Web 2.0 Sites with high DA for Generating Qaulity Backlinks.

Web 2.0 Sites with high DA for Generating Qaulity Backlinks.


Web 2.0 Sites with high DA for Generating Qaulity Backlinks.


Web 2.0 sites with high DA for generating quality backlinks to your sites helps a lot in ranking and I can say, it’s a good SEO habit.

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I have being a fan of natural backlinks, and all this while I decide to only write and wait on natural backlinks from other sites and I have come to realise that ignoring web 2.0 backlinks is one of the numerous blogging mistakes i indulge in willingly.

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A lot of bloggers are into this act of  generating backlinks from web 2.0 sites with high DA authority.

So today I’m writing about web 2.0 backlinks, the list of authority dofollow sites that you can easily generate quality  backlinks to improve your blog visibility

First in first lets know what web 2.0 backlinks is all about, just for the sake of those starting a blog newly.


What is web 2.0

What is web 2.0?

It may sound like some hard term or internet related term with a hidden meaning?

But in a simple term it’s the second generation of the internet or the evolution in the history of web base services.

Relate it to the generation of computer , from the first generation to the last and the improvement witnessed with it help to humanity.

I was meant to understand that, there were static internet pages that you can only read from and can’t contribute either by commenting or writing for the web page.

This web pages has few webmasters contributing to it.

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Reverse is the case in terms of web 2.0, because web 2.0 pages are dynamic and any internet users can contribute to them

By creating there own pages, making  comments, posting articles which allow backlinks to your website without penalty so long you don’t spam


Web 2.0 Backlink in search engine optimization (SEO).

Having read little about web 2.0 sites concerning backlinks you should know web 2.0 backlinks are effective in SEO.

What web 2.0 backlinks do to your site actually, is when ever you get a dofollow backlinks, they’re telling search engine

That your site is trust worthy and they can freely crawl and index your web pages.

So when you create quality content and tweak it in such a manner that permit outbound links.

You can add backlinks  pointing to your web page, which means web 2.0 backlinks in SEO is achieved

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Hope you’re aware it’s a good SEO practice as it boost your credibility in the web space.

And since I’m going to be listing only web 2.0 backlinks site with high domain authority,  getting dofollow  backlinks from them is a great deal for your blog already.

In as much as selecting a good web hosting company for your site is important, web 2.0 backlinks are also important, take note.

How to use web 2.0 sites to get backlinks for SEO

How to use web 2.0 sites to get backlinks for SEO is still a subject of matter and putting our minds on it, is accepted.

So one may ask, how can I use web 2.0 sites to get backlinks for SEO purpose and not just spamming and violating rules?

In most of the web 2.0 backlinks site I will be listing ,they will require you to create an account with them.

so I’m advising you to pick atleast the top 5 web 2.0 backlinks site with the highest domain authority and low spam score  you can concentrate on, like your normal web page.

Use a unique email id for creation of accounts with those web 2.0 backlinks sites and should be treated like your primary blog.

There is a need for you to create quality content that is informative and may look pleasant before your audience

Getting backlinks alone is not the task but traffic matters as well, so on producing content for your  web 2.0 backlinks  site  account, you should consider an informative posts.

Also write posts related to the topics on your primary blog to permit linking to your blog naturally without forcing it.

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Google algorithm is so sharp that they’ll spot a foul play when you try sending false backlinks that is considered unnatural.

Being the owner of that web 2.0 account means creating backlinks as you wish so long as you are not violating the guidelines of the web 2.0 backlinks web site you’re registered with.

Violating there rules may lead to your account being suspended, and you know what may happens to the backlinks you already created.


Strategies To Build Web 2.0 Backlinks

Strategies to building an effective sustainable web 2.0 backlinks is something to look into.

Like I said earlier, it’s important to treat your web 2.0 domain as your primary domain ( your main blog)

You shouldn’t consider spamming or building backlinks unnaturally without relevancy, this literally means posting links anyhow without a reasonable article.

You shouldn’t think of complicating your web 2.0 link building campaign.

And  I strongly advise you write a single long article for your web 2.0 backlinks site rather than writing three or more articles that are not informative on a same site.

So take caution while you crush your backlinks building processes .


Tips To Consider While Creating Web 2.0 Backlinks To Your Blog.

The following few tips are to be observed if making your web 2.0 links submission more beneficial and organic is your target.

Few have being said, but there is a need to ring this  in  your  head so you don’t feel bittered afterwards.

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Take this serious if you want an organic and more beneficial web 2.0 backlinks.

1.  Give last priority for buiding backlinks – meaning you should put everything in place before thinking of linking back to your primary blog.

