Site Experiencing Technical Difficulties.


Site or blog experiencing technical difficulty, this technical or issue could arise from so many predictable factors which could either be the theme or plugin used on the blog.

Ideally if you’re new to this issue, or let me say you’re just experiencing this bugging issue for the first time, it may get you bored and seriously worried.

For more than four (4) days, this issue of “Site experiencing technical difficulties stroked hard on me, leaving me in a perplexed state.

I could remember, I dumped the blog because I really felt bad, I don’t know what to do and afterward I felt like hiring someone to get the job done  but I said No, it’s my cross so I need to carry it.

Honestly, this issue got me thinking recklessly, then I was made to understand that starting and maintaining a blog or website isn’t an easy task.

So what’s easy dude?

Nothing, lol

Since nothing is easy, I cheered myself up and started the search on how to fix site experiencing technical difficulties.

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Although, I nearly gaveup on the search till started trying out some things, because even when I tried using YouTube and google, the information I got weren’t detailed enough.

Behold, I was able to fix the issue and my blog is up and running again.

Well, that’s my own story and it doesn’t satisfy your aim of being here, you’re for sure here to learn how to fix the bugging issue “site experiencing technical difficulties “.
The painful thing about “site experiencing technical difficulties “ is that it stood users form accessing your site, you know how tremendous that could be, without been told it will affect the health of your blog.

The worst case scenario is that you can’t even access your WordPress admin dashboard, be worryless I have got everything fixed.

I’m sure going to break every down, in such a way that you’ll understand, even if you are the dumbest person on earth.

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So dude, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, sip easy and just read through.

The tutorial on how to fix site experiencing technical difficulties.

Ths monstrous “site experiencing technical difficulties” that seem like a common issue amongst WordPress blog users could be caused by so many factors as I stated earlier.


The Two major factors to consider when your blog start displaying “site experiencing technical difficulties” and become inaccessible.


Site experiencing technical difficulties could arise from the kind of WordPress blog theme you’re using, it could be poor or inappropriate coding of the theme.


Plugin in most cases could cause site experiencing technical difficulties.
So take note of this two factors and handle then properly, to the get the site experiencing technical difficulties issue solved and get your blog working again.

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How to know the cause of this problem “site experiencing technical difficulties “stroking your blog, how that you can’t even access your WordPress admin dashboard, what do you do?
We sort for how to access WordPress admin dashboard, for us to fix “site experiencing technical difficulties that is affecting the health of the blog.

One of the alternate method is to access our root directory,
How do we access our root directory?


The stages to accessing root directory and fixing “site experiencing technical difficulties “
First in all, we need to log on to our webshosting account as soon as possible, after successfully login on to the account.

Login to Cpanel, because that is were lyes the whole job.

I want to assume you have logged on to the Cpanel already.

So follow the procedures to fixing “site experiencing technical difficulties” without get confused along the line.

I’m your guider in this tutorial and I make sure you understand every bit of this awesome tutorial that is focused on solving #site experiencing technical difficulties.

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Now click on #FILE MANAGER

As seen in the image below, on clicking on File Manager, dialogue box will open showing several options.

Site experiencing technical difficulties


As seen in the image below, another dialogue boxes open to several options for you to utilize with out causing harm to blog, otherwise you failed to adhere to instructions.


Site bugging issue



As seen in the image below, please observe the image below for some seconds, I know You See from your observation that, what we have on the left side bar is on the right side bar but the difference is the positive (+) sign on the left side bar.

Site experiencing technical difficulties

Well, as seen in the image below, if you’re using phone press and hold “Plugins” and you’ll see options, Just click on rename and add “backup” and click ok.

You should have something like this “pluginsbackup


Site experiencing technical difficulties

Go and refresh your site, if it opens then the problem is caused by one of the plugins you installed.

If it doesn’t open, do same with the theme.
But if it’s with the plugin, rename the plugin back from “pluginsbackup” to “plugins”.

Now click on the plugins by the left hand side with positive (+) sign, you should have something like this, as seen in the image below.

Site experiencing technical difficulties

The list of your plugins are displayed already, do the same thing you did earlier to all the plugins one after the other, so that you can detect which is at fault.

Site experiencing technical difficulties

Remember to refresh your blog after each trier.

If after detecting the plugin causing the problem, you should delete or deactivate the plugin as soon as possible.

Congratulations, your blog is back again.


Site experiencing technical difficulties could arise from so many factors, but I beg you that theme and plugins installed are the commonest issue that could affect or result to such issue.


While compiling this tutorial, I remember narrating my own side of the story regarding how I was also affected.

Were you affected and you used different method to approach and you solved the issue?
While not do well to suggest in the comment Box or use the contact form to notify me.

Well, you may have missed or you don’t understand some part of the tutorial, ask in the comments Box and I’ll put you through.

But, you’re still finding it difficult to handle it yourself? C’mon I can handle it for a token. Lol

Please share, sharing is caring.

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