Free Online Proofreading tools for you

Free Online Proofreading tools for you

Free Online Proofreading Tools For You

free online proofreading tools, Perhaps you are a freelance writer or a blogger.

I am most sure that you are probably aware of the importance of content quality when attracting readers to your blog and satisfying the need to read your written article. In this regard, an online proofreading tool is of vital importance.

A lot of us spend time in the decision making process of choosing the right topic that is suited to your targeted audience while making out drafts,

Rewriting the final article from top to bottom, yet not having enough time at hand to proofread through these articles.

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Proofreading is a pivotal part of written content;

Without proper content proofreading, it can hamper the material as a repetition of mistakes wouldn’t go unnoticed by your readers.

Through proofreading, you can ultimately improve an article’s quality by a considerable margin.

Taking note of passive voices that need to be edited, dangling modifiers, fragmented sentences, and very many silly mistakes that easily slip the eye.

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For some of us, when we started blogging, proofreading was considered additional stress, later on, realizing that upon completing an article, when you proofread it a few hours later, that can add the magic touch it needed from the inception.

This works best because, at this time, the mind becomes a lot fresh, and chances are high that a lot of new ideas will definitely kick in at this time.

Of course, we still make mistakes while we write; it is inevitable.

Keep in mind, whenever you’re proofreading your article;

  • Observe breaks right before proceeding to proofread your article. As mentioned above, give it an hour or so in-between.
  • If you prefer quiet positions while writing, utilize it a lot more. It will aid maximum concentration.
  • Proofread by reading the article text out loud.
  • Edit the article on the go.
  • Utilize proofreading tools.

Today, when writing, I prefer to make use of online proofreading tools to edit my written content.

When I am proofreading my article, I use these proofreading tools to find errors in my texts and make immediate corrections.

In this article, we will list free online proofreading tools that will help improve your article’s quality.


Free Online Proofreading tools


We kick this list starting with Grammarly.

If you are looking for our top favorite pick on the best online proofreading tool, Grammarly has you covered on all sides.

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Grammarly is a multi-purpose editing tool for writers and content creators.

You can check for spelling errors and word choice prediction.

And if you opt for the premium version, they offer plagiarism checker for your article across billions of webpages, advanced artificial intelligence aiding with the right tone to deliver your article or written content.



Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, Linguix helps in fixing grammatical errors and misspellings. Upon a click, these errors and more can be fixed.

The target audience for Linguix are; bloggers, editors, students, and most likely writers in general.

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You can incorporate Linguix on your Chrome browser, and as well as Microsoft Edge and Firefox.

Linguix also works with WordPress, so for you bloggers out there, your article’s will begin to soar!

Get started with Linguix



Polishmywriting is an excellent online proofreading tool, and I also figured most writers around find this to be their absolute favorite.

First, the name is eye-catchy. As much as it is, it spots errors in texts by attributing three different colors.

RedThis highlights spelling errors.


Blue– Suggestions to the tone and writing styles.


Green– Grammatical errors and sentence misconstruction.

Polishmywriting has with it a passive-active voice frequent suggestion whose results make a rapid turn over.

Get started here:



The Ginger online publishing tool is also a great option for writers. Just like polishmywriting, it suggests corrections in three modules.

Unlike them, it also addresses errors relating to article placement.

I.e. (A, An, The)- Helping erase sentence fragmentation and dangling modifiers-

Like Ginger, Polishmywriting doesn’t include the options to present you with suggestions for any of these articles; a, an, the, have, has, etc.

In retrospect, if you do not see the need to correct these types of errors often in your writing, then you be a jolly good writer and hop on to using the Ginger Online proofreading tool.

You can Download Ginger


Slick Write:

If you are not on the go and you requisite to check in-depth analysis on your writing in full detail, slick Write might be the best option for you.

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Unlike many other online proofreading tools, Slick Write doesn’t only look to point out the errors in your text.

But it also goes deep into providing a complete breakdown of your word choices, common phrases, your filler, and fluffy words, passive and active words.

Additionally, prepositions and adverbs, and a lot of other functions that just cannot be exhausted in this article.

Whenever I use slick write, I take note of improvement to my writing skills while I compare it with previous milestones.

Get started here



PaperRater, is also a great online proofreading tool for text and written content.

It provides suggestions for grammatical mistakes, writing style word choices while also suggesting synonyms to help improve your vocabulary.

Sharing a similarity with Slick Write provides an extended option to run in-depth analysis on your articles.

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There you have it, some of the best online free proofreading tools that will make you write like a pro.

However, while these tools will go a long way to help your writings stand out, you can never go wrong with manual proofreading as you understand your audience and their emotions a lot better than these tools.

Then, they are a great option to make edits to your texts.

Also, try keeping checks on the common mistakes you typically make to prevent frequent repetition.


While this article is being edited and proofreaded using Grammarly, we implore that you tell us your favorite online proofreading tool in the comment section below and leave a heads up if I missed anything else.

Do make out time to read our other articles on this blog.


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