Practical Skills: Make money while learning with your smartphone

Practical Skills: Make money while learning with your smartphone

Practical skills acquisition is one of the greatest thing anybody can do to itself, regardless of how expensive it maybe, but in other way round almost all skills are marketable and you stand higher chances of making tons of money from it.

What Other Are Reading.

Over time, digital skills is been doing great and it’s remarkably excelling as the demand for it; isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Did I say anytime soon?

It’s not, and will never slow down as we are now in a digital world, the world of possibility.

What Is Practical Skill.

According to rewired4technology practical skills simply involves the knowledge and ability to determine information needs from digital technology sources, and to appropriately use digital tools and facilities to input, access, organize, integrate and assess digital resources as well as to construct new knowledge, create media expressions and communicate with others.

You should by now have little insight about practical skills.

Why You Should Learn practical skills.

Learning practical skills is arguably the best you can do for yourself, why because your paid job doesn’t stop you from doing it, as it requires little effort to get things done.

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Gone are the days you must have a PC before talking about learning skills, in this era; technology has ease everything by slimming the cost of skills through the use of smartphone for the task.

And those ahead in these regards like the developers took a different dimension to ease the stress of skills acquisition, by making it possible for anybody to learn and manage  skills with their smartphone and still make money from it.

On why you should learn practical skills

  • • Opportunity to learn more while doing it.
    Paying of bills with less job
    • It place you on the lane of multiple streams of income.
    • It’s not time consuming
    • Your phone becomes your source of income, as it’s all done from phone.
    • You will find many opportunities after learning a skill.
    • It doesn’t affect your paid job.

Who Can Learn Practical Skills.

Anybody with mind of making money or shaming poverty can learn practical skills, age, race and gender doesn’t count in learning digital skills.

Therefore, anybody can learn these skills and make money from it, at will.

Where To Learn practial Skills Almost For Free.

It’s one thing to make your mind on what skill to learn, it’s another to find the right place to learn the skills.

The side people look at mostly is the cost, why cost scare some away; it’s still the only way others believe the learning to be the realest with quality courses, it’s not always true.

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But in these post, I’m showing you one of the best platform to learn over 58 marketable practical skills for as low as recharge card money or should I say sharwama money for the ladies.
I can still remember been charged N5,000 for just a skill, but sincerely it’s worth it and I trust so many guys rather use that money for something else than learning that skill for 5k.

You’re blogging and you’re not making money yet, you have no idea about how to go about making money online? Skills acquisition will get you smiling to the bank.

Most ways bloggers make money, is through skills and not always ads, while they get paid by Adsense every month, skills spit out money for them on the daily.

Did I just feel you think only bloggers make money from skills?

Being you a blogger or not, you can still learn practical skills and make decent money from the comfort of your home.

Best Platforms to Learn practical skills.

What is your definition of best?

Less informative course for million dollars or an informative course at affordable cost, well I don’t know your explanation; in these regards I’m leaving you to describe what it mean by best.

But won’t you rather go for a platform you’ll pay less to learn over 58 practical skills and be making money while learning on the platform?

Yes, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be making decent money while learning on the platform, one other thing I love about the platform is; it flexible, since it’s virtual demonstration and you have the opportunity to message the admin on Instagram if you find trouble while learning.

Some of the Courses you’ll Learn on the platform.

I’ll be listing some of the digital skills you’ll learn on this amazing platform, be reminded that why you’re learning you will still be earning money that can be withdrawn directly to your bank account.

  • • Mockups
    • Facebook Marketing (facebook ads)
    • Instagram Marketing (Instagram ads to market your skills)
    • 3D Animation
    • Video Editing (how to edit any kind of Video)
    • Music Album Promo visualizer
    • Logo creation
    • Book cover design
    • Graphic design
    • Whiteboard Animation (strictly for business)
    • Web development
    • App development

There more 34 digital skills on the platform to learn for just N1,000 and still. Make money introducing your friend to the platform.

This is an opportunity to grab, so hurry up and make life worth living for yourself, get yourself enlisted in the earners club.

Learn these skills, make money doing it for others. I remember telling you that the course cost just a thousand Naira, yes N1,000 only.

Sign-up and account here and start learning immediately.


Having said or shown you how to go about learning practical skills without breaking a bank.

It’s all your turn to take action and better your life, the skills are simple and easy to learn.

They’re all done with smartphone, so put your smartphone to use and never waste your time thinking you can’t do it.

Don’t forget to share with friends, do not be stingy with this amazing info.


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