Your mind shouldn’t be too focused on backlinks which sway off the right processes before thinking of backlinks

Write good and informative content for your web 2.0 backlinks site before linking back naturally, be reminded- don’t  spam.


2.  Do not duplicate content- even on your primary blog its quite obvious that duplicating content is a bad SEO practice and it’s a NO.

Consider writing different unique content for each of your web 2.0 backlinks account

Write and optimize to the best of your knowledge, feel satisfied before posting any article for the sake of backlink.

3.  Consider using suitable domain and theme, I earlier stressed that you should treat your web 2.0 backlinks account as your primary blog,

take it serious if you want juice backlinks to be passed to your site.

With all this you should be rest assured that every backlinks from those well nurtured sites are natural will still no chance of google penalties.


4.  You should try placing links to other informative articles too, with this search engines will be unable to notice any foul play.

It’s automatically shows your links to be natural and its more beneficial than creating lots of backlinks in a day only to your site.

5.  Show care to your web 2.0 backlinks  blog  like your real blog, give it the necessary optimization needed.

6.  On page optimization should be thoroughly done, its important.

7.  Relevancy should be placed on anchor texts, do this with all mights.



How helpful is Web 2.0 backlinks in SEO

If you’re not new to search engine optimization , you should know we have –

On-page SEO, which includes the title tag,meta tag, images optimization, internal links and lots more

We also have technical SEO, off-page SEO which backlinks form 60% of  it.

It can never be contradicted that backlinks isn’t  an SEO practice rather it should be over emphasized.

Especially linking back to your blog from web 2.0 backlinks sites with very high domain authority, it’s an added advantage.

For contextual link building, submitting your links to web 2.0 backlinks site is an idea step to take

Since web 2.0 backlinks site are second generation of the web space that permit users to interact wih the web pages and even contribute to it.

So getting backlinks from sites with high authority is an easy task with user generated content in this era.

Therefore web 2.0 is efficient for generating unique authority backlinks to boost your profile on the web space.

Which may earlier result in  search  engine  optimization (SEO) and  search  engine  result  page (SERP) ranking.


Some Things To Know About web 2.0 backlinks sites.

Though challenges will always force you to take action by learning the hard way to cut down cost.

It was demanded of me to pay $40 per backlinks, that is just for a single dofollow backlink.

What if  I demanded for up to 10, do the calculations yourself and see what I sand to spend on backlinks which I have no idea about the spam score.


See reasons why web 2.0 backlinks is easy to go with.

1. Totally free  – while some web 2.0 sites demands you create premium account, most reasonable web 2.0 backlinks site encourages you to post on there site for free.

Its an assurance that the few lists of web 2.0 backlinks site I’m going to be posting are totally free and user friendly

They offer easy signup or site creation features to help you scale through and may not even take your time to have your web page set up and ready for  content publishing.

2. Unlimted number of links– if you can publish unlimited number of posts with any content length


It means you have no limit on the number of backlinks to embed, you can have unlimited backlinks to your primary blog so long as you can keep writing posts of any length on your web 2.0 backlinks websites.

Be reminded, every quality backlinks to your website has a greater effect on your domain authority (DA) and as well improves your ranking on the web space.

3.  Maximum control over Links. You know what it means to have control over your own links on the web 2.0 backlinks sites?

Since you’re creating the whole backlinks yourself, you know where to add it.

You know the links type you need whether Dofollow   or  Nofollow backlinks, you have full control over the anchor text and the number of  backlinks to add to your post.


List of Dofollow Backlinks Sites.

This is the comprehensive list of dofollow backlinks you can start with, try creating an acount and stick to it.

Out of the numerous strategies of creating backlinks to your blog, web 2.0 backlinks sites happens to be the most effective

Why because you monitor the activities and have full control over the links to be pasted, you can edit,  modify, remove, add, update or replace links at anytime.

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So in this regards I have  choose to  list the top 10 web 2.0 backlinks sites with high domain authority with not less than 90 DA.

I’m assuring you, that this top ten will boost your site in terms of ranking and increase your DA as well and they are very awesome in SEO, if only you take them serious by doing the needful.


Top 10 List Of  Web 2.0 Sites For Backlinks and SEO Benefits.

There are more than a thousand lists of web 2.0 backlinks sites out there you can explore, but it won’t be too nice leaving you to go search for the ones that works and the ones that doesn’t work.

So I’m listing the top ten (10) for you to pick few and stick to it, working on it like your personal blog will help build your site vulnerability beyond the point you need.

Now let’s get to business.

Endeavour to make use of the below high authoritative web 2.0 sites list for building a juice number of quality backlimks .

Deal with this lists first, you may chose to extend the list in subsequent time , if you trust your management skills and ability.

