therefore making it easy to sign-up as a publisher.

The platform is used for Digital products only, not physical goods.

One of the biggest benefits is, Clickbank offers mouth watering high commission, in some cases up-to 50- 75%. Hence you are approved,

bank calling…… Lol



According to a shopstyle, influencers earn a percentage of every sale based on the platform cost per acquisition program.

There commission vary based on retailer.


Stylinity is the premier fashion and lifestyle community Connecting brands, influencers and shoppers with great stoppable content.



You have the above listed affiliate program to make a choice, go through them as it’s clickable and read carefully ,choose the best for your brand.


This is another perfect way to monetize your Instagram account, now you have great content and followers, you’re vulnerable to so many company/brand depending on your relevant hashtag.

most of the brand that want to go viral or show on your page for popularity may submit a post which you will have to charge them. They provide a link and clean picture of the brand they want to promote. Or even pay you to to do the writing and photo shooting providing the product they want to promote accurate details.


Do you know you can actually sell your photos online? I’m talking about quality photos that can be use for branding, like wild life photographer can sell there photos, even model can sell as well.

It all depends on the quality of your photo.

Where to sell photos

i. Smugmug
ii. Istockphoto
iii. 500px prime



Instagram gives you the opportunity to promote your business, products and services and you can earn alot from this as well, are you a dancer, just indicate in your profile, use relevant tag for celebrity to locate you possibly.

Are you a SEO expert? Indicate in your profile as well and watch brands locate you. make sure to do the needful, and watch money flow in.


Maybe you have two accounts or you are tired of using Instagram, with the huge number of followers and content on your Instagram, you just don’t want to leave it.

Don’t worry you can actually sell your account and get paid.

You can sell your Instagram account here, they’re reliable.

So don’t be scared


After reading, the whole post. I believe you now know that the app you been catching fun with, is more than what you may think it is. Well if I can have that number of wasted likes girls have on Facebook, I’ll be richer than Davido. Lol

Reading is not just enough, make it effective and thank us later.

Knowledge is not power, putting it to work is the power.

Make this post counts, by following the process to build your own Brand.

As to make money off instagram

Do well to ask in the comments Box or use the contact form to suggest or contribute.

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