What To Do If Blogging Is Taking Too Long.

What To Do If Blogging Is Taking Too Long.

What To Do If Blogging Is Taking Too Long.

What to do if blogging is taking time to start paying off as expected,

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In most cases as you may know

Most bloggers started there blog with very low budget, they actually gave out there all in expectation of making it sooner than later.

But reverse is the case, blogging demands a lot of patience, but in a cases where the patience can no longer be regarded you may lose it all.

Are you aware that you are not alone in this situation? Hell NO! , you are not alone.

Let me tell you something, Blogging normally takes some months or even years to start responding to your expectation (which is making money from it)

It took some bloggers more than 3-5 years before they started earning pea nut from there blog.

Because they were busy whining and dinning with lots of blogging mistakes, therefore they find it difficult to get the required result.

Hey! Sometime you could be doing the right thing and it may still turn out to be working against your desire.

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One could actually start making money in the first month of starting a blog but that requires paying a coach who is a pro in blogsphere.

They’ll work you through, set up the necessary stuffs then you spend money on premium tools, run paid ads and lots of other steps.

We chooses the hard way because we don’t have the resources to keep the necessity on track while we smile to the bank.

At some point we do get frustrated, because of the cost of maintaining the blog from buying of data to buying ebooks and paying for online classes and other services.

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Blogging is taking too long, What to do.

Blogging is taking too long than expected, everybody know you to be a blogger, your profile describes you to be a blogger

Poor blogger, I have not seen one or could it be that I have being reading stories of only successful bloggers and not just a bloggers?

How about the reviews I read online regarding the tons of opportunities lying on the blogging sphere waiting for us to mine?

Perhaps the clever miners already took all of the opportunities and non is left for us.

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So what to do is the aim of the post, therefore pick your cup of coffee, sit back and sip easy while we do this together.

We have numerous ways of making money online other than blogging, so creating other streams of income is the ideal thing to do

Putting all our eggs in one basket is dangerous, so lets get to what to do if blogging is taking too long.

What to do

1. Sell Ebooks

probably blogging isn’t generating money for you as expected or you are not earning at all,

start selling ebooks online and make money from it.

Hey! Don’t panic yet, you could be thinking of how to go about this,

like you don’t have an e-book of your own and you don’t have the resources to put a marketable one together.

You know it’s a hectic job writing an e-book from gathering of resourceful information to finalizing and cover design with lots more

There is always a way out but with a token and I guaranteed that you will make more than enough selling e-books online.

What to do about ebooks.

like I said earlier, you can get something done here with a token which could be in form of subscription.

The subscription is dependent on the level of the accessibility you desire and your budget.

You might have heard of e-books with resell rights,

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E-books with resell rights can be bought, can be customized ( i.e change the author name to yours, change the rights, the cover ).

e-books with resell rights are automatically yours, and you have every rights to fix your price at any rate without being questioned.

Did I tell you?

You become the owner of the e-book forever and as you are able to market it, you continue making money while you blog comfortably.

In cases were you find other streams of income other than waiting for the blog you just started,

you will be less tensed building your blog and giving it the necessary financial support.

Financial support in the sense that blogging is also a business, it requires capital to keep business before expecting any return.

Until you start seeing blogging as a business, you won’t do something reasonable with it.

Buying e-books with resell rights doesn’t really mean you should abandon those copies of e-books you already created

Polish your own created e-books if you already have one,

get a nice cover for the e-book, get professional to design a cover for you’ if you have no knowledge about it.

Run social media ads for your products and sell at giveaway at first just to have an audience that will trust you for more business.

Websites to buy e-books with resell rights.

Website to buy e-books with resell rights, there are numerous websites one can buy e-books with resell rights.

But its advisable to buy from websites that have being vouched and vetted for, so lets  know few websites you can trust on this.

  1.  www.ebookjunkie.com
  2.  www.issuu.com
  3.  www.myresellrightsproducts.com
  4.  www.idplr.com
  5.  www.Indigitalworks.com

the above websites are best place to start, am assuring only actions takers that they will make cool and honest money using this method

most of the online platforms that e-books and digital products are sold accept only paypal fund transfer, which requires you to a have paypal account.

If you are from a paypal banned country, you can mail or use the contact form, so I can create a working paypal account that send and receive paypal fund from any country.

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2. Graphic Design-

Graphic designs happens to be one of the most lucrative skill one needs to have, because the demands for it’ is unending.

At the point blogging is taking too long and you can’t wait no more owing to the fact that you need money to make an ends meet,

turning to graphic design is an ideal step to take.

You probably do not have the skill, or let me say you have no prior knowledge about using graphics design software

I’m happy to tell you that grapic designs has taken a different dimensions totally

Gone are the days that you must have a computer or prior knowledge of graphic designing softwares like photoshop, canva, corel-draw and the likes of them.

Just with your phone you can create stunning logos or make beautiful designs you can sell to potential business owners

who chose to take their business to another level with a better identity.

There tons of apps on the google playstore for mobile users to use and make pleasant designs for customers and get paid in return

Your major problem now is how to use the app you downloaded on your android phone

Hey! Why do you think we have Youtube?

Youtube is there for your consumption, make use of it to learn how to design stunning logos.

While doing this, you could be earning a whole lots of money to support your blog, yourself and even stop getting worked up because blogging is taking too long.

