How to start a blog is one of the best career choices one could ever make.

citing or creating a blog for whichever purpose is a good choice to make.

I was seated alone” during this process, I activated thinking mode which made me go as far as realizing that one of the best career choices one could ever make in life was to learn exactly How to start a Blog

In this free guide, we will discuss a lot regarding how to start a blog in Nigeria or any part of the world with internet connection.

when I was in primary school, my parents actually wanted me to just finish primary school, go to secondary, then after secondary school, go to the Higher institutions ( probably, University, polytechnic or even monotechnic) to study Engineering and definitely become an Engineer ( civil Engineering precisely).

How To Find Ideas For Blog Post, Beginners guide. 

that was actually their plans, maybe it was because of how technical I was towards the gadget

And how crafty I was those years or they might be looking at the monetary side of it, you know engineering courses are marketable.

Hosting And Domain Name

Remember, we are still on how to start a blog for free without hassle.

but deep down inside me, I wanted to study petrol chemical Engineering, so that I could work in a chemical factory.

But getting to some point, I hungered for blogging.

For me personally starting a blog was one of the best career choices I ever made, despite the fact that I have not made it anywhere, I’m hopeful. Yes.

But this doesn’t mean I’ll skip white “collars job“. No

If I was to be an engineer, it will even prompt me to do more, as I’ll blog on Tech.

though you might have read some blog post assuring you of making a huge return blogging, that you may end up quitting your paid Job.

Read Here: what to do if blogging is taking too long. 

For me, I believe I can handle both blogging and my paid job.

Coming here, I know you want to learn how to start a blog, and in this tutorial, I’m going to simplify the stages that lead to successful blog creation. How To start a blog, the free guide.

You need Tips?

How would You feel, taking a walk while we discuss blog or blogging?


How to start a blog

I believe it’s going to be Interesting like A moon light play.

But before We go into this in detail, there are simple but hard questions (to those who have no ideas) we need to answer.

1. What is a Blog or Blogging

2. What is it used for?

3. Is it Illegal or Legal


NBif you’re thinking blogging is a get rich over night scheme, don’t bother reading this post or think of creating a blog. don’t even start a blog, the free guide is not for you, walk passed this. 

looking at the above questions, what really comes to your mind, have you in anyways come across that word Blog?

Ok, let assume You have no idea, but seeing it here what really comes to your mind, are you thinking it’s a Complicated platform.

like platform that is set for the experts alone?

Well, You need not worry about that, because that’s the aim of olamublog coming into existence to give you the best you need in your blogging journey.

Hope you’re still with me?

Alright let’s answer the above questions as it will have a huge impact on this Guide to Starting a Blog

1. what is a Blog or Blogging?

blog in its simple meaning is an information or discussion platform hosted on the world wide web (www).

It could be in text or graphics form (Infographics).

While Blogging is sharing ideas and finding solutions to both online and offline problems.

2. it’s used for sharing ideas in written form or graphics even videos.

It’s the best way one can create an online presence.

3. is it legal?

Well, it depends on what you choose to do with it, but in this tutorial, I’m going to be guiding you on how to create a blog legally. How to start a blog.

#Hey dude! Sit back grab a cup of coffee, while we narrow things down.



Blogging has different platforms, which comes in free and paid hosting.

#Using WordPress as a case study.


1. it makes your Blog look unprofessional since your Blog URL will be looking like for crying out loud it’s too long.

2.  since the URL is too long, it discourages visitors.

3.  few plugins available on this platform.

4.  people may be scared of doing business with You.

5.  you can’t display Your Own ads since it’s free.

6.  you can’t design the template to your taste, since there is a restriction.


1.  Paid hosting with Domain name makes your blog look professional.

2.  it makes your Blog valuable in the sight of your visitors.

3.  people can Trust you for any business since it’s professional.

4.  You have Super control over your blog.

5.  you can design your template to your taste since you own everything about the blog.

6.  millions of plugins are available on this platform.

7.  Full customer support


Hosting And Domain Name


1. PC (personal computer/Laptop)

2. Smart phone for updating Your Blog

Now You have the Above tools, you may kick off your journey on how to start a blog.