S/N       Websites Link.             DA              PA

#01     www.tumblr.com          100             97

#02       www.medium.com      94              94

#03     www.sites.google.com  100           94

#04     www.microsoft.com        96             72

#05     www.pinterest.com         100           88

#06     www.vimeo.com               99           97

#07     www.ibm.com                   93           63

#08   www.buzzfeed.com            93           77

#09   www.soundcloud.com        95          83

#10   www.ted.com                       93          81

Having gotten the top ten list of  the web 2.0 backlink sites , it’s important to have some questions answered in subheadings.

So I’ll be asking some questions and answering them in the below subheadings as stated earlier.

But before going that far, I want to let everyone know that, I’m not assuring anybody that all the backlinks from the dofollow web 2.0 sites are all dofollow backlinks,

So you should consider modifying your links in equal proportion , having equal numbers of dofollow and Nofollow links on the web 2.0 backlinks sites.

Hey! You don’t need to worry about the Nofollow backlinks, it has great advantage on your domain authority as well.

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It show search engines that your links are natural and can make huge impact on your SEO.

In that manner, what ever be the link attritute, it sure have great impact on your SEO so long as the backlinks is from sites with high DA.

So back to the questions and answers I promised.

Are Web 2.0 Good For Getting Qaulity Backlinks For A Site?

It’s a known fact that web 2.0 backlinks, are not a white-hat link building system or  techniques but  it’s a good link building technique to adopt.

If and only if, you don’t intentionally focus your mind on building just links without doing the needful.

That is why it’s not advisable to start investing in generating only backlinks instead of gaining user engagement and driving organic traffic to your real blog or site.

Therefore, my take on this still remain “observing and respecting web 2.0 dofollow blog or sites guidelines”.

Observing those guidelines and taking the necessary steps, makes it safe and awesomely good to use.

My remark, its good and so safe to use, adopt it and don’t be like me in the past months that is waiting for people to naturally link to my blog.


Are Web 2.0 Still That effective To Build Backlinks To Sites?

From the above answers, you have answer already to “if  web 2.0 backlinks sites are still that effective in building backlinks to a site or blog.

It’s crystal clear that web 2.0 backlinks have lots of positive effect on blogs ranging from SEO to SERP.

It helps in building your domain authority and improving your site vulnerability.

You should know consistency and dedication are key factors of building quality backlinks with the above lists of web 2.0 backlinks sites.

Be consistent with the sites you are able to signup an account with, and watch your blog or site grow speedily.


How Many Backlinks Are allowed On Web 2.0 Sites To Make Your Post Rank.

Hey! I earlier said that, this questions are asked from what I already talked about in the post, having some doubt?

Scroll up!

On the important of  web 2.0 backlink sites, there is no law limiting the number of links one need to point back to his/her primary blog or site.

For that reason, there is no rule about the volume of  backlinks that can impact or have effect on your ranking, which calls for continual work on the backlinks.

Like every other product you know, quality is preferable over quantity. So having backlink from quality web 2.0 sites with high domain authority is the real deal.

So quality backlinks wins over quantity backlinks, the number doesn’t count but the quality does.

Which is why I listed web 2.0 backlinks sites with high DA for you not to get involved with web 2.0 backlinks site with high spam score.

Web 2.0 backlinks site with high spam score  may have high adverse effect on your site or blog.


Does Duplicate Content Also Have Effect In Web 2.0 Backlinks Site If submitted On Different Sites?

If there is a need for me to be sincere with you, it’s the worst practice to engage in, I already told you why you should treat your web 2.0 backlinks sites like your own primary blog.

Your reputation will be ruined in the web space, which is not a good SEO practice, it should be avoided immediately .

It’s something search engine can spot in no time, and it’s a purnishable offence, though you won’t be taking to court or handed over to any law enforcement agency but your blog won’t be ranked.



It’s a sincere recommendation to pay more attention to your web 2.0 backlinks sites just like you do to your real site.

While some are paying for backlinks service others are searching for web 2.0 backlinks sites to start generating backlinks to there sites.

Which ever of the above step you take is fine but its quite important you pay attention and give it your best if you need good result.

Good result demand good work with dedication, pushing your mindset to getting quality rather than quantity will go a long way to help build your profile in the web space.

I have given more than enough sites to get quality backlinks, more than enough but not all.

But I will do my possible best to make more  researches on this and update the post or come up with the advance version of it.

Remember to use all the above steps judiciously in a way google won’t notice or suspect foul play.

feel free to use the comment box if you have contribution or suggestion to make in regard to the post

and if you’re lost in any part of the post, please use the comment box as well, let’s iron it out together.



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