So many guys are making reasonable money from graphic design, like I said earlier the demand is too high

Earn passive income with fast2earn while you sleep

In this era of social media marketing ,where business owners,

both small and large scale business owners are running ads for visibility, quality logos are needed and it means your services are also needed.

So what are we saying!

That dude making money from graphic designs could be you, if you take the decision now

Instead of waiting for blog that is taking too long to pay off as expected.

3. Freelancing

Freelancing is not an exception, when it comes to what to do if blogging is taking too long

Most persons are good writers, infact they are awesome writers but they don’t want to write for others because they feel all of the posts should be channeled to their blogs.

Really, your blog needs posts but it’s not a bad idea writing for others, I’m not talking about guest posting here’

But writing and getting paid in returns could be a lucrative business indeed, just imagine loading your blog with lots of posts that is not yielding any good result

They are tons of freelancing website you can start with as a freelancer and start making honest money

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I see pro bloggers who are earning 6 figures monthly from there blogs doing same thing, most times they do it for fun and still get paid handsomely.

Pick your pen and get some writing job done for the money.

4. Web design.

Web designing skill is a marketable one, as the demand for it is unending, on the daily lots of website are being set up

More are still coming, so is the desire and the client demands are inclining, and you meeting there demands is getting money.

Most of the bloggers I know are web designers, and most abandoned web designing skill just to becoming a full time blogger

And at the point blogging isn’t making sense or taking too long as expected they get confused and don’t know where to start again

Oh’ my gosh!

I can’t do no such thing, taking your skills along with blogging is easier than abandoning it for blogging.

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I know you’ll be saying it’s a hectic job, but it can’t be hectic than thinking of when your blog will start paying off as expected

It’s a nightmare, that I can’t eve comprehend

Well, maybe you read a testimony of one deceitful blogger claiming he quit his job for blogging

Claiming blogging pays way better than paid job, that you become Boss of your own, lol

That’s really funny, not saying you can’t earn more than your paid job but is it a bad idea having multiple streams of income?

Ofcourse not.

Become a freelancer if blogging is taking too long, waste time no more.

5. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is indeed one of the best ways to make money online today if not the best

In this type of marketing, all you need to do is to link buys to the sellers using your unique referrer links given to you,

Any purchase made via your unique links,you get paid for it, which is called commission

On every successful sales, you get your commission, when blogging is taking too long it’s a great idea working like an ant then eating like an elephant.

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The most important part of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to stress yourself making provision for the product to sell

No fear of loss, you’re always at the profit side of the program as a publisher, sales or no sales, there is nothing to lose in affiliate marketing

So doing it when blogging is taking too long can also be fun apart from the monetary aspect of it, yes.

How to promote affiliate products

How to promote affiliate product is another thing, but I’ll try as much as possible to be brief on it.

Affiliate products can be promoted on different platforms, though it’s dependent on the platform you familiar with.

And each an everyone of those platforms convert well, if you can toss your coin well

It can be promoted on facebook using paid ads at cheaper rate, that’s if you are an experts on facbook ads.

9 Legit way you can make up to $100 in one day. 

You can as well promote your affiliate link on linkedin , it converts as well, all this platforms converts well, though linkedin works well if you are targeting international audience .

Email marketing,is a different marketing on it own but this methods helps so well if you are expert,

If you have lots of subscribers that already trust your game based on the values you’ve being giving them.

Then emailing affiliate link to them is the real deal, and I can say it’s the best way to promote affiliate products

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Because it tends to have more clicks than just running ads on social media, promoting affiliate links with email list is free and it’s the cheapest method so far.

6. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an advanced affiliate marketing with higher interest and low risks.


This involves buying of goods directly from the manufacturers or suppliers and delivering to your customers without storing in your own house or warehouse


Most pro bloggers are into this kind of lucrative business that pays so well, they keep earning


While they wait patiently, they don’t get bothered if blogging is taking too long or not.

Starting dropshipping business doesn’t requires much as Alidropshipping plugin is there to turn your blog to a market place.


Since its an aliexpress integrated plugin, they shield enough products in your store for customers to purchase and you make your money


Read more about Alidropshipping , then see if the plugin is worth the name


Dropshipping business can be very profitable if you know how to go about it


In this era of digital marketing, there are lots of business opportunity one can start and make money online,


Though some of this opportunity requires small startup capital, which with time you can build to a larger sum.


Do this, if blogging is taking too long

The internet is a very wide space, there are lots of opportunities hanging on the web space

So when blogging is taking too long you should consider doing one of the above mentioned opportunities

They are all flexible tasks to handle but don’t think it’s a get rich over night schemes
If blogging is taking too long,

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those online and offline jobs won’t take so long to start yielding results.

But in a case that you can’t wait or get involved in one of the above listed opportunities,

I won’t advise you to quit the game

You can take a break for the moment and relax your brain, do some analysis to see if coming back to blogging is worth it.


Concluding on the reason for the post, you have all of the opportunities tabled before you to make a pick or two, even more.

I always advise numerous streams of income.

It’s super easy to read through a post with all minds opened to it and still not take action

But taking action is the ultimate key to making money online, if you take action on this, I bet you won’t have reasons to complain about blogging taking too long

Your turn.

Your opinion on these matters a lot, your constructive criticism is welcomed.

Keep the comments coming, we are readily set to reply your comments

Let’s hear from you in the comment box.

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