You maybe thinking it’s all, but just watch as I outlined the easy steps to creating a blog. But before then let’s get things right..



1. Pick your blog name and domain extension.

2. Find a Hosting provider for your Blog.

3. Choose a blogging platform (CMS).

4. Choose a niche.

5. Choose a theme(template), then design your Blog.

6. Create pages.


That’s just the stages to create or “start a blog” it’s a free guide so be ready to learn it well,

Read line by line, so that you don’t miss anything.

As every line of this post is important.


T H E    S T A G E S..>>>>>>

To start a blog you need to follow the following stages strictly. to learn “How To start a blog” free guide.




Picking your blog name and domain extension is one of the wisest thing to do when starting a blog.

the blog name is the link, or road to your home on the internet.

It’s unique and every other bloggers are entitled to there own blog name attached to domain extension.


How to pick the right name for your blog matters alot, but before then think of what you will post, let’s also look at the characteristics of good domain name.

I believe this will give us clue on how to pick good domain names that’s cool for your new Blog.

1. It should be easy to spell.

2. It should reflect what you will be posting on your blog.

3. It should be easy to remember.

4. It should be brief or short enough. Avoid long names.

5. It should be cool for branding.

From this characteristics, I hope you now have good idea on how to pick the right domain name, now look at the following domain names.




I believe the above domain names satisfy the characteristics of picking good domain names. You’re confuse and don’t have ideas on how to pick good domain names?

How To Select a Web Hosting Company For Your Blog. 

Don’t worry we have got you covered, as we have prepared list of reliable domain names generator, that can help you do the work, with just a click.



How to start a blog

namestation is a great and reliable tool To help generate domain names, you just need to enter the niche of the blog you’re building and the keywords you’d like for your domain name, you can also check (click) the Box “I need available domain” for the tool to suggest only available domain names. then let the tool do the job for you


How start a blog

domainsbots is also a nice tool, it’s a unique tool that gives you variety of search options for domain names idea. it’s as well a nice tool. Just explore it


How to start a blog


nametumbler this tool allows different keywords in it entry, the tool will then find various keyword and topic combination To help you find a super domain names.


How to start a blog


panabee provide you with lots of selection of domain name choices , based on the keywords used, tons of result will be displayed, it’s also a powerful tool.



This one basically depends on your choice of pick.

1   .com extension, stands for commercial. blogging is a business, so using the .com extension isn’t a bad idea as it’s simple and easy to remember.

2   .net extension, stands for network. Using this is still very okay, but it tends to be expensive, though the difference is not much.

3   .tech extension, which stands for technology, this extension isn’t that rampant but it’s a unique extension, especially when you’re blogging in the technology niche.

4   .biz extension, stands for business, it’s cool as well

5   .org extension, stand for the organization, if it’s an organizational website, then this one is cool
there are tons of domain extensions out there but from the above listed, you may find a better and reliable one. So make a pick.




how to start a blog
Finding a hosting provider for your blog is as important as stage one(1) if not more important than. hosting in layman language you know what it means. For the sake of this post, I ask what is web hosting?

What is web hosting? web hosting is actually a storehouse for your blog on the world wide web (www). your content which server is not excluded relies on it as well.

By now, I know you’ll be thinking of the best blog hosting service, we have got you covered, but before then, let me draw our mind to remember that “ there are tons of lots of great blog hosting company /service available for your blog startup, you only need to make a pick.

But first, put the following into consideration as it will help in this journey. “How To start a blog

Read Also: 12 blogging mistakes to avoid Asap! If you want to remain relevant in the blogging industry 


THINGS TO CONSIDER  – it’s important

i. SPEED – a slowing blog pisses visitors off, fast loading blog is best.

ii. FEATURES – it should have quality features.

iii. SECURITY – it should be safe and secure, to prevent illegal access to your content.

iv. SUPPORT – customer support is one thing that shouldn’t be taken for a joke. incase you get into trouble with their service, they should be fast enough to respond to your complaint.

v. TRACK RECORD – check customer’s reviews and know what they say about the hosting service.

After considering all this, I believe you now know where to start.

