Make money online copying and pasting.

Make money online copying and pasting.


Copying and pasting.

Make money online with our free guide on how to make money online today by just copying and pasting will walk you through, without confusion, just be sure to read through.

After looking at the heading, I believe you will be wondering if it is really possible to make money online just copying and pasting, cause it sounds too easy and unrealistic.

Don’t worry, as I boldly say it is easy and you can start earning today without stress and much talk, Olamublog is a land of possibility, so calm down as we crack it for your exploring pleasure.


Copying and pasting methods to earn today

In this free guide, I’ll tell you how to make money online today by just copying and pasting, it’s a free guide as you won’t pay a dime for this guide, not even a dime to activate the copying and pasting methods of making money online without a blog.


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Every now and then, people keep searching for ways to make money online legitimately( absence of unlawful act).

It’s so clear that there are numerous job opportunity on the internet (online) and so many people wants to tap from this opportunity, a perfect way that doesn’t discriminate irrespective of age or Nationality.

But do you really believe you can make money by simply copying and pasting?

Hope they said it’s illegal to copy and paste according to copyright laws?

Well the good news is that, you can copy and paste with out been Penalized in this case, I took out time to dish out this methods that will let you make money online today.
No extra cost, it’s just your time. Yes time, time is money so utilize your time and you’ll make the best of it.

Wait a second! is copying and pasting not an easy job to do, like all you do is Ctr + C and Ctr + V with your PC that’s all, and on your smartphone you press and hold for some seconds and highlight links then copy and paste, haaa is that not an easy job?



• Do you wish to eat like an elephant while you work like an Ant?

• Like You wish to create a side income channel?

• don’t want to stress yourself while earning?

• Hate writing, but want to earn?

• Have no skills but still wants to earn?

• Want an easy ways of making money online?

• You don’t have a blog but still wants to run ads and earn?

If you answer “Yes” to at least three out of the above questions, then be ready to make the money online just copying and pasting.



• Absence of technical skills required to run this.

• No need to have a blog before doing it (Blog is an added advantage).

• It’s free to join.

• They have good customers support.

• No limitations in your earnings.

• You have control and can view your stats.

• Sign-up is very easy.

• No application reviews.

• No rejection


Tools Required.

• Your smartphone or PC.

• Email address  (Active ones, preferably Gmail for quick reply).

• Social media account.


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We have all it takes to kick off now but which method are we going to be using this time? if you have being with us on this blog, then you’re not new to online money making strategies, but this time we are actually taking a totally different approach. And easy approach indeed .

NB : sharing of illegal and adult content may lead to your account been suspended without notice. Be warned.


URL shortening websites.


Have you heard of URL shortening website?

They are website designed, to help shorten lengthy page links, it’s a free tool but you can still earn while you drive traffic to your blog or other website, this websites gives bloggers, social media users the opportunity to earn money.

The platform happens to be one of the easiest ways to make money online today without stress or waste of Data.

You don’t actually need to stress yourself constructing sentence to make things look pleasant as they got you covered.

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How it works.

When you share your shortened links using the website as tool,  with your friends, if they click on it, before reaching the original page of the link, the link shortening website will make them wait for 5s, during the 5s wait time, the shortener show your visitors some ads. You are paid for just showing their ads to your visitors, as simple as that.


Worried about how to get links?

Don’t worry I got you covered, I’ll tell you how to get links without been penalized for it. Anytime you need links to shorten and make your money, just go to this website for free Olamu_Nation and click on the post of your choice, goto your address bar and copy the link address then paste in your URL shortening website, shorten it then click copy and start pasting on your social media account or forums.


URL shortening website

Copying and pasting only.

After telling you all this, I hope you know it is not useful saying it all without giving you reliable shortening websites to start with.

I have really dished out the best websites you can make money from by just copying and pasting, copying link is not copying the content actually, but in real sense it’s copying the content.

But in this case you won’t be penalized.


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Let’s get down to it, you will like this as all the websites makes too much sense. Just follow and don’t miss out on this. They are trust worthy sites, your security is assured.


