Namecheap Hosting Company, The ultimate reviews

Namecheap hosting reviews that will serve as guide to whether you will select namecheap as your web hosting service or not.

its apparently 20 years already that this hosting service started operation and ever since then, they have being delivering faultlessly in the best of their reach.

So, I have chose to write an honest review about namecheap web hosting which one of the top numerous web hosting company world wide.

In real life, every business needs a house to store there goods for not just security reasons but to also protect against damages.

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Have you ever wondered why there is a need to host a site or blog? The need isn’t different from the above given local example

But to have a better a knowledge as to the need to host a site, hosting services are actually like your warehouse on the online space

Were you save all of your files for your audience consumption

But before then lets know what namecheap is all about for the sake of the newbies and those who have sometimes ago refused to read about namecheap and their goal.


Namecheap,Inc. is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar, which provides domain name registration and web hosting services, keep reading namecheap hosting reviews and find out more.

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According to Wikipedia, these company is a budget hosting service provider with about 11million registered users and 10million domains

It was founded by Richard Kirkendall in year 2000, which makes exactly 20 years in operation now,the Headquarter is Phoenix, Arizona, United States and the coverage is world wide.

The company stand out in numerous ways, they doesn’t in anyway believe that it’s a luxury to have domains and hosting packages .

They strongly believe it’s a necessity and feel it something that should be accessible to all.

Just imaging being a kind of person with no knowledge about coding, with namecheap all of those things doesn’t matter as they’re user friendly.

That should be enough for history telling, but reading the history in form of reviews should already leave a print of what they actually are, there goal and what they really offer in your mind.


The review is actually an eye opening facts about the web hosting company or service as you could call it.

If you’ve read our previous post on how to select a web hosting company for your site, then you’ve probably gain knowledge about what and what to to look out for before selecting a hosting company.

Like their uptime, downtime, customer support , security and many more.

Amidst the eagerness and other tension factor coupled with little or knowledge about creating a web site and hosting  it

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One could jump on any web hosting company, get registered and the blog is all set and running, already you’re a newbie

You know too well that you made no proper research before picking the hosting company to work with.

And as a newbie, you have no single idea on the effect of choosing the wrong webhosting company.

Well, choosing the wrong web hosting service is also a blogging mistake beginners make and it should be corrected, if possible avoid it if you have not gone too far.

Having gotten a glimpse of what namecheap looks like, lets head to the features you will love about namecheap hosting company.


Namecheap hosting reviews, namecheap hosting comes with different unmatched features which meet up with every other awesome features to look out for when selecting a web hosting company.

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Below I will be outlining the main features of Namecheap web hosting company that makes standout in the market.


  • 100% uptime- namecheap offers 100% uptime service level agreement (SLA). A site hosted on webhosting company with minimal uptime is sure going to find it so hard to rank, as it has adverse effecting on it ranking factor
  • Fast – they offer fast page load, pages load extremely fast which also a ranking factor and its necessary for any and every business.
  • Cpanel- Cpanel(control panel) is used and it’s the most commonly used control panel in the world which makes life easier for her users.
  • Latest Server Technology- Namecheap uses the latest servers technology from world class brands like Dell, HP and Supermicro.
  • Multiple Redundancies – every component of Namecheap has multiple redundancy, whether it’s the power source, the network card or the high speed of the hosting server.
  • Softaculous- this installer enables you being a newbie or pro to easily install web app like WordPress with few clicks. You can update and maintain your applications with great eae.
  • Ease to upgrade your hosting package if you have a spike in traffic or your business out grow your current package, if you have little or no knowledge about the upgrade , you can simply chat the customer support service for upgrade.
  • Good customer support- their customer support 100% efficient and reliable, they’re ever ready to solve your issue at it mentions.
  • Frequent Backups- they backup your site all for free at least twice a week for all hosting plans and autobackups for free with steller plus and steller business.
  • Single contact point for billing and support.
  • No contracts.
  • Free migration of sites from hosting providers.
  • Free email accounts with all hosting plans which stellar has 30 email account and unlimited email accounts for stellar plus and stellar business.



I hope you’re already finding value in the namecheap hosting reviews, here is a detailed but concise overview of the Namecheap hosting benefit to small business.


