Online Jobs That Pays Really Good, Just Working From Home.( For Undergraduates, Graduates…)

Online Jobs That Pays Really Good, Just Working From Home.( For Undergraduates, Graduates…)


Online Jobs as it may sound to you, doesn’t requires much as it’s for people who has chosen to have multiple streams of income, people who chose to work smart rather than working hard, anyone who has a hole in his/her ass, should in this era know that working too hard doesn’t pay anymore.

Just 20% of hard work coupled with 80% of working smart, yield unimaginable result.

More than enough is hanging on the internet, I mean money. There are thousands of jobs lying untouched on the internet and lots of client are waiting on your service if only you can deliver it diligently.

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So many serious individual that wants multiple stream of income has set up an online jobs for themselves while they still do their daily jobs, others quit their jobs to be focused on online jobs, though I don’t advise anybody to quit his/her jobs for online jobs as I’m pretty sure, the both can be handled.

First in all, I need to broaden our minds on the term Online Jobs, Online Jobs are job/business carried or executed on the internet, your service is requested online and you deliver it online through the help of your internet enabled device.

Internet Service isn’t biased, because you can earn unlimitedly irrespective of region/tribe/religion and skin color, though in some aspect your access may be denied due to how your fellow compatriot has misused the internet, not to worry as there is always an alternative.

There are tons of jobs online one could engage in, and make really good morning, you may have a skill that seems useless to you, but there are lots of people out there who needs your service. Be ready to deliver quality jobs as it may earn you other jobs online.


Have you been thinking of how this really works, You maybe thinking you’ll get duped and not get paid for service rendered?

Well, Yes.

Its possible but trust me, every website I’m going to be dropping here are trust worthy with quality escrow that doesn’t just go by the names but work according to the names. An escrow is like an intermediator or middleman in a business transaction between two persons.


1. Online Jobs doesn’t requires you to rent a shop, as you can work from the comfort of your home, No landlord.

2. It doesn’t requires startup capital, though you need to subscribe your internet enabled device which I see as a routine task, because definitely you do it every month to enjoy yourself on social media.

3. It doesn’t requires application letter and any kind of approval to start an online job.

4. Online job can simply be a side hustle, as you can still do it while in your working place.

5. Stress free, as it doesn’t requires you to wakeup early in the morning and start struggling on how to get work.

6. You’ll always have time to mingle with family and friends as it doesn’t requires hard work, but working smart.

7. Your chances of winning more contracts broaden as you’re known for quality jobs delivery, so Endeavour to deliver quality jobs.

8. Free from tax.

9. Anybody can start an online job as it doesn’t requires school certificate.

10. Online will get you smiling to the Bank always.

Do you have any kind of skill, perhaps talent that you want to monetize? Internet is a platform where you can sell anything, as long as you can give proper description of what you have to offer, there are people who are ready to pay for that service you can render.

You may be doubtful of yourself on how to monetize your skill or how to go about it and were to sell them, I will be listing some online Jobs one could start today and starting earning cool cash.

Are you a lecturer, teacher, a graduate, an undergraduate, an applicant, a school drop-out, or someone working in any organization? Online Jobs are for you, as it doesn’t take much of your time and energy.

Are you a pastor, your service is also needed online. Jump on this post and catch it.





Involving in online paid surveys is one of the coolest jobs anybody can do from the comfort of their home, you can simply join survey sites and on every successful completion of surveys you get paid.

There are infact lots/tons of best and cool free survey sites where you can register/signup and receive frequent surveys that will earn you really good money, you maybe wondering why they pay for surveys.

If your information is seem reliable, it tends to provide ideas on how they should improve the quality of a product or service.

In terms of payment – their pay varies, you get $5 to $20 for each successful survey completion, imagine joining 5 to 20 survey sites.

There are chances that you can receive more than 30 surveys in a month and make a whole lot of money every month.
Isn’t that cool? Oh yes it is.