The websites


1.  DZ4LINK1



dz4link1 is an Algerian based link shortening website, they give you the opportunity to make money sharing your shortened links using their tools, it is a cool platform that have a unique style of serving your visitors the kind of ads That Won’t piss them off.


Pros and cons.


• 20% referrer commission for life.

• Minimum payment threshold is just $1.

• Real time update of the stats.

• Dz4link pay up-to $10 per a thousand views (dependent on country).

• easy sign up.

• Quick payment.

• Daily payment system.

• Offers many tools.

• Many payment options.

• Pays for world wide traffic.



• No Automatic payment system.


Payment Methods.

• paypal
• Skrill
• Payza
• Bitcoin
• Netteller
• Mychoice
• Payoneer

It’s indeed a cool platform.





is a good URL shortening website that’s newly launched with cool features, making money with linkvertise is sure, if only you can shorten lengthy URL with their tool and share on your blog or social media sites, even forums. The platform pay in euros € which makes it more interesting.

Linkvertise is available in English and Dutch languages, currently they pay up-to €11 to it users. There CPM rate are dependent on many factors ranging from visitors country and type of advertisements e.t.c



Minimum payout = €10
Payment options = PayPal, wire transfer
Payment Time = Daily and monthly
Ads Format = Banner ads
Referrer = 5%
Payout for 1000 views = up-to €11


Cool features.

• Live stats.

• Multiple payment method.

• User friendly.

• Easy to join.

• Good customer support.

• Pays in euros.

• Automated payment.

• Low cash out limit.

• Daily and monthly payments.


Payments Methods.

• PayPal.

• Wire transfer.

• Paysafecard and Amazon card.





Is a URL shortening website that pays publishers for shortening URL with there tool and sharing for visitors to click, the CPM rates are good, up-to $12.50 for 1000 views, with Referrer commission of 20%

Payments options.

• PayPal.

• Skrill.

• Paytm.

• Google pay/UPI.

• Bank transfer.

• Phonepe.

• Bkash

NB: it favors the Indians, so I don’t advice Nigerians to sign-up for this. Though it’s your choice






This URL shortening websites gives you the opportunity to earn money for each visit to your shortened links. Earn up-to $150 daily by sharing links on the internet.
They pay up-to $15 per 1000views which is really high, their minimum payout is $2 per 1000 views, meaning you will not be paid anything less than $2 per a thousand view even if you are from the poorest country in the Universe or even if your visitors are from the poorest countries.



• Server = 99.9% server up time.

• Ads = non annoying ads.

• Tools = dedicated tools.

• Stats = detailed stats.

• Minimum payout = $5.

• Payment frequency = Biweekly, 1st and 15th of every month.

• Referrer = 25%.

Payment Methods.

• PayPal.

• Paytym.

• Bitcoin





On payskip ,you can earn money as a publisher All you need to do is to shorten lengthy URL then share with friends and earn. They pay up-to $23 and per 1000 views. Which is pretty cool.



• Payout – $3.

• Language – English.

• Accepted countries – All countries.

• Customer support – 24/7.

• Referrer – 15%.

• Sign-up Bonus – $0.50.

Payments Methods.

• Wire transfer.

• PayPal.





Clicksfly is one of the highest paying URL shortening and completely free tool where you can create short links, which other than being free you can be paid!

This gives you an opportunity to make money from home as a publisher, then managing and protecting your links.

If any visitor click on your clicksfly tiny link, you get some amount for that action.

Tools provided.

• Full page script.

• Mass shrinker.

• Quick link.

• Bookmarklet.

• Developers API.



• Decent payout rates.

• 24/7 customer supports.

• Minimum cash out limit is only $3.

• Multiple payment method.

• Quick payments.

• Attractive referral program 20%.

• Daily payment system.

• Good stats reporting system

Payment Methods.

• PayPal – $5.

• Paytm – $5.

• Bank transfer – $ 50.


Wrapping it up.

At first, it seems impossible to you but after reading through and seeing it for yourself. I believe you now know it’s possible to really make money online today by just copying and pasting methods.

Hope you found the post interesting? Why not share with your friends as sharing is caring.

Let’s see your views and suggestions in the comment Box, confuse about anything regarding the post?  Please use the contact form.

Thank you.

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