  • They offer free migration for current site.
  • Daily backups.
  • Softaculous “library of 400+ apps to add functionality to your site.
  • EasyWP gets you a WordPress site in 30 seconds.
  • Numerous site builders available including weebly, canvas etc.
  • Purchase or sell a domain, transfer , domain privacy.
  • Online ad manager service rubs PPC ads for you, landing page included.
  • Add marketing features to your site via a “softaculous” library of 400+ apps.


Namecheap hosting reviews, we decide to touch every part of namecheap hosting service to atleast show you what has being hidden.

So you don’t go to facebook pages and groups to start asking for the best web hosting service.

Below are exactly how namecheap webhosting service handle security just make sure her users don’t get hacked.

  1. Namwcheap web hosting company use the best hardware and software firewalls, and also uses a highly technical in-house security system.
  2. Virus scanners are included by Namecheap webhosting service.
  3. ‘CodeGuard” – this add-on service used by namecheap hosting company provides monitoring, backups and restoration services.
  4. Hotlink protection is provided.
  5. “Leech Protect” the feature feature allows her users to set the maximum numbers of logins that can occur in a 2-hour period, which protect your site from brute force attacks.
  6. SSL certificate are available to ensure the maximum security of your sites, it helps to protect sensitive data on your sites, it’s also a ranking factor, as google tends to rank sites with https over sites without http.
  7. DNSSEC is provided through Namecheap’s premiumDNS service.
  8. WhoisGuard hides your name, address, email, and contact numbers, its stops hackers, spammers and the likes from contacting you.
  9. Namecheap provides free WhoisGuard privacy protection for life NB: not all domain extensions are protected by WhoisGuard, endeavor to check yours before proceeding.
  10. Namecheap regularly create it’s own backups of your site which a copy can be requested if necessary.
  11. Tests – Namecheap web hosting company frequently tests their defensive measures and tweaks where necessary.



Namecheap hosting reviews, Namecheap web hosting service offers variety of web hosting types and plans and they’re actually affordable.

The least hosting type and plan on namecheap got some amazing features that ain’t just a feature but it’s what it’s said to be.

Shared Hosting.

Share hosting plan is a type of hosting package that is shared by more than five persons.

  • 3 plans to choose from. They’re stellar, stellar plus, stellar business.
  • Up to 3 websites on the smallest plan where other hosting service offer 1 site and unlimited on the biggest plan.
  • Sub-domain ranges from 30- unlimited
  • All plans have unlimited bandwith so no need to panic.
  • Good number of autoresponders, database, email accounts, though it’s dependent on your choice of plan.
  • Quality features
  • Good amount of disc size.

VPS Hosting

This is advanced plan compared to shared hosting, and few users on this compared to shared hosting with larger number of users.

On this, you can choose to self-manage or half-manage or have namecheap to fully mange your server for you.

  • More of everything the shared hosting plans offers and a lot more.
  • All plans are easy to upgrade or downgrade when the need arise, if you can’t do it yourself . the customer support service are their to help anytime without stress.
  • Higher priority support service, receiving answers ahead of people on shared hosting, don’t worry if you’re on shared hosting you still get answer.
  • Just few users under same server with you, which portray enormous stability and performance benefits and no downtime.


Dedicated Servers.

Dedicated servers as the name implies it dedication to only on the web space, you website is alone on this servers and it’s ten times faster than the afore mentions plans.

  • Same-day setup.
  • Free migration, no penny is charged.
  • A lot of different plans to meet your need
  • You get everything available in shared hosting and VPS but on higher percentage.
  • The plans are advisable for sites with heavy site traffic.
  • Prices to suits all budgets.
  • You have your own server, you may chose to mange it yourself or let Namecheap manage it for you.

Reseller Plans

  • Full priority support is available.
  • Earn passive income reselling plans.
  • Disk space depends on which of the three plans you choose.
  • Unmetered bandwith comes with all plans.
  • Anonymous name servers so nobody will know you’re reselling service.
  • Unlimited domains and sub-domains

What to Install With Softaculous In Namecheap Hosting Service.

On this namecheap hosting reviews, we have unveiled a whole lot but there is still need to know what you can install with the softaculous feature.

Below are some lists of the things you can install with softaculous.\

  • CMS tools like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla.
  • For developers frameworks like Laravel, Bootstrap, Codelgniter, and Cake PHP.
  • Customer support tools to serve your online customers.
  • Surveys, polls and Analytics.
  • Online calendar for events and bookings.
  • Ad management.
  • Social networking features.
  • Blogs and micro-blogs.
  • Web-based games.
  • Email services
  • E-commerce software and tools, like magento and prestashop.

