Namecheap WordPress hosting reviews

Namecheap WordPress hosting reviews

Namecheap WordPress hosting reviews

Namecheap WordPress hosting reviews, is an article to describe and tell you all you need to know about namecheap WordPress hosting package.

Way back in 2000, Namecheap was founded by Richard Kirkendall and for over 18 years, Namecheap has racked up to three million users worldwide.

Namecheap focuses heavily on domain name sales, and they have more than six million under their control, Namecheap is been hosting wordpress CMS as well.

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Side Note

We have witnessed this scenario a couple of times over;

We have a hosting A that is great at X, using that as s leverage for their brand name and inherently deep pocketing their muscles into new services that Y provides. As you know, this doesn’t mean that they are good at it.

Let’s dive into the features we love that Namecheap provides including namecheap wordpress hosting.

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Pros of Using Namecheap Hosting

Namecheap begins with a free domain name, registration, speed, migrations, and backup features.

Deep dive:

FREE Domain and Migration.

Hopefully, you followed the example above; you probably understand that NameCheap does indeed excel at domain names.

More reason you are given one for free when you with up to any of their hosting packages.

Perhaps you already have your website all set up on another web hosting platform, name cheap offers free, click smooth migration to their platform.

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This sounds like a good bargain for a lot of people right now.

Decent Load Time

Next to a website’s uptime is the load time and the overall website speed.

A fast website implies a happy visitor.

Recent studies by Google proves that is a webpage requires up to 5-6 seconds to load, bounce rates are likely to hit an average of 70%.

So, indeed, if your site is slow, then it isn’t nice.

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This will also negatively impact your ranking on Google’s search engine as people will begin leaving in droves.

According to Namecheap, the average speed of webpages hosted with them is 687ms, and that has been constant over the past 32 months

Although, this number is quite twice as slow as other popular web hosting platforms like A2 Hosting and HostGator Cloud.

30-day Money-Back

Namecheap offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So, that means you have a month to figure out if their services will suit your needs before proceeding with them, or canceling your subscription and requesting for a refund.

Fully-Loaded Value Plan

These are two folded reasons

  • We strive to make this review as factual and informative as possible.
  • The “Entry-Level” plans offered by many hosting companies are pretty much the same.

Namecheap surprises us:

Firstly, when you register with the name cheap and choose even the most basic plan, they offer unmetered bandwidth, while giving access to WordPress and the cPanel portal.

The most basic plan includes a free SSL certificate that will run for the first year you sign up.

Namecheap also offers a twice-a-week backups service that ensures your files are saved, In case things go haywire while you’re upgrading.

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They also offer a generous MySQL database of up to 50 still on their cheapest offer -a lot more than most hosting companies provide even in the most affordable plan-

You can set up a website on this plan.

This is a two add-on domain. I.e., up to three sites set up on one plan.

While a lot of other web hosting platforms only allow you to host a single website on the most basic plan.

With the cheapest Namecheap plan, you save money, especially if you have a business website asides from your website.

Additionally, you are offered up to 50 email addresses to get you started.

Third-Party Reviews Are Excellent

Every platform thrives based on reviews from their customers. Reviews can either make or mar the success of a brand.

And the same is no different for the namecheap hosting platform.

It is safe to say, we are rather impressed with the online reviews of namecheap from a lot of its users.

We were pleasantly surprised at some of the customer reviews online.

On shopper approved, Namecheap has a steady 4.6 star rating and this is based on over a million reviews.

Cons of Using Namecheap Hosting

 Three major categories to carefully scrutinize when considering a web hosting platform

  • Uptime: With this host, will my site be live for a majority of the time?
  • Speed: Will, my website, be responsive, and have quick load times?
  • Support: Can I count on the host support at any point?



Sadly, Namecheap falls short in two or three of these categories.


We highlight this below;

Namecheap WordPress hosting. 

Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Details.

An overview of the hosting packages offered by Namecheap:

Stellar: The Most basic plan does give an unmetered bandwidth allowing up to three websites starting at $1.44/mo.

Stellar Plus: Stepping up to the second plan, the disk space increases to unmetered while it costs $2.44/mo.

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Stellar Business: The Stellar Business on Namecheap is the most significant plan and boasts of disk space of up to 500GB SSD, allowing an unlimited website to be hosted simultaneously at $4.44/mo.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are domains Free?


Yes, domain registration is free for the first year.


  • What Payment Methods Does Namecheap Offer?


Anything from credit/debit cards, PayPal, Dwolla, and also in Bitcoin.

Are there hidden fees?

  • “Name cheap does include a disclaimer.
  • Every offer that is purchased from Namecheap is only available for new purchases.
  • Promotional prices are valid for the first 12 months of purchase. After which any reoccurring purchases/upgrades will go at the full costs.
  • Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): 1-click installation tool to easily install popular apps and CMSs

Namecheap offers easy one-click installations of the best apps and CMSs on the market.

WordPress Installation is merely a click away via the easy to use Cpanel.


A lot of persons may find Namecheap hosting plans and platform to be quite affordable and an easy start for them. And indeed, we agree with this.

We recommend you get started with Namecheap if you are merely getting started on owning your first few websites online as they offer the best price-performance ratio.

If you are looking to get started with Namecheap, click the link below to signup.

Do leave a comment below if you found this article helpful.


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