PayLink Let You Handle Online Payment Effectively.

PayLink Let You Handle Online Payment Effectively.

PayLink Let You Handle Online Payment Effectively.

PayLink is an online payment platform that gives business owner the opportunity to handle online payment effectively.

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It’s no doubt that in this era of digital marketing, a business without online payment platform to help them collect payment, is considered Unserious.

Or do you prefer sending your account details to all the customers you come across, then how long will you be doing this?
No fear of “ what If my account is used for illegal business “ that may land you in police custody?

PayLink Let You Handle Online Payment Effectively.

Paystacks, flutterwave and the likes have being helping individual run smooth online payment and most times it frustrate and make one want to quit using their services.

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So having multiple payment platform to run your business is ideal, you can send invoice created with the necessary details to  your customers for payment or send your PayLink QR code to them to scan and pay at ease.


About PayLink Payment platform.

PayLink is like other payment platform, they offer almost same service if not same.

According to payLink, and what is written on their about page.

Paylink is a payment solution for you to receive money INSTANTLY into your bank account from Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

Whether you run your business on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or you have a website which customers visit to pay you, this solution is a perfect fit for you.

All you have to do is get a link customised to your business or personal profile name and logo, and send to your customers for payment.

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With Paylink, the era of exposing yourself to online fraud by sending your bank account details to people you have most likely never met for payment on the internet is over.

Paylink configures your bank account and hides it from public view.

PayLink Let You.

• Receive payment instantly
• Receive donations and fees
• Receive payment for goods and services rendered.

PayLink also make it easy for you to receive payment via convenient channels like USSD code which is the simplest and Debit/Credit card.


How to register an account with PayLink.

How to register an account with PayLink requires few info from you Which your bank details are inclusive

• Full name

• email address

• phone number

• Social media handle.

Over to account details.

• Select your bank.

• Enter account number.

• Create password.

• Confirm password.

• Enter OTP sent to your email.

To sign up.

Click on

Input your details as shown below, then click proceed.

PayLink Let You Handle Online Payment Effectively.


Another page will open.

As seen in the image below

PayLink Let You Handle Online Payment Effectively.

•  Input your account details (they are secured, it won’t be shown to customers)
Choose your password and confirm it.

•  Input the otp(one-time password) sent to your email address used in registering.

•  Agree to the terms and conditions.
Then click “Create a PayLink”


How To Receive payment on PayLink.

PayLink has two methods of receiving money from your customers you’re striking a deal with.

PayLink Let You Handle Online Payment Effectively.

Any of the Two methods are effective and easy going.

1. Send an Invoice

2. Send QR code image to the customer

Either of the Two methods works fine as at the time of writing this post, see the image below>>


PayLink as you may know it’s an online payment platform like every other platform you use, it’s convenient and reliable, it’s fast and doesn’t fail.

If you’re a digital marketer that doesn’t want to taste the pain or stress of payment gateway failure, I recommend PayLink to you.

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