For the purpose of this blog and since were are going to be dealing with WordPress generally Bluehost is the recommended hosting service by WordPress but Namecheap is an alternative.

H O S T I N G    S E R V I C E/C O M P A N Y

i. Bluehost

ii. Namecheap

iii. Hostgator

iv. Qservers

v. Godaddy

vi. Whogohost

vii. Siteground

viii. Dreamhost

ix. Hostinger


Hosting And Domain Name



How to start a blog
Choosing a reliable blogging platform is safe for the task ahead, a platform with a good content management system (CMS).

This content management system (CMS) made WordPress stand out.

Who else noticed Jide of Ogbongeblog is now on WordPress, don’t be deceived by the theme design he tweaked it like a pro.

If after many years as a blogger, he decides to move his blog to WordPress then there must be something special about WordPress. It’s a reliable platform to start up with.

W H Y    C H O O S E     W O R D P R E S S

1. It has a good content management system (CMS)

2. It has tons of plugins, that you can install and get a job done easily.

3. It has premium themes that will give your blog a pretty look.

4. Good support.

5. Good security.

5 Best Free WordPress Themes To Use In 2020



Choose a niche, and make your blogging decision, choosing a niche sometimes could be complicating, as it has lots of effects on your blogging decision. Most pro blogger will always advice you to start on niches you’re passionate about, but don’t you want to make money?

Linda Ikeji is passionate about news, gossip, and gist, that’s why she started on that niche, but do you think she’d have made names or build her profile like this. If she started her blog lately?

The competition is high now, moreover when she started. blogging was totally new and young in Nigeria.

She always say that when she started, she wasn’t blogging for money or the intention of making money off the blog. Lol Linda Ikeji foresaw the future.

The truth is

passion = money
Money = passion

We already cover this in one of our posts, so please do well to check here and learn how to choose a perfect niche for your blogging career.




Choosing a theme(template) and design your blog, after reading all the stages to this point you should know your blog doesn’t just need a theme but beautiful design too, because beautiful design build trust, it’s attractive and the interface thrills visitors and keep them checking back and gazing at your blog design. Good design is important.

HOW   TO   P I C K  THE   R I G H T    T H E M E    FOR   Y O U R    B L O G.  

i. It should have simple look – a choked design pisses visitors off.

ii. Responsiveness – the theme should look good on PC as it’s on smartphones.

iii. It should support different browsers

iv. Support plugins

v. SEO friendly (search engine optimization friendliness).

vi. Support.

WordPress has tons of theme that meet up, the above requirement. Even premium themes are available but your money speaks for you in that aspect.
After choosing a theme I believe your blog is all set.





How to start a blog
In the blogosphere, there are necessary pages you need on the blog. the following pages are  infact a must have pages as it serve a purpose on your blog.

1. About page – which describes the blog

2. Contact page

3. Privacy policy, page.

4. Sitemap.

Your blog is now set for use. Happy Blogging.


R E S O U R C E > > > > >

As a new blogger who has no idea about where to start. I provide you with a list of must-have plugins, a list of some apps you may use to get pictures or logos for your blog post, and a text editor.

How To Get Google Adsense Approval In Less Than 48 hours.


L I S T      O F     P L U G I N S

1. YOAST – for search engines optimization

2. OPTINMONSTER – for collection of your visitor’s email.

3. MONSTERINSIGHT- it’s one of the best analytics plugins, it shows details of the visit (traffic).

4. BACKUPBUDDY- to keep your blog backed up always, in case of the unexpected.

5. WP FORM- It’s a simple pick and drop plugin to create a contact form for your blog.

6. W3 TOTAL cache-help clean your blog cache files for fast loading.

7. INSERT HEADER AND FOOTER- for header and footer In case you want to add anything to them.

NB: I strongly advise you use plugins listed in the plugin area in your dashboard, add new, type the one you need. They are the security plugins.


P H O T O     E D I T O R S.

1. Adobe spark post
2. Canva
3. Pixlr
4. Pixabay


T E X T    E D I T O R S.

1. Offline diary
2. Google Docs
3. Word


Feel free to explore more of our posts.

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