Why you should start blogging,is a great post that will give you ideas about blogging. You may be convinced to be part of this network.

Internet in general has great thing in store for you and me, the internet is a home of quality jobs.

Ranging from freelancing to offering services (skills) or social media marketing, Blogging is inclusive.

Blog as a word is been searched by different individuals every start of the year, then I ponder if it’s their  new year Resolution, or they just want to know what Blogging really is?

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NB: Blogging may sound interesting to you when you read some online journals regarding there
Success in Blogging, and how they created blogs that generated 150+ million hits a year, to be candid with you, they might be exaggerating things beyond normals
Blogging is business, treat it like A business and earn big time, be ready to work .

Most times, I know you will want to give it a try, but the fear of the unknown keep pushing you away, You may have thought over it and said “Yes” I’m doing it this time but the discouraging voice keep telling you that, you can’t make it.

#FEARS LIKE—— >>>>

•  will people visit my Blog
•  will they find my Blog post interesting
•  can I make it, when there are many professionals in the Blogosphere already.

Remember you’re You, there is no other you. The other you is the fighting spirit within, which you have the right to control. So if you fail blame yourself.

In this post I’m going to be discussing some of the importance of Blogging, which may convince you to join the moving train(Blogging), it’s a life saver and many people earn real time cash from it.

One sweet thing about Blogging is, you can do it as part-time job or full time job, does this call for quit of job if you’re already working?


Financial literacy may cajole you to starting a Blog since you may want multiple source of income.

Now let’s look at the importance of Blogging, and how it may affect your life in General.

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1.   SELF IMPROVEMENT & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT(Blog gives introvert a voice)

This aspect describes me in person, blog gives an introvert voice to express him/herself in writing, sharing what you know to wider audience. For me, I found a creative outlet. Confronted fears and doubts and now growing in confidence. My voice is refined. It refine your writing skills as well.


Blogging connect us to our tribes, I mean like minded personality that think almost same way we think. People in our fields that needs motivation or that can motivate you to do more, no matter the odds.


Jide Ogusanya the Pro Blogger is a Friend on facebook, when I’m scrolling on my facebook page, I always wish to come across his update . There was some thing he posted and I quoted “You know why I love Blogging? It makes me discover more business opportunities “ the quest for consistency in updating your blog may blow you to discovery zone, discoveries is content, and content is Blog. Hope You See the chain, You See how revolving it is? It’s indeed a discovery avenue.


I can’t imagine myself  thinking about updating my Blog all day long, I want to keep the candle burning, my thought became positive, I either think about content or how to make money off the Blog, is there time to thinking about nonsense? No. My thought is refined, since single source of income won’t do, let’s multiply it with our minds. And actualize it.


who ever is doing business, aims at making profits, Blogging is business, treat it like A business and trust me you’re vulnerable to several opportunities, Blogging grow your profile, making you to be found through social media and search engines. You can earn a lot from Blogging.

From the above importance, one could make the decision of starting a blog asap! But have this at the back of your mind, that you’ll make sacrifice, be ready to be focused even when things ain’t working as you wish. It takes strong minds to conquer.


The question is before you, it’s infact on your table, how do you attend to this, what’s your answer to it?

Should you start Blogging? I don’t have answer to this, because yourself alone knows what you want, you want the the Government to create job for you, or you create for yourself as to escape financial tragedy.

Just start with what you have and from where you’re , starting small is never a crime, you may still end Big.

Do you still have excuse to be unemployed or financially broke? Do you still think there are no jobs, when lots of persons are making an ends meet from blogging? Or you want to sit idol and blame the Government or perhaps your country system of Governance.

Having gone through the post to this point and still confuse wither to start a Blog or not, Re-read again and if you’re still confuse, perhaps Blogging is not for you.

Truth must be said that Blogging is not actually for everybody but it’s for everyone, Both nursing mother, house wife, who needs other sources of income could start Blogging and get rewarded for there passion in return.

Blogging may save you the stress/plight of unemployment.

Student at any level of studies can start Blogging, there by securing their future.

#Remember your salary is fixed as a worker, But your Expenses is not fixed.

You found the post interesting ?
Why not do well to Ask in the comment Box on the area you’re confused about.

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