1. Inboxdollars. 

2. Swagbucks. 

3. Mysurvey. 

4. Payviewpoint. 

5. Triaba. 

6. Thepanelstation. 


I have seen lots of dudes writing skills that pleases me, I have also seen lots of dude leaving a very long note containing not less than a thousand words on facebook , and it’s educating.

They are actually doing it for fun not knowing there are people who are ready to buy the piece from them.

Are you good at writing eye catching articles, blog/website content, CVS ( curricula vitae), business plans, letters of introduction and the likes? You can apply for writing gigs and start earning cool cash from the comfort of your home.

One could specialize in one or two of the above mentioned writing.


1. Fiverr

2. Freelancer

3. Talentdesire

4. Truelancer

5. Chukolo


Selling products online happens to be one of the coolest jobs one could do online, perhaps you’re a blogger and you have some e-books, you can sell them online and make some money, so many things can be sold online using social media platforms to promote or campaign about your products, you could be selling wears.

You can possibly create a store on konga and still sell your products, let’s assume you have no product of Your Own and you have a friend that is into fashion designing or maybe own a boutique, do you know you can take advantage of it?

You take pictures of your friend products and post online when they make order ,you can deliver /waybill if it’s within the region. You could be earning extra cash with this method as a student.


Time may have been good enough to you, programming is your skill. Don’t you think people out there who can’t reach you physically needs your service, do you even wish to render the service and earn some points for yourself?

With the alarming increase in website creation and mobile app usage, many websites owner needs application for their websites ,which themselves can’t create, many artist needs apps for their brands even firms.

As a programmer, you build software to handle some task that can’t be handled manually and get paid for building dedicated software’s. Fiverr is a place to start.


With no doubt, you and I know how marketable graphic design is now, been skillful here means money unless you destined to be poor.

Graphic designers who can design very well if not too perfect are sure of earning good money online, as your service is always needed.

Task like designing banners, logos for organization, website header or ads banner, business brochures and the likes.

As student having this skill is an added advantage, girls really their pictures tooned, you can make a whole lots of money from them, e-covers. Fiverr is a perfect market place to start.

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In our secondary school days down to tertiary institution, I have met couple of guys who just love teaching, wither you give them the attention or not they’ll keep teaching and to some point drag/force you indirectly to learn.

Lovers of teaching, do you know you can be rewarded for your passion?

Yes, you love teaching and someone out there wants to pay you because you love teaching, isn’t that amazing, I know you would want to do it for free but the website said No, you deserve a pay.

That’s when you know working smart is important, something you’re deeply in love with, doing it isn’t a hardwork I’m pretty sure.


1. Upskillstutor.

2. Thebalancecareers

3. Preply

4. Superprot.


Website/blog designing jobs pays really good if I’m not mistaken.

In the era were almost every organization, brands, firms needs a website to promote their product, don’t you think your service will be needed or your skill is a marketable one?

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Every website owner needs a good designed and responsive website for them to please customers and rank well on google which also propel earning.

Every single day, new web/blog site is been created.


1. Upwork

2. Freelancer

3. Peooleperhour


Every nook and cranny of the internet has a job for you, social media management is indeed rampart if Only you can define yourself, you’re sure to get job here.

Social media marketing is the Best way for every brand to get into limelight, both small and large scale business, though it’s dependent on there budget.

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And as a social media expert you stand the chance to make good money when those brands give you the contract, even artist and website owner uses social media to gain more momentum in improving there fans and traffic.

Brands have social media expert who handles there social media platform, likewise top artist and to many people, they think those artist handle it themselves, no. They don’t.

That job is done by people like you, You should get a linkedin, Facebook account and be sure to outline your skills on your profile. Then wait for jobs to locate you.

Wrapping it up.

In the world were some many individuals complain about unemployment and Government not providing jobs for the masses, you have information like this what is your take on it?

You heard information is power.

Who told you information is power when no positive action is taken on it?

Young people of your age are really making money online, I’m not saying you should involve in fraudulent act, I mean legitimate money online doing the needful.

You can earn more than you can ever imagine, working from home With Just your smartphone or PC/laptop and internet connection.

Work smart, don’t work too hard.


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