WAEC Result Checker: How To Check 2020 WASSCE Result.

WAEC Result Checker: How To Check 2020 WASSCE Result.

WAEC Result Checker: How To Check 2020 WASSCE Result.

WAEC result checker for 2020 SSCE result, in this tutorial I will be guiding you on how to check the just-released West African Senior Student Certificate Examination (WASSCE) without spending a penny because on social media I have seen lots of students dropping questions like “how do I check my WAEC result”?

So in this, I will be outlining the procedure you will take in checking your WAEC result at EAS, and you can as well check for your friends and classmates

It could be recalled that the days of buying WAEC scratch cards just to check the result on the WAEC portal are gone, since the invention of the identification card issued to every candidate before the start of the examination.

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And in the personal identification card, you have all that is required of you to check your result when it’s out, ranging from the serial number to the card pin.

With your WAEC ID card you can check your result at home without going to a cybercafé to waste your money, which is automatically a save from been overbilled.

How To Check WAEC Result Yourself.

The WAEC result checker is the software that is then installed on the official website of the West African Examination Council, which is dedicated to checking exams only.

So, how do you check the result yourself when going to a cybercafé is a waste of money?

All you need to do is to pick your internet-enabled smartphone and swipe to your browser (preferable, chrome or brave browser) then log onto their official website.

How To Check WAEC Result Using Phone.

To check WAEC result using just smart, follow the steps below as it’s an easy and convenient step.

  1. Head over to the official website ( https://waecdirect.org )
  2. Enter your WAEC examination number in the column provided.
  3. Select the Exam year (though by default it’s most times selected).
  4. Kindly Select the examination type, which is “school candidate exam result”
  5. Then enter the card serial number, which is on your WAEC personal card.
  6. Enter your card pin
  7. You can now hit the “Submit”

The result page should pop-up instantly if the network is okay from your ends or the official website isn’t busy.

Refer to the below image if you are still not clear about how to check the 2020 WAEC result yourself.

Waec result checker


Checking WAEC result using the official website is an easy and friendly method that doesn’t demand involving the third party (going to the cybercafé) as it’s a DIY (do it yourself) job.

Don’t forget to drop comments if you are not clear about it, we will gladly help you fix any of the issues you might be facing if we can.

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