ZOZOSuit App and Product Failure Reason

ZOZOSuit App and Product Failure Reason

ZOZOSuit App and Product Failure Reason

Zozosuit App and product failure reason is the point to note and In this article, we will summarize a lot of points and share valid reasons for the Zozosuit App failure and this time, from the perspective of modern digitization and the concept of running a successful business model.

What’s Zozosuit?

For some of us who haven’t followed the trend for a while now (where have you been?)  

Zozosuit App is a stylish skintight black bodysuit that is fully covered over white dots.

Zozo Inc was developed and created in November 2017. And was the biggest clothing e-commerce website at its inception. It was known as (zozotown –Zozotown) owned by ZOZO inc.

The concept of Zozosuit involved letting shoppers place orders for their outfits, including a similar-customer level of fit.

Private label brands sell most clothing are typically affordable.

The Zozosuit app and product at that point was for free. A lot of the users wore the suit was to record their body sizes and using the ZOZOsuit app to take selfies.

In the same month of November, Zozo Inc announced their discontinuation of the zozo app from the brand’s lineup.

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The Zozosuit is a skintight, body-hug black suit covered in white dots, and was aiming to be the Zozo Inc. Attempt to revolutionize the clothing business.

Unfortunately, it took a wrong turn causing a rather big misstep for the Japanese Fashion company.

On Jan. 31, 2019 (Jan. 31), the company announced that it would be cutting its operating profit forecast (pdf) throughout that year to a steep 26.5 billion yen ($243.7 million), a significant margin away from their previous estimate of 40 billion yen.

This move was brought by the fact that zozosuit app had not delivered in the return on investment and the five stars customer ratings that they had anticipated initially.

The Zozo inc had quite a simple idea. They wanted shoppers the flexibility to order their clothing with a near-custom level of fit off from the affordable, private-label clothing line that they intended to launch beyond the zozotown. Then the zozosuit app came into the big picture.

The Zozosuit app was targetted at the shoppers, and the phone app created a 3D model of whoever is trying the outfit on.

Then matches the right body shape for you at just $58 for jean and a shirt at $22 on sale.

Pros Of The Zozosuit Strategy

It Drove Sales

Right before shoppers place an order for the clothes, the merchants will optimize machine learning for their target customers to obtain the correct body size data from the ZOZOsuit App.

Habitually, it helps reduce the rates of refunds mainly due to customers having an unsuitable size and in events where some of the products out of stock, helping boost the sales.

This is a helpful strategy for a handful of private brands, as they may lack adequate resources to gather data for in-depth insight.

 It Helped enhance The User Shopping Experience.

When shoppers place their clothing order on Zozotown, the zozosuit app begins searching, filtering, and selecting the best clothes that fit the wearer.

And mainly, this was a good strategy as many of us find it rather frustrating to having to search for long periods to find the right outfit only to end up seeing it out of stock.

 Finally, The cross-side chain effect.

The Zozosuit app shapes anything with a cross-side chain effect seeming a revolutionary approach in the industry of fashion.

A lot of shoppers began uploading the data of their body-sizes before placing orders. With this data, merchants will have a better understanding of the majority of body sizes users have, helping them hit the drawing board with a more streamlined audience and shoppers in mind.

Moving on, we highlight the cons of the zozosuit app approach. 

The 2-Key Reasons Zozosuit Failed Eventually.

An Over Estimated production turnover time.

The Zozosuit app was plagued by many delays when it came down to producing the clothing styles people placed order. It usually took over a week or two to arrive.

This timing was considered too long for many customers and began slowly turning away from placing orders.

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Plus, a lot of the clothing was not a perfect fit, and the rates of refund turned out to be a lot higher.

This also contributed to damaging the Zozotown brand’s image.

A Constant Ignorance To Customer’s Algorithms.

The fun-effect began fading away immediately.

A lot of the zozosuit customers started bothering to place an order for the suit via a step-by-step process, and mainly without uploading their measurement to the zozosuit app.

As you know it, the online clothing e-commerce business is slightly tilted to customers caring more about the clothing styles that are available over the techniques.

Then, the refund program is free for customers who shop from the Asia-Pacific Fashion Store online. To get a refund, you will need to place an order for the zozosuit first, try on the product in your house, and if it doesn’t fit, your refund will be processed.


Having landed here, you should now know the zozosuit app and product failure reasons.

If you ask me, I will tell you that the zozosuit app seemed a long shot even in 2020. 2018-19 just wasn’t the year for it.

Plus, poor management of the brand, there was little to nothing the zozo inc could do to resuscitate the clothing lineup, giving the influx of users refusing to purchase the product any longer.

We are aware that for a successful online business model to be effective, a robust 24/hr support system is required, which, the zozo inc.

Lacked from the inception the moment the zozo app became laid to rest.




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