How To Create Zenith Bank Transfer Code: Quickest  Latest Guide

How To Create Zenith Bank Transfer Code: Quickest  Latest Guide

How to create Zenith bank transfer code without atm is an easy process in the banking system, it may sound funny that many have no idea about zenith bank account balance code as it’s generally known.

In this tutorial, I will be walking you through how to create zenith bank transfer code that will for sure ease your cashless transactions, be it paying bills, buying a mobile data bundle, airtime for calls, or even paying for a cable subscription which falls under utility bills payment.

How To Create Zenith Bank Transfer Code.

Creating zenith bank transfer code is necessary, only if you prefer seamless transactions in a few clicks over a stressful one that doesn’t make a reasonable point in regard to time and speed.

Ever got so need that you want a transaction to adopt the speed of light, all for the love of being quick’ well, I can’t really say but left for me, I love it when transactions are done from the comfort of my home or office without visiting the banking hall.

Quick Read:

You need not be told how time-consuming it can be when you want to make a transfer that requires a click, and you have not created the zenith bank ussd transfer code. For that reason, please kindly read how to create zenith bank transfer code so, you don’t run to the bank hall in a bid to make the transfer of a token that can be with your smallest phone in less than a minute or two.

Just so you know, the level of crime in the country has called for the creation of transfer to avoid carrying atm card all along.

How Do I Create Zenith Bank Transfer Code?

To create zenith bank transfer code requires you have your atm card or account number handy for easy registration of the ussd, all you need here is the account number or atm card. But I advise you to have the atm card because it is the most important in this regard.

So, kindly dial the generally accepted code by typing *966#

  • Click on number 3
  • You will be asked to enrol with the card, kindly follow the info on the page, enter your number.
  • Select a pin, verify the pin and submit.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your zenith bank transfer code without stress or technical know-how.

How To Make Transfer With Zenith bank Trasnfer Code.

After learning how to create zenith bank transfer code, it’s important to learn how to make a transfer with the zenith bank ussd transfer code at no hidden charges.

Using the usual generally accepted zenith bank transfer code which is *966# you will see a list of popups showing all the services the code you created can offer in a minute.

To make transfer dial

  • *966#
  • Click to enter and press key ‘6’, then tap enter
  • Enter the amount in figures, click send command.
  • Enter account number hit the enter button
  • Choose the name of the bank you are sending the money to. E.g, FBN as FirstBank.
  • The name of the beneficiary will display, kindly confirm and enter the transfer pin you just created.


How To Make Transfer With Zenith bank Transfer Code To Other Banks.

Now, that you know how to make a transfer and also have an idea on how to create zenith bank transfer code. Transferring money to other banks like GTbank,  FirstBank, union bank, uba or access bank makes no difference as the names of the banks will be displayed for you to chose and make the transfer.

Kindly follow the above steps to make the transfer to other banks.

How To Check Account Balance With Zenith Bank Code.

At this point, you know how to create zenith bank transfer code and also you can make transfer seamlessly without getting hooked along the line.

How then, do you check your zenith bank account balance just to be sure a client sent the money, so you don’t fall into unrealistic credit alert.

To check your zenith bank with their accepted ussd code, kindly dial

  • *966# and follow the command seen on your phone.
  • Click number ‘4’
  • Now, enter your zenith bank account number.
  • Your pin is required at this point, kindly input the pin you created.
  • Your account balance will be sent as a message to you.

Other Things You can get Done With The Zenith Bank Transfer Code.

The above-mentioned uses of the zenith bank transfer code are few of it original uses, it’s a code for all, and it can do almost all things you need in the banking hall, having learnt how to create zenith bank transfer code without atm.

It’s time to explore the code to it fullest, you can do more than just transferring money with the said zenith bank account balance code.

  • You can Open a new zenith bank account with code
  • Buying of mobile airtime
  • Paying utility bills
  • Apply for virtual cards which have a lesser price than the normal card.
  • Agent Banking
  • Stop debit on an account
  • USSD on POS
  • Eazymoney
  • Self-services, and many more.


I do hope you find help reading how to create zenith bank transfer code, one of the amazing things you should know about this very code, is you don’t need a big phone to handle it.

The smallest mobile phone with your bank registered SIM card can handle it without stress.

Do you really have to pay to any of the nearest points of sale terminal, to help you make transactions you can actually handle in a few clicks?

Kindly create zenith bank transfer code on your phone, and you are good to go, the code rocks and I can attest to that simple fact.

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