Softaculous does almost everything, if there is anything to add to your site, there likely to be a softaculous scripts that installs it with ease.


Namecheap hosting review isn’t just about the hosting plans but domain is inclusive.

Namecheap is also a domain registrar which have variety of domain extensions for her customers to make a pick at will and start balling immediately.

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Namecheap is a domain registrar that is said to have GoDaddy as one of it biggest competitors.

In making decision for domain name, which company would you follow GoDaddy or Namecheap?

You know I will pick Namecheap a million time without looking back because of their unmatched numerous features.

Get a domain name with Namecheap NOW.


Namecheap Personalized Service

Since is a smaller company compared to Godaddy, her users are likely to get more personalized customer-oriented approach.

You get the whole of attention you needed and get attended to faster than any other web hosting company or domain registrar.

Namecheap Domain Privacy Protection.

If you have being following the namecheap hosting reviews from the beginning and you are actually reading through you should have come across the WHOIS, what is it and the importance, but that’s for hosting anyway.

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Namecheap offers free Whois guard for life time, normally if you purchase/buy and register domain name, your personal details are by default listed on the public WHOIS directly and its accessible to anyone.

That is why, there is a need to purchase domain privacy protection. It hides your personal data and just lists alternate details that are harmless.


Namecheap Hosting Company Market Place.

Ever heard of Namecheap Market place?

Well, a lot happens in the market place but for the purpose namecheap web hosting reviews. Lets dicsuss selling domain names.

Do you know you can sell domains you’re no longer using? I don’t mean going to social media groups or pages to sell

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You can actually sell that domain name you’re no longer using in the market place, perhaps you bought the domain for a project but you decide to discontinue the project.

For sure you can’t leave the domain to just expire when it can be resell and money withdrawn to your local account without stress.

One good thing about the namecheap market place is you can set your own  price, you sell at any amount you want but make sure the domain is worth the amount else you won’t see buyers.

Namecheap Hosting Customers Support and Help.

I already highlight this above, if something were to go wrong with your hosting package or domain.

Do not panic as there are numerous ways to get in touch with namecheap support team and get your problem solved.

Below are ways you can get in touch with namecheap customer support.

  1. 24/7/365 Live Chat ( I have used it before and it’s awesome).
  2. E-mails.
  3. Forum where you can find your own answers.
  4. Comprehensive knowledge base.

Namecheap Hosting Money-Back Guarantee.

Namecheap hosting reviews, at the point you’ve already gotten a hosting package or any other package from namecheap.

Maybe you don’t want to continue with them, you can ask for your money back within the first 30 days of entry.

Instagram adds messenger room supports for upto 50 people

But before asking for money-back try checking the below points.

  • 30 day money-back guarantee.
  • Shared plans have 100% uptime.
  • All other plans “only” have 99.9% uptime.
  • Sales of all other add-ons such ssl certificate, server management, dedicated IP address and licenses are non-refundable.


Its important to know the pros and cons of the namecheap hosting company, from the pros and cons you can tell if they’re worth investing in.


  • Quick registration and setup process.
  • No upsells when you signup.
  • Backups on a daily basis.
  • Lots of TLDs available with varying extensions.
  • Free and fast migration from other hosting providers.
  • Design and interface are user friendly.
  • Reliable hosting services.
  • Unmatched support.
  • Cheap domain names
  • It’s a well known brand that has being around for 20 years.
  • Choose the largest shared plan and backup is twice per day and also weekly.




Wrapping it up Namecheap hosting reviews has touched almost every parts of namecheap web hosting company.

The plans types, features, pros and cons.

Should have given you the glimpse of what you should expect from namecheap web hosting company.

We also talked about their money-back guarantee features and the points to notes before filing a money-back receipt.

Didn’t we talk about the market place?

We did talk about the market place, where you can sell your domain before expiration and get some cash.

Over To You.

Having read through the namecheap hosting reviews, you should already know whether to go with namecheap or other hosting providers or domain registrar.

Signup with namecheap hosting provider and get domain at cheaper rate.


So what’s your thought on this, we readily wait to reply your comments.





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