How to transfer Data on MTN: Simple quick guides to share MTN data.

How to transfer Data on MTN: Simple quick guides to share MTN data.

How to transfer Data on MTN: Simple quick guides to share MTN data.

How to transfer data on MTN has really been a stress to some while others has been rocking the amazing feature rolled out by MTN.

What Others Are Reading.

Before now, you are most aware that glo telecommunication company is being doing it and their consumers are pretty happy about it.

Which is why many MTN subscribers began complaining bitterly and wish they enjoy the same benefits Glo subscribers have being enjoying.

It’s an appealing feelings to worry less about data on the note that you have the opportunity of being shared data with.

Have you ever wished to share data with your love ones at no extra cost?

Well, perhaps you had a thought about using hot-spot to share data with your love ones, but you remember that you can’t share data with someone maintaining a certain distance.

Let’s imagine someone that is out of town, maybe he or she is in a rural area where getting airtime to sub for an emergency case is a tug of war.

How To Share Data on MTN.

This simple quick guides will walk you through on how to transfer data on MTN, you can share data with anybody so long they’re MTN subscribers.

There is limit to what you can send per day, the maximum you can send per day is 100mb and the least you can send at once is 10mb.

Also, you should have atleast 50MB before you’ll be able to share data with your love ones, I know by now you’re comparing them with other network provider, but it’s a fact that every brand has there own policy and way of doing things.

Steps to transfer data on MTN at ease.

The following are the simple quick steps to transfer data on MTN network, like I said earlier it’s not hard and anybody can do it with simple ussd code.

There are three simple steps, but all with code
You may chose to dial the code alongside the recipient number directly or dial the code and follow the commands promptly, you can as well send via message.

  • First in first, dial *131* recipient number *data amount# send.
  • Secondly, create a message with the command, Transfer <space without this sign> phone number <space> data amount . Send to 131
  • Dial *131#
    Click option 7.
    Click option 1.
  • Then enter recipient number and send, that’s all.

How to check MTN data transferred to you.

Checking MTN data bundle shared with you is also easy, if you have MTN app, you can check it directly or
Dial *131*4# send.

You can also check my sending a simple command via text message, send 2 to 131, you should revived a message with your data volume.


You can now see that, sharing data on MTN is as easy as drinking water, and it doesn’t cost you a penny to transfer data on MTN  to your love ones.

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